September 29, 2022

Trans "Bill of Rights"

Jerry S. Rainforth forwards this:

The so-called "Equality Act” is back in another form, but this version is even worse. This "bill” is now called the "Transgender Bill of Rights” and has grown to include nearly 100 co-sponsors in the U.S. House.

The H.Res. 1209 would seek to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I can say with absolute certainty that this will not just infringe on religious freedom—it will completely obliterate it.

This resolution goes far beyond destroying religious freedom. It will harm parents and children, employers, landlords and every person in America by forcing them to celebrate and even prefer LGBTQ behaviors and abortion.

Liberty Council

A word from Tim:

There is no public groundswell for "transgender rights" but rather it is strictly a media creation, yet there are a hundred Congressmen signing on to this abomination. Why? What is it they fear?

It's obviously not the public.

Things like this make it perfectly clear our government is bought and paid for by some entity that the politicians obey and fear. The public simply gets to pretend we have representative government. We don't. We have an oligarchy which rules from hiding.

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September 28, 2022

Joe and Hunter's Fang Fang Problem

Dana Mathewson

Well, well. It appears that Cong. Swalwell isn't the only Democrat to have fallen for a Chinese honey trap!

It was worse than we thought. It turns out that Hunter Biden’s drug enslavement, sex addiction, and penchant for Russkie hookers didn’t stop there. It was probably worse than his hinky "big guy” business deals, diamond "gifts,” and unearned Ukrainian paydays. There was a Chinese spy involved. Just like Democrat Eric Swalwell’s Fang Fang.

Hold on, I’ve got to catch my breath.

Be honest: You thought it would be that Putin inserted, so to speak, hookers who would double back and sting the first son. But those chickens haven’t come home to roost — at least as far as we know. Over to you, FBI.

No. It turns out that the sex slave son of the president, just like his Dad-showering sister, lived for the next conquest that could not satisfy the kinkiest porn fantasies. So, kinky Hunter had a Chinese honey-on-the-side "secretary” who was the wide-open gateway to "billions” of largesse.

And, according to Fox News, she was a spy.

Meet JiaQi Bao.

Surprise, surprise.

The Chinese-American "secretary” looks like a Kardashian. Hunter ate it up. So why are we just now appreciating the importance of a story about Hunter bedding a Chinese spy that broke more than a year ago in the London Daily Mail? Well, now we have an FBI whistleblower who confirms it.

Fox News’s Jesse Watters reports that Republican Congressman James Comer confirms that yet another Hunter Biden"national security nightmare” is tied to what appears to be a Chinese honey pot cum secretary, JiaQi Bao.

The Daily Caller reports that the House Oversight Committee member asked Watters, "Have you ever wanted to see a spy movie? You don’t even have to go to the theaters. Go to Washington, D.C., where Chinese spies just bait and hook gullible people in power.”

Insert a rueful laugh here.

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Drag Blackface

Timothy Birdnow

She nails it!

Abby Libby

Drag is to women what blackface is to Black people: a costume, a caricature, a mockery, a cheapening, a dehumanization.

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AA for Americans

Michael Smith

As much as we talk about how we are forced into compliance with the wishes of the Federal government, a large percentage of compliance is brought about through pure bribery and often, outright extortion.

It ranges from the "Look we could get a $5 million grant from the Department of the Interior to pave our bike paths!” to "Nice little life you have here, be a shame if anything happened to it”.

There are several states, like California, that are crowing about budget surpluses. Interesting, because in 2020, before the pandemic struck, California was predicting a $54 billion deficit. Now it is estimated close to 40% of its "surplus” came from the federal government through the Democrats’ American Rescue Act, the rest through bookkeeping gimmicks and higher taxes.

The Biden Administration has been handing out money like Halloween candy. Even if the strings are thin and long, the states get used to their affluence and by extension, so do the counties, cities, and towns that the state bureaucrats chose to dole out the cash.

People ask me all the time how we can fight back.

This is how – break the money hold the Feds have over you, your local and state budget by lobbying your mayor, city council, county government and state representatives to stop taking federal money.

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Biden Blames Elton John for AIDS

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden blames Elton John for AIDS.

