April 28, 2021

Greta Going Bye-Bye

From David Redfern

If you want evidence climate change is actively promoting a Marxist Agenda you really couldn't do better than watching this. Not Greta, surprisingly, but some other little poisoned dwarf reading from a script prepared by Stalin it seems.

What's worse is, the incumbent US leadership is promoting this crap.

Proof Old Greta's Now History: Thurnberg Overshadowed by Rsing Star Xiya Bastida

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Stagflation Coming

Richard Cronin

The obscene amount of money (our money) that was doled out as part of the stimulus package(s) has produced a sugar high. The oil patch really suffered from the plandemic, shutting down production and refining capacity. There are already predictions of gas shortages for the summer. Expect fuel prices to spike and stagflation to set in. We’ve been here before.

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April 27, 2021

White Men Need Not Apply at State

Selwyn Duke

Before she was a Supreme Court justice, in 2001 already, Sonya Sotomayor claimed that a "wise Latina” judge would tend to "reach a better conclusion than a white male.” Now we’re hearing this prejudiced sentiment from many quarters. The latest is from Joe Biden’s (handlers’) State Department, where appointees have decried "white male dominated” diplomacy as leading to "systemic racism.” They essentially assert that minorities and women would do a better job.

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Yale Finds HR People Won't Hire Ill Spoken

Timothy Birdnow

From the Captain Obvious department:

Yale study shows class bias in hiring based on few seconds of speech

Naturally; a person who comes in speaking like a gangsta rapper or like someone who just came from a speakeasy in West Virginia is likely not going to be a good candidate for management. If nothing else it suggests they don't know how to learn the etiquette for professional culture. This is just another way to promote the idea of compulsory hiring of those not really qualified as part of affirmative action schemes. It's the same reasoning applied to college admissions of those not ready for top flight schools.

How is an interviewer supposed to judge an applicant? Why bother having an interview at all then?


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Population Bust

E. Calvin Beisner observes:

Shocking. Even the NY Times admits that America's low fertility rate has major downsides.

I wrote about these problems in my book Prospects for Growth: A Biblical View of Population, Resources, and the Future, available from the Cornwall Alliance's online store at http://cornwallalliance.org/product-category/shop/books/.

A Population Bust

Tim adds:

Civilization is basically a multi-level marketing thing, with the young carrying the older folks. It always has been. The "Population Bomb" generation took steps to end population growth and are now finding it quite surprising that there are enormous social and economic costs associated with "sustainability
" and zero population growth. Even the Chicoms got rid of the one child policy as unworkable.

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God and Man and Equality

Bob Clasen asks:

Everyone is not equal and that is a good thing, too. Where would we be without our creative geniuses?

Tim replies:

I've often pondered this from a religious standpoint. God created everyone different, but to do that He had to make us unequal. It was a GODD thing, but it rather sucked for those who were given less than others. Soo...how do rectify that? By throwing everyone out in a competition for who wanted what and how much. Let everyone use their talents and abilities to their best effect and see who had the desire and who was willing to just coast. This is exactly how economics works and I wonder if it isn't how eternity works as well; you get what you want and what you put into it. People all complain about God being somehow unfair for our lots in life but is it not actually our differences - and challenges - that make us who we are and give us what we have? Life is kind of like a tournament, with each individual graded based on their handicaps and their strengths.

The search for equality is essentially a rejection of God's plan for Mankind, and for our role in life, methinks. In the Book of Genesis it was said that Nimrod would "bake bricks" to build his tower of Babel. Well, if you look at the context of that you will see bricks refer to people; he wanted to make them all identical and thus equal. The search for equality is the search for mediocrity, for anonymity, for conformity. Who in the world would want that?

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Canada Moves to Stifle Free Speech

This from Jim Church:

Ottawa's move to regulate video posts on YouTube and social media called 'assault' on free speech

Granting a government agency authority over legal user generated content — particularly when backed up by the government’s musings about taking down websites — doesn’t just infringe on free expression, it constitutes a full-blown assault upon it and, through it, the foundations of democracy,” said Peter Menzies, a former commissioner of the Canadian Radio-Televisio n and Telecommunicati ons Commission.

