May 28, 2021

The "Collapse" Of Biden Energy Scheme

Timothy Birdnow

Why Biden’s Climate Agenda Is Falling Apart

I think Biden and the Democrats are smart enough to know they will be shooting themselves in the foot if they impose this. They need it to be bipartisan, and they need it just before handing the reins of government over the a Republican so he or she can take the blame for the carnage.

Don't get me wrong; they are going to try to foist this on America, but they want to hide the fact they did it.

And to not develop a rare-Earth market is ludicrous on the face of it if we are going to promote "renewables"; it makes us completely dependent on the Chinese.

I would argue that is the whole point, to tie us to China to a point where we cannot act independently of one another. It is precisely how the European Union came about; the French consciously made a policy to weld their economy to Germany's so the Germans wouldn't dare attack them again. It led to a continent-wide government. I suspect the people running Biden want World government and this is part of the plan, to make America "interdependent" and thus part of a world-girdling system.

The fact these same people are resisting nuclear is proof they are not sincere about "climate change" as nuclear is the only non-greenhouse gas emitting technology other than hydroelectric.

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Holocaust Hatred

Warner Todd Huston

Rep. Greene Holocaust Comments are Disgusting, But Rep. Clyburn’s Multiple Holocaust References Are Worse

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China did it!

This from Roy Spencer

Don't trust the "experts" (I are one) when the issue at hand is highly politicized and the data are uncertain regarding causation. Trump was ridiculed for suggesting the China virus could have come from the Wuhan lab... well, it is increasingly looking like he was right. When there is little data, follow the politics and money.

Former State Department official: Probe into COVID origins found almost no evidence supporting natural origin

A commenter named Helen Lance said:

The SARS-Cov2 virus has genes that match the HIV viral DNA. It is not a Corona virus so it seems likely that for these genotypes to mix, they could have needed help from a lab.

Tim adds:

I subscribe to the principle of Occam's Razor with this. We knew there was a lab doing research on Covid 2 in Wuhan and so how likely is it that this was a chance mutation in a wet market? Especially with the Chinese involved, who have been doing a lot of genetic manipulation in the last decade using CRIPR technology and who are both careless of human life and hold animus against all "barbarians". The Chinese generals have said "war with the U.S. is inevitable" and it seems more than possible that the Chinese were making bio weapons - especially since the U.S. banned such weapons during the Nixon era. The Chicoms would be the only ones to officially have such.

And they were getting pretty desperate as Trump's policies were seriously hurting their economy. They needed him out, and barring a horrible pandemic there was little chance of that in 2019 as the economy was roaring.

Whatever way you look at it there was means, motive, and opportunity - the three legs of the stool establishing guilt. I think the simplest answer is the best, and at this point the simplest answer is the Chinese either knowingly or unwittingly let this thing loose and hid the fact on the theory they could capitalize on it "never let a good crisis go to waste" as Rahm Emmanuel said.

We KNOW China's subsequent actions were designed to hide their fault in this and the rest of the world grew ill while China fared pretty well. And they can afford to lose a lot of people - less mouths to feed. One of China's great curses is they have to have massive economic growth or there won't be jobs for the public and dissatisfaction could lead to a "color revolution".

Everything points to China being the culprits. But what are we going to do about them? Joe Biden's family is making a lot of money off the Chinese. I imagine there will be huffing and puffing and nothing will happen. And in fact this will help hide other things the Biden Junta is doing to America.

Meanwhile Biden has shut down the probe of this.

Oh, in an act of pure Chutzpah the Chinese now say the U.S. did it.

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Kabuga Caught

Timothy Birdnow

Felicien Kabuga has been arrested by French police.


Kabuga was the richest man in Rwanda during the '90's. He owned a series of radio stations which broadcast "kill the Tutsi cockroaches!" incessantly for months, and it was he who handed out machetes to do it. Millions died horrible deaths, perhaps the worst genocide in history save the Holocaust. 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutu thanks in no small part to Kabuga.