"By the way, IT'S ALL HIS FAULT that we’re spending $6 billion in taxpayer money this month to help fight HIV/AIDS,”

Maybe Biden was kidding. But the media never gave Trump a pass when HE was kidding, but they'll just laugh this off now since it's their guy.

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Chief Aviarist Grounded

Timothy Birdnow

Dear readers,

Sorry for light blogging - I've been under the weather. Hopefully things will get back to noraml soon.

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September 26, 2022

Biden, Dems in Dutch

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden and his party appear to be up Sewage Creek sans paddle:

With his party struggling in the midterms, his economic stewardship under fire and his overall job approval under 40%, a clear majority of Democrats in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say the party should replace Joe Biden as its nominee for president in 2024.

In the November midterm election ahead, registered voters divide 47%-46% between the Republican and the Democratic candidate in their House district, historically not enough to prevent typical first-midterm losses. And one likely voter model has a 51%-46% Republican-Democratic split.

Looking two years off, just 35% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents favor Biden for the 2024 nomination; 56% want the party to pick someone else.

I suspect it's worse than this poll - and ABC News - are willing to admit.


The Democrats still have their vote theft machinery in place. They can probably steal enough to keep it close.

But still this is good news. The worm may be turning

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Biden Bringing Muslims

Timothy Birdnow

Not content with overrunning America with aliens, Mr. Biden now plans to give most diversity visas to Muslims.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies:

Recently released State Department estimates indicate that a majority of those coming to the U.S. via the Diversity Visa Lottery during the next fiscal year (2023) will be Muslims, despite the fact that adherents of that faith account for less than a quarter of the world's population..

This is up sharply from the FY 2020 level of about 18 percent, as we reported earlier this year.

Given our government’s reluctance to gather data along religious lines, this information is teased out of statistics dealing with the country of origin of the diversity visa holders. A more precise statement would be that, out of 43,129 expected diversity visas, 21,000 will come from five Muslim-majority nations (Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, and Uzbekistan), while 22,129 will come from the rest of the world, or so the most recent State Department Visa Bulletin tells us.

Since there are 43 Muslim-majority nations in the balance of the world, most sending us diversity visa holders — and not counted among the five — it is clear that a majority of the lottery visas will go to people living in Muslim nations. These 43 nations sent us 5,746 lottery visa holders in 2020 and include Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria.

One of the reasons America has fared well in this world is because we do not have a large Muslim population contending with Christians, Jews, Hindus, and others for dominance. But that will change if we keep bringing them in.

The people running this country are insane. Their own children will bear the burden of this.

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Can't Take a Hint

Timothy Birdnow

What do you do when someone just won't take the hint?

.@Liz_Cheney: "I’m going to do everything I can to make sure @KariLake is not elected”

Does that include campaigning for Democrats?

"Yes” …says the woman that couldn’t even win her own race. Bless your heart, Liz.

— Kari Lake War Room (@KariLakeWarRoom) September 25, 2022

Liz is threatening to quite the GOP. Now, her own party in Wyoming threw her out, then the voters. What isn't Lizzie understanding about this?

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Soured Kraut

Timothy Birdnow

If you think this will just be something that happens in Germany, think again. It's coming to the U.S. too.

The ruling Green Party in Hanover plan to reserve a third of all jobs for immigrants. Germans need not apply.

The Western World is committing suicide as we watch.

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Flint Election Boss Quits Over Demand of Fair Representation

Timothy Birdnow


I guess the Dems don't want a fair fight.

Flint, Michigan’s longtime city clerk is retiring after an election integrity group sent a letter to her office demanding she balance out the number of Democrat and Republican election inspectors.

On Sept. 6, Pure Integrity Michigan Elections (PIME) and attorney Erick Kaardal of the Thomas More Society sent a demand letter to Flint and City Clerk Inez Brown threatening legal action if they do not balance out the number of partisan poll watchers before the November general election. As previously reported, during Flint’s Aug. 2 primary, the city hired 422 Democrats compared to just 27 Republican election inspectors — in direct violation of a Michigan state statute that requires equal representation of party election

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Putting the false UN IPCC 13C/12C isotope argument to bed forever

Tomer D. Tamarkin

Putting the false UN IPCC 13C/12C isotope argument to bed forever

Roy Spencer, PhD. (attached pdf.) and Murry Salby, PhD. (video link and text excerpt below), Tom Segalstad, PhD., (excerpts and links below and paper attached as pdf) and Edwin X Berry, PhD., (excerpt and link below and pdf attached) and Werner Stumm, PhD., have explained the problems with IPCC claimed carbon isotope "proof.” Key excerpts and links to these works are presented here. Brief bios of these scientists are below.