"It’s difficult to contemplate the levels of moral hubris, incompetence or both that would lead people to believe such an infringement of rights is justifiable,” said Menzies.

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Return to Feudalism

Richard Cronin observes:

With all local and state police under a cloud, officers taking early retirement, and recruiting efforts, especially for major urban areas, on a downward spiral, what comes next ?

Federalization of state & local law enforcement — just like Latin America, with the elites living behind walled communities and private security guards — just like Nancy Pelosi.

Tim adds:

Remember when Barack Hussein Obama called for the creation of a national internal police force aka a Stasi? He wanted it to "be as well funded as any branch of the military" only it would operate INSIDE the U.S. a kind of Gestapo. Defund the police and you will have to have Federales, and Obama will get his internal secret police.

I would point out that in the last days of the Roman Empire the rich built secure estates and hired their own police forces. It was the birth of feudalism, where rich "lords" reigned supreme over their lands and the lands of the peasantry, who had to work to pay for their protection. We appear to be moving towards a new dark age with feudalism.

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Public School Exodux: Does "Go Woke Go Broke" Apply to Public Schools as Wel?

Selwyn Duke


What do you mean, if you treat your "customers” like dirt, refuse to do your job, and insult them, they’ll go elsewhere? This reality obviously applies to business. But it also appears operative regarding government schools, which have of late been bleeding students as much as they’ve been shedding common sense with politically correct agendas.

What’s more, perhaps partially explainable by way of the anti-white wave sweeping academia, white students appear the most likely to bolt.

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Dishonest, Politically Motivated, Reporting On Covid-19 In India, Is Racist And Likely Being Pushed By China

James Doogue

These are the top four results from my google search 'India Covid-19'

'India’s Covid disaster: a crisis for the world' - Guardian

'India's second wave of COVID-19 is far more aggressive and deadly than the first. Here's what went wrong' - ABC Australia

'The COVID-19 Disaster in India: Chronicles of Agony and Pain on the Ground' - The Diplomat

'India’s giant second wave is a disaster for it and the world' - The Economist

According to the world's mainstream media, India's Covid-19 situation is an unprecedented disaster of global significance. When you read the articles they point the finger at the Modi government. The pictures are deliberately horrific showing third world conditions in the streets and hospitals.

The message is clear. Covid-19 is hitting India harder than anywhere else in the world. Their government and people were too complacent about Covid-19, and now they are paying the price.

The truth, as highlighted in my post two days ago, is that India's Covid-19 numbers are totally unremarkable when considered against their almost 1.4 billion population and the Covid-19 statistics from many developed nations. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10223818615746166&id=1017971895&set=a.10200948390324824&source=48

Yes their health system is under strain in some areas. It would be easy to find public hospitals in poor, over populated areas of India which are in disarray, with not enough beds for those who are sick, and with patients in the streets desperately seeking treatment. But that's not representative of the entire country.

Like anywhere else in the world, it sucks to be poor in India. I've been to India and seen areas with a desperately poor population and areas of extreme wealth.

But India is not the backwater many people think it is. Just look around in Australia with all the professional immigrants from India, and the massive cohort of Indian tertiary students.

India supplies a huge number of medical graduates to the Western world and achieved the WHO's goal of one modern medical practitioner per 1,000 population back in 2017. Something only 44% of UN member countries have achieved.

Depicting India as some backwater where bodies are piling up for ritual burning is disingenuous if not outright racist. Chennai, which attracts 45% of health tourists visiting India and 30% to 40% of domestic health tourists, would rival any Western country for top medical facilities.

Despite the images on our screens and in the press, Indian people aren't dropping like flies in the streets. Out of a population of 1.39 billion, as of two days ago, they had just 8,944 Covid-19 infected patients considered critical. That's fewer than the US with 9,935 critical patients and a quarter of India's population. France had 66% as many critical patients as India with less than 5% of India's population.