According to the NPR article:

The authorities who have been hunting for Kabuga for years say the businessman played a key role in the ethnic bloodshed that left more than 800,000 people dead in a span of about three months. He allegedly encouraged and facilitated the violence in his capacity as both president of a Rwandan radio stationthat has been blamed for helping incite the rampant slaughter of ethnic Tutsis and other minority groups, and as the head of a fund that financed and supported the Hutu militias that carried it out.

For his activities, Kabuga was indicted in 1997for a slew of war crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, established by the United Nations, will be responsible for hearing his trial.

Yet for roughly a quarter-century, Kabuga managed to elude arrest and became Rwanda's most-wanted fugitive — despite an international effort that included the promise of a $5 million reward from the U.S. State Department for information leading to his capture.

I think we can all agree this was a wonderful thing; the man was a monster and the world will be better off without him.

This is like capturing Hitler at the end of the War.

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Hack a Pipeline but not a Voting Machine?

Richard Cronin observes:

Colonial Pipeline was hacked and paid out $5 million in bitcoins as ransom. The hackers were strongly believed to be from Russia.

Likewise, Garman, supplier of GPS equipment and services was hacked and paid the ransom.

But the electronic voting machines were totally secure ..... wink, nod ....

Tim adds:

And many of the machines were found networked to the internet, despite their not supposed to be. But no, no, no there is no way our voting system was compromised! Not like there was any money in it for anyone!

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FED Drops Rates to Zero, Stokes Inflation

This from Steven Chase:


Under Obama (eight years) the Federal Reserve raised rates only twice, by 1/4 of one percent, and that, only in his last year.

During Trumps first year, the Federal Reserve raised rates seven (7) times, and despite that, ALL the metrics showed our economy performed its best in many decades; with nearly zero inflation!

Rates now are back to zero (well, technically 0 to .25%). Inflation is clearly indicated and the Fed sits quietly, serving Biden and the Dems. Proving to me (at least) that ALL of these Gov't bureaucrats work in unison, to insure the Gov't grows and the Private sector does not.


Tim adds:

I knew someone would do something to crash the economy before the election. Tim Geitner as head of the NY Fed worked with Hank Paulson to pull the rug out from under the GOP and give us Obama (Read Masters of Audacity and Deceit to see how they did it. I am a footnote in that book, in the interest of full disclosure.) I thought the Fed would push rates way up and kill the recovery, but they didn't because there was a worse way to kill it with the pandemic shutdowns.

Still, Trump screwed up in appointing Janet Yellen's posterior suction cup Jerome Powell as Chair. He was Yellen's protege' and a staunch Keynsian.

I would add that zero interest rates are ultimately destructive in that they discourage lending; who wants to lend at no profit? We need reasonable interest rates for long-term growth. Especially when the government is forcing banks to lend despite there being no profit in it for them. They'll lend alright - but in a way that will make them money. It's how we got the subprime mortgage industry, as a way to make money by selling money to unqualified buyers to please Uncle Sam.

Keeping rates at zero will keep the economy humming now but there will be a bust in due course. It was a huge part of what led to the Great Recession in the first place, the FED had kept interest rates too low for far too long, and only raised them when Trump was in office to make him look bad.

The low rates led to the housing bubble as everyone could use other people's money to speculate.

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Biden Recruiting Muslim Extremists to Look for "White Extremists" in Military

Selwyn Duke

It wasn’t a "white supremacist” who killed 14 people in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, but Muslim extremist Major Nidal Malik Hasan. It’s also not white supremacists that we’ve expended great blood and treasure fighting in costly wars since 9/ 11, but Islamic jihadists. But this hasn’t stopped the Biden administration from recruiting terrorist-enabling Muslim extremists to help root out "extremism” in the U.S. military.

It’s an unbelievable move, so much so that it could make some wonder: Is the goal really to eliminate radicalism?

Or is it to cultivate a certain kind of convenient radicalism?

Tim adds:

The open hostility and hatred of this junta towards America and the American People is astonishing. This is just a way to rub our collective noses in their triumph in stealing this last election. I see no other purpose for it.