At this link is an excellent video lecture by Professor Murry Salby, PhD. The problem with the isotope "proof” is explained beginning at the 25-minute mark.

he following is quoted from Professor Salby’s 2012 book, "The upward trend of CO2 is commonly ascribed to emission by human activities. Support for this interpretation comes from isotopes of carbon. Carbon 13, like carbon 12, is stable. It represents about 1% of the isotopic composition of CO2. However, its concentration varies between reservoirs of carbon. Vegetation and ancestral carbon, fossil fuel, are slightly leaner in 13C than is the atmosphere.” (6)

(6) Reflecting increased efficiency of photosynthesis with the lighter form of carbon.

"Proxy evidence of δ13C is more variable than that of rCO2 [atmospheric mixing ratio of CO2]. It also has little overlap with the more recent instrumental record (crosses). Nevertheless, reconstructed δ13C decreased over the last two centuries, mirroring the contemporaneous increase of rCO2.”

"The decrease of δ13C, together with the increase of rCO2, reflects the addition of CO2 that is 13C lean. This feature is consistent with the combustion of fossil fuel, as well as biomass destruction. It is equally consistent, however, with the decomposition of organic matter derived from vegetation. Thus, associating the decrease of δ13C to the combustion of fossil fuel requires the exclusion of other sources that are 13C lean. In particular, it relies on CO2 emission from the ocean, which overshadows other sources of CO2 (Sec. 17.3), having the same isotopic composition as the atmosphere (which would then be left unchanged). Only then can the decrease of δ13C be isolated to continental sources, which are weaker and, in particular, to the combustion of fossil fuel, which is an order of magnitude weaker. Yet, the isotopic composition of marine organic matter is influenced by a variety of biological and environmental factors (Francois et al., 1993; Goericke et al., 1994). Through those factors, δ13C in the upper ocean varies significantly. Along with transport from the deep ocean, which is likewise uncertain, they leave the magnitude and composition of ocean emission poorly understood (Sec. 1.6.2).” ~ Salby, Murry. Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate, page 24. 2012. Cambridge University Press.

Complete article at:

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The Unlikelihood of Darwinian Evolution

Bob Clasen

Thoughts on Creation by Random Mutation

Assume a relatively simple protein of 150 amino acids (There are 20 different types of amino acid). The odds of producing one specific sequence of those 150 amino acids by chance is 20 to the 150th power (20 x 20 x 20 150 times). Introducing random mutations into a functioning protein sequence will soon degrade the function of the protein and render it useless, just as introducing random mutations into an English sentence will soon produce gibberish, or introducing random change in a computer program will make the program cease to function (as anyone who has introduced a typo into his own program has discovered).

The idea that random mutations can create a better protein considering its inherent complexity is mathematically vanishingly small. It is as likely as the idea that you can improve a complex computer program by introducing random variations. Yet the theory of evolution depends upon REPEATEDLY creating superior proteins by random mutation.

Cal Tech protein scientist Douglas Axe has calculated that, for every DNA sequence that generates a short functional protein fold of just 150 amino acids in length, there are 10 to the 77th power nonfunctional combinations—combinations that will not form a stable three-dimensional protein fold capable of performing a specific biological function.

— Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe by Stephen C. Meyer

To put this into some context, there are 10 to the 65th power atoms in the universe.

The main point is that DNA is a code, like an alphabet and proteins are coded by a specific sequence which is quite long and therefore, extremely improbable. What materialism fails to explain is not the chemistry but the information stored in the code.

John Trauger adds:

It isn't that simple.

Probabilities taken as abstracts make the implicit assumption that all 20 amino acids are available in about equal amounts in the field and that they will combine equally well in any sequence. Neither assumption need be true and both are likely untrue. Some amino acids are going to be more available than others and are going to combine more readily than others.