These aren't cherry-picked numbers. You can see for yourself from the data that India's Covid-19 numbers do not represent the apocalypse presented by the mainstream media.

So why is the mainstream media reporting about Covid-19 in India so dishonest? I don't think it's as simple as bad news sells. If that were the case, the media could have taken any number of countries with worse Covid-19 numbers than India and beat that story up.

Why aren't they declaring the Covid-19 disasters in France or Germany or Spain or Turkey for instance? I think there are definitely political motives at play.

The media went hard about the US Covid-19 numbers when the Republican Donald Trump was in office. Since Democrat Joe Biden has taken over, the media has definitely eased off. That's despite the fact that relative to India, the US is still a Covid-19 disaster. With at least four times as many critical Covid-19 patients on a per capita basis compared to India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a good ally of Donald Trump and the media certainly didn't like that. They are happy to criticise Modi's government for not going hard on lock-downs. Not that they understand India is a Commonwealth of states. Nor that a large portion of India's poor live from day to day. A lock-down would see them starve.

The mainstream media's natural Left-leaning reporting has been readily taken advantage of by China’s rapid media expansion across the world. China's goal, in the words of President Xi Jinping, is to "tell China’s story well”. In practice, telling China’s story well looks a lot like serving the ideological aims of the state.

Beijing has been buying up media outlets and training scores of foreign journalists to "tell China’s story well’ – as part of a worldwide propaganda campaign of astonishing scope.

Cash strapped news organisations are readily placing international coverage by Chinese owned or controlled media organisations, and they are even running articles on a pay for placement basis which appear as objective news articles.

'The state-run English-language newspaper China Daily has struck deals with at least 30 foreign newspapers – including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the UK Telegraph – to carry four- or eight-page inserts called China Watch, which can appear as often as monthly. The supplements take a didactic, old-school approach to propaganda; ...' https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/dec/07/china-plan-for-global-media-dominance-propaganda-xi-jinping

Western journalists and media organisations either don't care they are being used as China's shills, especially if it helps the Left side of politics, or they are too stupid to realise they are being used. But those cashing the cheques can't claim to be stupid.

The Chinese influence runs deep through the media, think tanks and academia. This article is a classic example. 'Let’s end the COVID-19 blame game: Reconsidering China’s role in the pandemic', https://www.brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2020/08/19/lets-end-the-covid-19-blame-game-reconsidering-chinas-role-in-the-pandemic/

The author of the article was Jamie P. Horsley who happens to be a Senior Fellow, Paul Tsai China Center, Yale Law School and Visiting Fellow - Foreign Policy, John L. Thornton China Center. The article was published by the well known Think Tank, the Brookings Institute.

Yale, other Universities, and think tanks have come under scrutiny in recent years for their financial links with foreign governments including China. https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2020/02/12/doe-to-investigate-yales-foreign-funding-disclosure/

With her pedigree it isn't surprising Ms Horsley seeks to absolve China for not being honest about the virus, '...it is not clear that greater transparency in the first weeks would have prevented its spread overseas.' what absolutely transparent rubbish!

She wrote 'China, in turn, has accused the United States of mismanagement and failure to take the pandemic seriously.' Adding the link to the article 'In Depth: How the U.S. Missed Its Window for Taming the Covid-19 Virus' This was written by Zeng Jia, Ma Danmeng, Zhang Qi and Denise Jia of the Caixin media group.

Media Bias Fact Check (MBFC), rated Caixin Media as a 'Questionable' source because of its ties to the Chinese Communist Party and extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency and/or is fake news. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/caixin-global/

So A China trained Western academic writes a softball article shifting blame from China for the Wuhan virus and cites an article in the CCP controlled Caixin Media. That article then gets picked up and quoted by the lazy mainstream media without question, because it was written by a Western based academic from a well known Think Tank.

