April 25, 2020

The Great Vegetable Rebellion and Jong Un

Timothy Birdnow

That guy never ate a vegetable in his life - now he IS one!

Japanese Media Claims Kim Jong Un is in a 'vegetative state'

He always did rather resemble a butternut squash.

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Another Locust Plague

Timothy Birdnow

And this will hit at a time when the world economy is in the drink thanks to the Wuhan virus. This is terrigle news. Time to pray.

Second Wave of Locusts in East Africa 20 Times Worse Says UN

From the Guardian article:

The locusts present "an extremely alarming and unprecedented threat” to food security and livelihoods, according to the UN. A swarm of just more than a third of a square mile can eat the same amount of food in one day as 35,000 people.

This second invasion from breeding grounds in Somalia includes more young adults which are especially voracious eaters.

In its latest locust watch update, the UN said the situation was "extremely alarming” as an increasing number of new swarms form in north and central Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

How much aid will the rest of the world be able to afford to render? How much food will be available for them? This could wind up looking like one of the plagues of Egypt.

The Jerusalem Post opines:

But what if we read them differently? What if they were relevant for all time? What if the water turning to blood wasn’t about blood at all? What if it were a lesson to us – that our water can turn to blood? That it can become undrinkable – with a virus, with chemicals, with something. That water turning to blood is a plague that could happen to all people at all times throughout history. That would make the Ten Plagues very relevant and somewhat frightening.And it seems not only that they can happen, but that they are happening. Consider our time. The plagues start with water, but half of them are related to animals – frogs, lice, wild beasts, cattle disease, and locusts. Then consider bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease corona. We have recently been plagued with a seemingly disproportionate number diseases coming from animals. If that seems a stretch, we can get literal about it. Want to talk about the plague of Locust? On March 10, 2020 BBC News declared "Hundreds of billions of locusts are swarming through parts of East Africa and South Asia in the worst infestation for a quarter of a century, threatening crops and livelihoods.”How about arov, Wild Beasts? Since we have retreated into our homes, wildlife all over the world have taken to our streets. Wild pigs roam the streets of Paris; bears have been spotted in California; Thailand has seen hundreds of screaming monkeys take over the streets. And at least one cougar has been spotted in a town in India. That leaves the plagues of Darkness and the Slaying of the First Born. Darkness doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Since all this began, my greatest fear was that we would lose electricity. All of a sudden people who would not normally be in their homes are all using electricity at the same time. An overload could send us into darkness. And our generation is particularly ill equipped to deal with that. Things seem hard now? Imagine your kids without WiFi. Then imagine every house dark at night. No phones and WiFi alone could cause mayhem. Darkness for a week? Even only at night? That could plunge us into social chaos, a real plague. Even the slaying of the first born seems somewhat at hand. For who else is most vulnerable now but our most elderly? Seniors are being taken in far greater numbers than others. That only leaves the plagues of nature disasters like hail, and it would be hard to argue that we haven’t experienced our share of natural disasters recently. Recent decades have seen a dramatic increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters around the world on an unprecedented scale. It seems not only that the plagues are here, but that they are here all at once and on a scale like we haven’t seen before to the point that for the first time in ages, life has literally stopped.

While we often see the Plagues of Egypt as isolated events, perhaps they were part of an overarching effect? Maybe A caused B which caused C which caused D?  And maybe what we are seeing now is a new Ten Plagues?

As the author points out many of these plagues were connected then and in many ways are now. A disease from China? Disease struck down Egypt for holding the Israelites as slaves and China holds their entire nation - a quarter of the Earth's population - in slavery. And the rest of us are complicit; we lust after the cheap products they sell so turn a blind eye to what they have been doing. How is that related to the plague? Commercial interests spread this in the first place.

Or as the Book of Revelation states

And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,

Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more

Maybe this globalist system is about to crash? The merchants of the Earth would most assuredly be wailing and gnashing their teeth were that to happen.

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Biden's Victim's Mother called Larry King at the Time

Timothy Birdnow

Well, well, well...