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What You Get from a national Police

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion about nationalizing the police Tom Greer had this to say:

I lived in South Africa for 9 years in its old apartheid days. The police were nationalized (SAP, South African Police). ALL of us knew of the abuses by the SAP. They were pretty much free to administer "justice" as they saw fit, and not just to Africans. There was no habaeus corpus if you were taken in for questioning. It was "Anglo-Dutch" Law, meaning in practical language that you were presumed "guilty" if you were taken to the local station. When in 1980 I took my personal firearm to our local station outside of Cape Town for registration I waited at the Sergeant's desk. From somewhere down the hall I could hear someone being punched, screaming out. Sergeant Karstens returned and remarked, "Oh, THAT fellow! He's part of our new 'Government'!" with a kind of smile on his face. Oh yes! We definitely want a "United States Police Force", just like the South Africans had in the "old days". (Not that their present police situation is much better). I carried my weapon whenever I left the house.

Like everywhere, there were "normal" individuals in the SAP who treated citizens fairly, and others who brutalized guys, either taking them out of city limits & beating them senseless or having their dogs rip into them. It was rumored in Cape Town that tarts were sometimes whisked off the street and taken for a "joy ride" in the police van. There were no seats in the locked-up back of these vans, and the hapless gals were tossed like potatoes as the driver would swerve madly and run over traffic humps at high speed. Even a "guest worker" (gastarbeiter) could be taken away for questioning with little recourse or a phone call. No! I assure all and sundry, we DON'T want a National Police Force! Too bad most Americans have no idea of the morons who were collected to form the Red Guards in Mao's China. Same as the SS and SA in to abuse at will.

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Disaster Lies

This from Jim Church

We are going to be fed a regular diet of global temperature reports in the run-up to the COP26 climate talks later this year. They’re all going to be based on model projections of what’s likely to happen in coming years. The Paris Agreement’s 1.5 °C climate target is in focus, but whether it be exceeded and when remains uncertain. 

This link is to a GWPF report on extreme weather in 2020 showing clearly that there is nothing to be alarmed about.

From the Executive Summary:

The most striking feature of weather extremes in 2020 was not the extremes themselves, but the use of socio-economic studies of natural disasters to link extreme weather to global warming. Two international agencies, the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) – in conjunction with the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) – and the International Red Cross (IFRC), both issued reports claiming that climate-related

disasters are currently escalating. However, such claims are wrong, as clearly shown by data presented in the two reports. Two different sections of the CRED-UNDRR report state that since 2000 the annual number of disasters has either risen significantly or been ‘relatively stable’. But these statements are completely contradicted by data in the same report showing that the number of climate-related disasters fell by 11% from 2000 to 2020. The CRED-UNDRR report also falsely contends that more disasters occurred between 2000 and 2019 than during the preceding 20 years. This assertion is mirrored in the IFRC report, which makes the erroneous claim that annual climate-related disasters have risen almost 35% since the 1990s. Both spurious claims arise from a failure to account for the major increase in disaster reporting engendered by the arrival of the Internet in the late 1990s. Not only has the annual number of global disasters over the last 20 years declined, but the number of people killed by weather extremes has also been falling steadily over the past century – though this is due as much to improvements in planning, engineering and early warning systems as it is to diminishing natural disasters. And once financial losses from climate related disasters, which are currently increasing, are corrected for population gain and the ever-rising value of property in harm’s way, there is very little evidence to support any connection between natural disasters and global warming. Just as in previous years, little persuasive scientific evidence emerged in 2020 to support the mistaken belief that weather extremes are caused by emissions of greenhouse gases, or that the frequency or intensity of extreme weather is on the rise. No evidence was found for a 2020 study’s claim that the Great Barrier Reef lost 50% of its corals between 1995 and 2017 because of global warming. Notable extremes in 2020 included a prolonged heatwave in Siberia, an unusually cold summer in the northern hemi sphere, a very active hurricane season in the North Atlantic, and wildfires in the Arctic and the western US. Yet nearly all of these extremes can be attributed to naturally occurring cycles: the Siberian heatwave to the Arctic Oscillation, cold extremes to the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and both North Atlantic hurricanes and Arctic wildfires to the warm phase of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.