Other factors I don't know about could further tweak the probabilities toward the reasonable, including but not limited to, how many trials we expect to have occurred over a given amount of time.

Mark McDougall adds:

It's worse than you think - there are something like 500 amino acids identified. 20 is the figure used in the human body.

And if you want to get REALLY far out there about random, the so-called 'junk DNA' responds to analysis as LANGUAGE! The gene encoding parts do not but the rest of the 3 billion base pairs are a language. (look up Zipf's law among others)

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Willful Ignorance

Timothy Birdnow

Justa n observation; Americans are woefully ignorant of history and don't know basic civics. Not even those who produce television documentaries.

I was watching a documentary about Albert Einstein yesterday on Biography (on Story t.v.). I missed most of it but came in late in the show. They were discussing the possibility of Einstein being a Communist.

I don't know all the details about Einstein's politics; he was often an inscrutable man on matters outside of physics (and often inside too) and there is still debate on whether Einstein believed in God or not. He held left-wing ideas, but some not so left wing ideas. And many of his contemporaries WERE Communists. Certainly Oppenheimer, who headed the Manhattan Project, was a flaming Red and had to be guarded closely by Graves, his leash-keeper.

But that's not the point. The point is J. Edgar Hoover thought Einstein was a Red and he wanted him deported.

Here's where we see a biography turn into propaganda. The show pretty much just sneered at the accusation without presenting any of the evidence the FBI collected on Einstein. Now they didn't have to do an exhaustive list of things, but a point or two to justify why the FBI was investigating Einstein was warranted. There was none. Just mockery of this and sneering.

I will add this shows the FBI has always been an anti-American institution spying on private citizens. But that's another story.

My main point here though was that they also mentioned Sen. Joseph McCarthy. They said he headed up the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.

Who sees the problem with that?

Ding ding...we have a winner!

McCarthy had nothing at all to do with the HOUSE committee in question. He was a SENATOR.

How can you make that kind of mistake and put it into a documentary, then rebroadcast it without a correction?

It's because they don't care about accuracy or real history, but rather about a political posture they want to make. They were busy virtue signaling and couldn't be bothered with little factual details.

"Tailgunner Joe" was never in the House of Representatives. He had been a circuit judge before enlisting in the Marines during the War, then ran for the Senate in Wisconsin in 1946.

Also, it seems unlikely he had any interest in Einstein, who was getting long in the tooth by this point.

Einstein was critical of McCarthy, no question, but McCarthy never went after Einstein. That is a fable being promoted here by the producers of this documentary.

There is considerable evidence Einstein WAS, well, maybe not a Communist but he clearly had sympathies. He promoted international government. He promoted socialism. He was a member of Communist front groups like Friends of the Soviet.

Now, some of this stemmed from Einstein's activities against Naziism. He networked, and often that meant with Bolsheviks. He realized the need to forge an alliance with Stalinists. He did refuse an invitation by Stalin to visit the USSR.

Again, it was not uncommon to find a lot of these physicists to be on board with the utopian world government scheme and socialism. They were brilliant men at what they did but pretty much idiot savants otherwise, incapable of functioning. They always thought in a straight line and, well golly!  it just made sense to them to have government tell people what to do. So much neater than the messy nature of freedom.

Of course it's totally at odds with human psychology or economics, but they didn't know much about that.

So the jury is out on Einstein's Communism, but it is most definitely IN on the people who produced that documentary. Careless and ignorant and promoting fake news.

I wonder if Joe Biden's Fake News ministry would have come down on this documentary? I wonder if Facebook would have Politifact review it and call it Fake?

Somehow I doubt it.

Ignorance is the most expensive commodity we have. The Bible says "My People are dying from lack of knowledge". America is so dying.

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September 25, 2022

Media Says Graham never Saw a Vagina

Timothy Birdnow

MSNBC mocks Lindsay Graham's sexuality in a disgusting fashion:

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle and her guests on The 11th Hour were in fits of laughter as they mocked Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham with the implication that he is gay during an off-the-rails segment about abortion policy in the United States.

On Friday’s show, Ruhle’s panel guests included CBS Sunday Morning‘s Nancy Giles, CNBC’s Ron Insana, MSNBC columnist Liz Plank, and comic and podcaster Judy Gold.