China would have three key reasons they'd be happy to encourage the beat-up about Covid-19 in India.

1. Focussing on India's Covid-19 troubles distract from the origins of the virus, highlights the failures of the India, and promotes China which has successfully managed their Covid-19 response (according to their own news sources), as a global leader.

2. India and China are currently involved in a border conflict. China will take any opportunity to humiliate India and her citizens because that will foment discontent with India's leadership.

3. The current trade war and tensions between China , the West and countries involved in the South China Sea dispute will see India as a main player and potential beneficiary. China will do what it can to discourage trade with India. Positioning India as a plague ridden nation with collapsing health infrastructure will help do that.

It's frustrating that Western mainstream media are being wittingly or unwittingly used by China against India, spreading misinformation, while pursuing their relentless appetite for disaster news.

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April 26, 2021

The Incredible Shrinking Biden

Warner Todd Huston

Biden's Approval Rate Lower After First 100 Days than Nearly Every Prez in 80 Years

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Who Knows Where the Cold Wind Blows?

From Frank Lasee

Yikes. A cold snowy winter in the northern hemisphere. Now the beginning of a cold snowy winter in the Southern Hemisphere

What if we are in a cooling cycle, like the 1970s. When the experts were talking about the coming ice age.

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Heat Waves Less Common

From Frank Lasee

Heat waves are actually less common. Winters are a bit warmer. That’s a good thing. I hope it lasts.

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Desperately Seeking Despair

This from Steven Chase

"Judging by this year’s Best Picture nominees, you couldn’t have a worse time at the movies if there was an active shooter in the theater” - Bill Maher
NOMADLAND: "If you want to feel guilty, dirty and bad you can watch this one where the woman winds up living in her van after her husband dies of cancer.”
JUDAS/BLACK MESSIAH: "leader of the Black panthers is betrayed by an informant and killed by the FBI"
MINARI: "dirt poor Korean immigrants in Arkansas put all their food in a barn, then grandma has a stroke and burns it down.”
TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7: "prosecution of seven activists who rioted during the 1968 Democratic National Convention."
PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN: "a girl avenges a murderous rapist, but then, he kills her too."
THE FATHER: "story of a octogenarian who is descending into dementia."
SOUND OF METAL (which I actually liked!): "about a rock musician going deaf."

Could Hollywood not imagine a story in which we would be uplifted, inspired or simply entertained?

Tim adds:

They want to keep America depressed and miserable, it seems to me. These are movies designed to engender despair in the populace.

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How Does India Compare?

James Doogue

Western governments have recently struggled to get people vaccinated against Covid-19 because of some true, and some fake, stories about adverse reactions. The cheaper Astrazenaca Covid-19 vaccine has been at the centre of concern due to blood clots. Particularly in under 50's. I believe the stated incidence is now about 1 in 100,000.

Lately we have been blitzed by the mainstream media with images of crowded hospitals, lack of oxygen and burning funeral pyres in India. These reports might shock those in the West who were complacent and demurring getting vaccinated.

But how does India compare to other countries? Is the media giving you a true picture of what's going on in India, or are they taking pictures in places where services are struggling, and implying that is typical accross the country?

Well if we look at the official data it seems the media is being somewhat biased in their reporting. https:// www.worldometers .info/ coronavirus/ #countries



USA. 9.86%. 0.003%. 0.176%
INDIA. 1.24%. 0.0006%. 0.014%
BRAZIL. 6.69% 0.0039%. 0.183%
TURKEY. 5.44%. 0.0042%. 0.045%
UK. 6.46%. 0.0004%. 0.187%
SPAIN. 7.42%. 0.0049%. 0.166%

You can do the calculations yourself for other countries. But it's very clear, based on the data, India is not a basket case compared to other countries. In fact their Covid-19 infections and deaths to date, as a percentage of their huge almost 1.4 billion population, is quite modest.

The number of critical cases currently is also low compared to their population, and as critical cases make up the bulk of deaths, I can't see India overtaking any of these, and many other countries any time soon.