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May 27, 2021

Fake Ballots in Georgia Election

Timothy Birdnow

Six sworn affidavits affirm that as many as 30,000 ballots in the Georgia runoff election were fake.

From  Citizens Free Press

John Fredericks says Georgia officials are alleging that up to 30,000 of the ballots are fraudulent.


"Six affidavits now, we had four, now it’s six. Six affidavits of veteran election officials are alleging that up to 30,000 of these 147 [thousand] ballots are fake,” said Fredericks. "Somebody printed them up on a machine and ran them through the vote counting machines. They’re not real. They’re not attached to anybody.” Another revelation was that the ballots were unfolded and printed on a different paper than the regular absentee ballots, according to Fredericks.


"Number one, they’re on different paper. What kind of paper are they on? Why isn’t it the same paper that everything else is on? Number two, they’re not folded. Well, what do you mean they’re not folded? In order to get an absentee ballot, you have to get it in the mail. Which means that the Department of Elections in Georgia machine folded the ballot, you can’t have a ballot in an envelope that you mail back, or dropbox back, that’s not folded. You either got it folded, or you send it back folded, or both with an envelope. So why aren’t they folded?”

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Fake Fact Checkers

James Doogue

Proof (if you needed it) 'Fact Checkers' Are Politically Biased

Here Politifact and Snopes are scrutinised by the Media Research Centre to prove they have a hard left-wing bias.

How Fact Checkers Abuse Their Roll to Boost Democrat Causes

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The Beginning of the End of Trans Lies

Selwyn Duke

With pseudo-elite cultural winds at its back and its opponents censored, Big Gender had enjoyed years without any high profile questioning of its agenda. But this changed Sunday evening when TV’s oldest newsmagazine, 60 Minutes, focused on stories illustrating the medical malpractice euphemistically known as "gender transitioning.”

The program featured four young adults who, with very little medical evaluation, were allowed to "transition,” a process that included removal of their sex organs. They later regretted their decisions and became what are incorrectly known as "de-transitione rs” (you can’t "de-transition” because you can’t "transition” to being the opposite sex in the first place). Tragically, though, the mutilation they endured is, largely, irreparable.

It wasn’t always like this. Just about a decade ago, the disorder "gender dysphoria” — in laymen’s terms, the sense that you’re stuck in the wrong sex’s body — was little known beyond psychological circles.

The Beginning of the End of Trans Lies? "60 Minutes” Tackles Big Gender

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Non-Racist America

From Willis Eschenbach

Here is a measure of just how distorted and removed from reality our modern dialog has become. We have an entire grievance industry, and people rioting in the streets, based on a totally false premise that white people are killing black people in large numbers ... a claim which is totally contrary to the facts.

Folks, we have enough problems already. Don't let the grievance merchants lie to you and create further dissension and division. I've traveled the world. America is one of the least racist nations I've been in.

Yes, there are still racists in America. But what doesn't exist in any significant way is systemic racism.

Look, think about it dispassionately for a moment. It makes no sense. If America were systemically racist, we would not have black Senators, Representatives , Governors, Mayors, CEOs, Police Chiefs, and black people in positions of power across the land. If America were systemically racist, we wouldn't have a Black History Month or a host of laws against racism in all parts of our life. If America were systemically racist, Dr. Ben Carson could never have made it from the hood to become one of the premier neurosurgeons on the planet. If America were systemically racist, we wouldn't have black colleges, or black sororities and fraternities, or Black Entertainment Television (BET), and Oprah wouldn't be a national hero who owns her own TV network.

And if America were systemically racist, we absolutely would not have a black President elected not only once, but twice.

NONE of that would have happened without the enthusiastic support of our black fellow citizens by the overwhelming majority of white people. Black people are ~ 13% of our nation. The votes of black people didn't pass the laws making racism illegal. The votes of white people did. The votes of black people didn't elect President Obama. The votes of white people did.

Yes, there is residual racism. The remaining racism is spread by race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority from claiming their opponents are "racists"—peopl e like the "Reverend" Al Sharpton, Jussie Smollet, and the people pushing "Critical Race Theory", which the insidious theory that we can only be critical of white people.