Toward the end of the show, Ruhle brought up Sen. Graham and the abortion legislation he put forward, which has been a major news story all week. Just mentioning his name elicited some groans from the guests.

Ruhle said Graham is "more than doubling down” with the legislation, and said to the panel "I want you to first help me understand, why would he even be doing this?”

"Why do this? Republicans don’t even support it across the board. He’s dividing Republicans. It’s not like you can get white evangelical voters to vote for you twice,” said Ruhle. "And now they’re knocking out a ton of other potential new voters.”


"And, the fact that he is telling women what to do with their bodies,” Gold began. She paused a second before Giles nodded and said, "Go for it.”

"He’s never seen a vagina! He’s never seen a naked woman!” Gold blurted, as the whole panel laughed it up, including Stephanie Ruhle. "And he is telling me?”

The implication that Gold was using to crack up the panel is one that’s made pretty often on the Democrat side, which is to suggest Graham is gay, apparently as an insult.

Amid the crosstalk and tittering, Ruhle added her own wink and nudge, saying, "We don’t know that for sure. We do not know that for sure.”

MSNBC’s Liz Plank said "It’s probably true, it’s probably true.”

I rather doubt Gold has seen a vagina either; she probably has a Barby-doll bottom.

I thought trans men are women; they have vaginas made of penile material, don't they? If so then Lindsay at least has seen a male vagina...

Or perhaps these broads are just jealous that Lindsay may get more male members than do they.

Can you imagine if hosts on Fox said something comparable? They would be fired. But liberals always get a pass.

Not content going after Graham they took a pot shot at Marco Runio:

"And Marco Rubio, don’t forget,” Insana added.

"Do they want to have babies?” Giles asked.

"No, they’re men who need Viagra!” said Gold as Plank and Ruhle laughed some more. "They don’t even operate correctly!”

"Right,” Giles agreed.

This is like a bunch of 12 year olds. Maybe next they can pull 'em out and measure.

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Ignorance is Bliss

Timothy Birdnow

If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.

Lao Tzu

But if you live in the present you had best buy a lock for your underdrawers; you are about to get the big one.

In life it is necessary to live in past, present, and future.

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Pfiser CEO has Covid

Steven Schueler

Ian Miller

Pfizer’s CEO has now tested positive for COVID twice in the past month and a half after claiming that his company’s vaccine was "100% effective” in preventing COVID cases


Albert Bourla

I have tested positive for COVID. I’m feeling well & symptom free. I’ve not had the new bivalent booster yet, as I was following CDC guidelines to wait 3 months since my previous COVID case which was back in mid-August. While we’ve made great progress, the virus is still with us

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A Pox Upon Unity!

Timothy Birdnow

A little Sunday sermon.

I fear our religious leaders - especially Catholic leaders - are myopic and feckless. Case in point:

This morning I was under the weather so did not go to morning mass. Instead I watched it on television. The priest read the Gospel - the story Jesus told about Lazarus the beggar and the rich man. As you may remember Lazarus was destitute and lived on the streets, hanging around outside of the rich mans' home in the hopes of getting some wasted food from the trash. He died and was taken to "Abraham's bosom" aka paradise (NOT Heaven as Jesus had yet to open that to people). When the rich man died he was in Hell, suffering terribly. He asked Abraham to send Lazarus down with some water on his finger to cool his mouth and Abraham said no because there was a "great chasm" between paradise and Hell.

Now this priest gave his homily and missed the whole point of this.

First he talked about how young people are so upset by the divide in our society and wanted to fix it but didn't know what to do. (He was intimating that Jesus was the answer.) Well DUH! If Humanity knew how to fix the divide in our society don't these dumb kids think someone would have done so by now? And one must ask if this divide SHOULD be fixed, as it is about fundamental worldviews and the destiny of us all. In fact, it's about more than that; it is the war between good and evil, God and Satan and his followers (including people). It is a divide both uncrossable and one that shouldn't BE crossed.

Doubt that? I'm pretty sure the priest would. But what does the Bible say on this?

