February 09, 2018

Just Don't Say No; Middle School Bans Refusal to Dance

Timothy Birdnow

In the era of Weinsteinism, the era where #Metoo says women have the absolute right to say no to any unwanted sexual advance, Progressives in a Utah middle school are forcing young ladies to dance with any person who asks, no questions.

It's all about what they call "inclusiveness". Here's the scoop:

"WEST HAVEN, Utah - When Natalie Richard’s sixth-grade daughter told her she couldn’t say "no” if a boy asked her to dance at Kanesville Elementary’s Valentine’s Day dance, she didn’t believe it at first.

"Oh no, no honey," Richard said of her reply. "You guys are misunderstanding again. That’s not how it is."

However, after speaking to her daughter’s teacher, she realized the statement was accurate.

"The teacher said she can’t. She has to say yes. She has to accept and I said, 'Excuse me,” Richard told KSTU."

End excerpt.

This is to avoid hurting any feelings of future snowflakes. The article continues:

"Richard says forcing students not to say no teaches them the wrong lesson. "Psychologically, my daughter keeps coming to me and saying I can’t say 'no' to a boy. That’s the message kids are getting."

"Sends a bad message to girls that girls have to say 'yes'; sends a bad message to boys that girls can’t say 'no,'" Richard said.

Prior to the dance, which is voluntary, students are told to fill out a card by selecting five people they want to dance with. The administration says if there’s someone on the card you feel uncomfortable with, the student is encouraged to speak up.

"If there is an issue, if there’s students that are uncomfortable or have a problem with another student, I mean: that’s certainly something that can be addressed with that student and parents,” Findlay said.

However, Richard says rejection is part of life and at the end of the day, this policy is sending impressionable children the wrong message."

End excerpt.


Fill out a card? File an appeal so as not to be forced to dance with someone? What kind of madness is this?

The interesting thing about this is that the school did not inform parents of this policy. Why not? Because they knew that parents would find this offensive and ridiculous.

This makes me think of Huxley's Brave New World; women were not supposed to say no to anyone, either. Sex was simply a pleasant act, and it was expected you had to be accomodating. Well, women were accomodating to Harvey Weinstein, to Bill Clinton, to Anthony Weiner, etc. The right to turn down a dance is fundamental, and teaches children to accept disappointment gracefully. Life is full of disappointment, and kids need to learn how to handle it.

That is something modern Progressives seek to change. Their policies are all aimed at shoring up self-esteem, creating hothouse flowers that cannot survive in the wild aka real life. These tender, delicate flowers must then turn to authorities to protect them, since they have never learned to protect themselves and don't know how and don't think it their responsibility. These gentle, sensitive snowflakes will become good liberals later in life, and angry ones, too, as the world won't cooperate with their tender sensibilities.

This teaches horrible lessons, even if it is well-intentioned. It teaches that the good of the collective is more important than the good of the individual. Others may impose on you in any fashion and you cannot say no. Everything has to be organized and approved by authorities.

This sort of thing has become common in education. The inmates are running the asylum. And our children are the pawns.

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