Don't buy into their hate-filled racist stories. The facts don't support their lies. In my lifetime, we've almost entirely gotten rid of systemic racism in the US. Don't fall for their lies. They are trying to divide us.

We are a better nation than that. We support and celebrate the successes of everyone, and we must continue to do so without blame, rancor, or bitterness.

My best to my many friends in all of the colors of the rainbow,


May be an image of text that says '1500 2019 Murders per Million Population of Race of Offender (age adjusted) million 1000 per Murders 500 This is what BLM is rioting about Whites Blacks Whites Blacks killed by killed by killed by killed by Whites Whites Blacks Blacks DATA: 9 tabies/expanded-omicide-da-able6.xs'

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Floydian Slip

Courtesy of Bob Clasen

George Floyd's autopsy did NOT show several things:

• No petechiae, indicating no strangulation.

• No visible or hidden trauma to the neck, shoulders, face, or larynx, indicating no excess pressure or blows to those areas.

• No scalp, skull, or brain injuries.

• No chest, rib, spine, or viscera injuries.

However, it DID show several other things.

• Positive COVID test

• A high, perhaps lethal level of fentanyl, the most potent of the opiates.

• A level of 65 ng/mL of 4-ANPP, an indication of a fentanyl overdose.

• Methamphetamine

• Cannabis

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"Decarbonization" Folly

This from Jim Church

Seems like everyone has let go of their senses. Despite the massive propaganda program currently in vogue there are no technologies able or scaleable to replace hydrocarbons in the near future as the world’s cheap energy source. And even if something were to have a "Eureka!” Moment it takes decades for such things to become widely available. (And that doesn’t even begin to address the highly questionable ideological and unscientific assault upon hydrocarbons in the first place!)

Murky carbon path threatens US$14 trillion in oil and gas projects

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May 26, 2021

Nietzsche's Endgame

Timothy Birdnow

Nietzsche postulated that Western science would eventually collapse because it would lose faith in it's underlying beliefs that everything is knowable and reality is actually concrete as opposed to subjective. This shows we are at Nietzsche's endgame.

We are now digging at the roots of reality. No civilization that denies reality can survive.

California Seeks End of Advanced Math Courses in Name of Social Justice

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SI Goes Full Woke

Selwyn Duke

A hallmark of an ideologically shackled civilization is that everything is negatively politicized — even sports. Examples of this abound in our nation today, with kneeling professional football players and "Black Lives Matter” painted on NBA courts. So it’s no surprise that the magazine Sports Illustrated, which has long leaned left, has transitioned into peddling not just frivolity but also utter insanity.

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Ideological Bigotry

From Steven Chase

100+ people were shot in NY and Chicago over the past weekend. This goes on every single week and Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and St. Louis are nearly as bad. Dems run these 100%.

Anti-Jew hate crimes are up 55%, The Jews have ALWAYS stood up for the Black community. Where are you, Oprah Winfrey? Will Smith? Michelle Obama? Or the LGBTQ community? With your millions of followers on social platforms, why do you remain silent?

Biden's tax proposals do NOTHING to reform our very broken tax system, focusing primarily on increasing rates, but largely ignoring the loopholes, deductions and subsidies that serve the ultra-rich.

A society is on the verge of totalitarianism if individuals fear to express ideas that contradict the establishment’s dogmas. The cancer of authoritarian censorship is growing in America.

You may not vote another's individual rights away and hide behind "democracy". If you do so, you are no better than a criminal, hiring the State to do your plundering.

Biden, explaining the mess at the border says he "Inherited a Broken System.” TRUMP inherited that system and fixed it, providing a long-term solution with negotiated agreements with other countries and construction of a southern border wall. Maintaining the "stay in Mexico” policy alone would have prevented this crisis.

Biden's Farm Aid Bill provides that loans to BLACK farmers be forgiven up to 120% of the loan. (not a typo, look it up). He will not only forgive your debt but will give you another 20% more for not being born white.