Jesus Himself never promised peace and unity. On the contrary, he warned "I have not come to bring peace but the sword" in Matthew 10: 34-36. He knew His coming was not going to cool things down but lead to open hostility and war between His followers and the followers of the Evil One - the rest of the world.

In Luke 12:52 Jesus says:

" For I have come to turn 'a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law."

If Jesus wanted harmony and unity He would not have warned of this.

And of course the Book of Genesis speaks of Babel, where the King Nimrod sought to unify all the people of the world and they were smitten with a divergence of languages.

The fact is God does not want us to be one big happy family. That is because the Devil rules this world, and many seek friendship with the world. There can be no peace as longa s that is the case.

Nor should there be. Christians are all soldiers in a war between God and Satan, good and evil. We stand on one side. The world stands with El Diablo on the other. The world seeks unity because it is in the nature of evil to coalesce under a specific banner, ultimately under the banner of Satan. Evil sows division, don't get me wrong, but they do it as an attack on the enemy, namely, Christ and His Church NOT on their own. Jesus said " a kingdom divided cannot stand" when accused of invoking Satan to perform miracles. It's clear the world seeks unity among their own members.

We seek unity under Christ.

But even there it's not absolute. Jesus rebuked His disciples when they made some people not of their company stop casting out demons. He didn't care about unity so much as right thinking and right behavior.

The quest for unity is primarily a ruse, a ruse to seduce people into jumping on the worldly bandwagon.

This pastor seemed clueless to all of this. He clearly thought unity was a good thing. It's not.

The dichotomous split between worldly and Godly has given us the great divide between left and right we have had for centuries, and it isn't going away. When it does so then will come the end.

It is this foolish pursuit of "unity" and good feelings that leads the Church into endless compromise, and it is why we have seen our moral code degrade and the pews empty as the Church has become nothing but a hollowed-out shell. There is no longer a spiritual core. The Church is now about good feelings and simple-minded platitudes.

In the Book of Revelation Jesus addresses the different Churches, which represent different ages. He comes lastly to the Church of Laodecia. Laodecia was famous for it's water springs, and there were two types - hot and cold. People came from all over to drink that water, which was full of minerals and quite healthy. It was delicious hot or cold. But if it became tepid, it tasted awful. Jesus warned the Church there that they would become tepid, and that as a result He would "spew you out of my mouth". Laodecia was a church which practiced only superficiality. There was no real core, no real hot center. It was dancing along with the rest. And so Jesus had no use for it whatsoever. And this was a prophecy, not just against that particular church but against the last age. The Church of the endtimes would be lukewarm. It would taste terrible because it would have nothing to offer except easy platitudes and outstretched arms to the world. It will have forgotten the whole purpose of Christ and His mission to save souls.

Unity should not be our goal. There is far more important work for God's Church then sucking up to a bunch of lost souls and telling them it's o.k. to be lost.

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September 24, 2022

Send 'Em All to D.C.

Timothy Birdnow

A quick thought; the Federal government is the entity responsible for border security, and n fact they sued Arizona a during the Obama Administration for enforcing Federal laws against illegal entry.

So, we are now being told that deporting aliens to other states is illegal, or should be. Well, if they declared themselves sanctuary states they have no reason to complain, but liberals always do.

But one thing is crystal clear; the District of Columbia is not a state but a Federal territory, an enclave of the central government. If they refuse to uphold the law and don't want us deporting illegals out of the country or out of the states then the states have every right to send them to D.C.

Instead of shipping them to New York or Martha's Boneyard they should all be sending them to the seat of Satan. Fill D.C. to overflowing! 

I see no way our government could complain about that.

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Coup Against Xi?

Timothy Birdnow

To use modern parlance OMG!

#PLA military vehicles heading to #Beijingon Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that #XiJinping was under arrest after #CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA

— Jennifer Zeng 曾錚 (@jenniferatntd) September 23, 2022

If there isa acoup against Xi all bets are off.

I wouldn't be surprised; China has been in a bit of a tailspin for a while. Their economy has been tanking and they have not fared well in foreign affairs. I can see the harder lined people in the Communist Party wanting to remove him. When you are a murderous thug Communist you had better be a successful one.

BUT, and this is a big but (not as big as Kim Kardassians' but big) this appears to be false.

Still, something is in the wind.

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