You may be worried about the rate of increase in new cases in India with a 7 day rolling average of 308,000 new infections recorded daily. This is 0.022% of their total population. Meanwhile the US daily increase in new cases peaked with a 7 day rolling average of 255,952, (11 Jan 2021), which is 0.077% of their population. Which is 3.5 times, or 350% of the daily increases in India which the media has been beating the drum about.

Clearly the media has been beating up how bad Covid-19 is in comparison to other countries. That's not to say their already poorly resources health system is not being overwhelmed at the moment. But we are getting selective reporting. Clearly many parts of India are not badly hit given their overall numbers.

If you didn't know it already, you can't trust the mainstream media including our taxpayer funded ABC. Australia's biggest broadcaster.

No photo description available.

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April 25, 2021

Mo. Christian College Suing Over Transgender Policy

This from Jim Church:

A Missouri Christian university is suing the Biden administration over a federal directive that its lawsuit claims requires religious schools to open their dormitories and showers based on "gender identity.”

The College of the Ozarks, a four-year liberal arts college in Point Lookout, filed a lawsuit in response to a February order from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that forces any entities that receive federal dollars covered by the Fair Housing Act to place transgender-ide ntified biological males into female dormitories and assign them as females’ roommates.

The lawsuit argues that the rule forces religious schools to violate their religious beliefs and states that the order was issued "without notice or the opportunity for public comment." The lawsuit contends that the policy was issued without considering alternative policies that "respect the interests of private religious colleges."

Tim adds:


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Owens Chastised Media for Chauvin Coverage

James Doogue

Mainstream Media in Australia Fell in Line With American Left Wing Media Touting Derek Chauvin's Murder Conviction as Sweet Racial Justice

But they weren't paying attention to the evidence. Candace Owens sets things straight with Tucker Carlson on Fox.

"This was a trial about whether the media was powerful enough to create a simulation and decide upon a narrative absent any facts."

Owens said Chauvin suffered "mob justice," and the verdict was very likely influenced by politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and others who have threatened or condoned violence if the criminal justice system doesn't award them a victory.

"The media told us [Floyd] was a man who is just getting his life together. A good member of society, and he mixed up because a 'racist white police officer' had it out for him and killed him... All of that fell apart," Owens said, adding that the Fentanyl context [Floyd took three times the lethal dose of fentanyl before being apprehended.] is ignored by the activists. "They kept hitting that narrative, and the Democrats are happy because they realized the media supports them and that now means Democrats can get whatever they want."

People like Floyd can be treated "like pawns" in a political game, Owens added, remarking that with the threat of urban violence and looting, those in power can get their way.

Worth watching the video.

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Professor Hackers

Timothy Birdnow

I find it interesting that both of the academics are of Chinese descent. Makes me wonder how many Chinese at Western universities are doing this in secret.

And they are in Minnesota. What is it that rots the brains of people up there? (Apologies to Dana Mathewson.)

University duo thought it would be cool to sneak bad code into Linux as an experiment. Of course, it absolutely backfired

Hat tip; David Redfern

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The Pointless Covid Vaccine

This from Jim Church:


"Over the course of 2,047,113 days of follow-up in the covid positive group, there were 78 cases of symptomatic covid (by which we mean a positive test + at least one symptom). Over the course of 2,971,436 days of follow-up in the covid negative group, there were 1,369 cases of symptomatic covid-19."

This works out to a relative risk reduction of 92% for prior infected people. For comparison, the Pfizer vaccine trial reported a reduction of 95%, the Moderna trial reported an reduction of 94%, the Astra-Zeneca trial reported a reduction of 70%, and the Johnson&Johnson

trial reported a reduction of 67%.
So... prior infection is equivalent to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in terms of the level of protection offered, and much better than the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and J&J vaccine. It seems completely unnecessary for people who have had covid to get the vaccine.”

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The Very Confusing Harvard

Selwyn Duke


Boy, I'm sure glad I'm not Harvard Educated.

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