The Democratic Party, the one Party now in charge of everything, is a coalition of people who wish to destroy America. Big Tech and Hollywood do so because it will enrich their bank accounts with the Chinese. The more ideological types want to destroy America because they are every bit as bigoted in their anti-white, anti-male and anti-heterosexu al prejudices as their anti-black, anti-female and anti-homosexual counterparts. - (this last one paraphrased from Dr. M. Hurd.)

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More Data Fudging

Timothy Birdnow

If this is "settled science" why do they keep lying about data?

EPA Disappears More Inconvenient Climate Data Including the 1930's U.S. Dustbowl - Climate Realism

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The Population Bust

This from Jim Church:

Nearly 50 years ago, the book "Population Bomb" by Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford biologist, prophesied that the "battle to feed all of humanity" was over, and that the rapid growth in population would lead to environmental catastrophe and wipe out hundreds of millions of people. I well remember reading the book and being a good farm boy and knowing that food production, contrary to the doom sayings of Ehrlich, was advancing more than enough to feed everyone. Distribution and political interference was more an issue than production.

But the world fell for Ehrlich’s false prophecies and lies — lies repeated on the first Earth Day, and by countless others ever since. For the past 50 years apocalyptic doom predictions by climate alarmists have proven utterly false but because the media, and now academia, have been compromised, the world, instead of rejecting these charlatans out of hand, continue to be deliberately gaslighted by them! We are told to "believe the experts” or "the science” but when honest scientists point out the glaring errors and contradictory predictions they are censored, fired, shut down, demeaned, smeared and so on. Their science and the carefully considered observations of history are ignored in favour of "the big lie”! What dupes we have become!

The fact is that great advances, made largely possible by the use of cheap energy generated by fossil fuels, advances in areas like food production, health care advances, transportation, medical breakthroughs, mechanization of labour, etc. & etc. have not only fed the world, but lowered death rates, massively improved infant and adult health, made widespread education available (because not as much time needs to be devoted to production of food and other life-sustaining necessities), lowered poverty rates around the world, and so on. By ANY metric the human condition has improved immeasurably since the introduction of fossil fuels some 200 years ago. Back then 90% of the world was reasonably deemed "poor” and life was hardscrabble. Today the UN admits that less than 10% are what they deem in abject poverty.

But today, instead of rejecting the doomsayers like Ehrlich of the world the media, the politicians, academics, and even the UN are embracing them! We totally ignore the great benefits afforded us, we ignore the great advances we have made, we turn our backs upon one of the main drivers (fossil fuels) which has made all this possible, and we embrace failed ideas, failed ideologies, technologies which cannot —EVER— replace fossil fuels and which will make EVERYTHING not only unreliable but horrendously expensive, and therefore out of reach of great masses of humanity. This will plunge most back into mere existence living and will condemn many, many more to death sooner than later. And wasn’t this what Ehrlich was calling for? Because indeed he was! Only he was advocating mass sterilization. But the end result is the same. Population control.

The virtual deification of this apocalyptic ideology has come full circle and will get its wish if people of common sense do not rise up in revolt before we are all destroyed.

Tim adds:

Ehrlich was only an updating of Thomas Malthus, who was proven astonishingly wrong and yet he was the template for most of the Progressive programs, including eugenics. And Ehrlich has been at the epicenter of every horrible Progressive idea since. I would remind everyone he predicted mass starvation and chaos around the globe by the year 2000, something that is now well past and didn't happen. But the wonderful liberals still take him as an article of faith and seek to depopulate the planet (look at what Bill Gates says and does, for example.) We've been deceived for two centuries by this Malthusian stupidity which has been disproven time and again but keeps rearing it's ugly head because it is so useful in justifying statism to stem the "emergency" of too many people wanting too many consumer goods.

Oh, and notice how Western populations are shrinking faster than a bottle of scotch at a Kennedy family reunion and will soon be doing likewise in China. There is no problem but we keep acting as though there is. In fact, there may well be far worse from depopulation than overpopulation as we have set everything up to work on more young people than elderly. I am mindfull of Phillip K. Dick's story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" (the basis of Blade Runner); in it the Earth is horribly UNDER populated and it's a creepy, lonely, and impoverished place. I think Dick nailed it here.

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