Clip Surfaces of Biden Accuser Tara Reade's Mother Phoning in to 'Larry King Live' in 1\993 Alluding to Claim

From the Fox article:

In a telephone interview with Fox News on Friday night, Reade confirmed that her mother called in to the show. Biden's presidential campaign has adamantly deniedReade's allegations but the video could be cited as evidence supporting Reade’s allegation – even though her late mother, in the clip, does not specifically refer to a sexual assault claim.

The Intercept on Friday first reportedthe transcript of a broadcast from Aug. 11, 1993, of a woman fromSan Luis Obispo County, Calif.,calling in to the show about her daughter's experience on Capitol Hill.

"San Luis Obispo, California, hello," King begins.

"Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him," the caller says.


"In other words, she had a story to tell but, out of respect for the person she worked for, she didn’t tell it?" King inquires.

"That’s true," the woman responds before King cuts away to a panel to discuss her claim.

And yet we were supposed to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court based on an accusation which could not even be substantiated by the accuser's best friend.

The double standard is astonishing.

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Trump's Disinfecting Lungs Story

This from Tim McNabb:

I watched the video from the exchange. I think Trump intended to summarize some high-level stuff from a previous briefing, and bobbled it a bit.

I have no trouble accepting that the intent was to encourage people - what I heard was that good things were in the pipeline for treatment.

What the media heard was "Stoopid Trump Sez Inject Yourself with Bleach and Lysol" and the hysterics were off and running.

I rather wish that Trump had not tried to backpedal...a simple "I kind of made a hash out of describing some promising possible treatments" but that would not be Trump.

However, those in the media who are quite unfairly mischaracterizing the intent and the actual words are the ones doing harm. If you actually believe that the President was recommending and IV drip of Pine-Sol then you need to take a deep breath and reconsider how you interpret things.

I imagine most people who are not just having fun (I love the Clorox Chewables meme) but seriously think this is the intent of the President are probably just hearing the media's characterizatio n of what happened, and you are being mislead. It is possible that the media folk pimping this silly story really are that stupid...there is plenty of evidence of their incandescent stupidity...but if they are not as stupid as they imagine Trump to be, then they are malicious and are serving an agenda other than your safety.

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April 24, 2020

Here's why Whitmer wants Michigan residents quiet and subservient during coronavirus crisis

Dana Mathewson

Fox News's Tucker Carlson lays it out here:

All last week, we told you about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and what she was doing in the name of science to respond to this coronavirus pandemic.

She banned the sale of forbidden objects -- paint, carpet, gardening supplies. She took control of the state's highways. She forbade residents from traveling to their own homes. She claimed this was rational and legal, though she never cited, of course, any scientific justification for all of this.

She says she must continue to do it, however, because keeping residents indoors is comparable in importance to beating Nazi Germany.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: President Trump called this a war and it is exactly that. So, let's act like it.

In World War II, there weren't people lining up at the capitol to protest the fact that they had to drop everything they were doing and build planes or tanks or to ration food. They rolled up their sleeves and they got to work.

Oh, so nobody complained during the Second World War. They were obedient little serfs who did exactly what their leaders told them to do. And why can't people in Michigan in 2020 do the same?

And why do they have to ask uncomfortable questions about what Gov. Whitmer is doing? They should shut up, and if they don't, we are going to arrest them.

That's her position. She wants her citizens quiet and subservient. Why? Because quiet and subservient people won't interfere with what she plans to do.

And what is she planning to do? Well, merge the state government of Michigan with the state Democratic Party.

Oh. You shouldn't be surprised. No one as mediocre as Gretchen Whitmer could become governor without the party brass backing her. And as governor, she is returning that favor in spades.

Recently, her government has been mounting an effort to trace the contacts of known coronavirus cases. Now, there are a lot of companies that could do that, but only a few of them are de facto arms of the Democratic Party in Michigan. So who do you think Gretchen Whitmer turned to?

You don't need to guess twice. On Monday, Michigan's Health Department announced a contract with a group called Great Lakes Community Engagement. That's a company that describes itself as specializing in quote, "outreach campaigns to engage citizens."

They're lying by omission. In fact, it's a leftwing activist group linked to a man named Mike Kolehouse, a former Occupy Wall Street leader who has become one of the state's top Democratic political operatives. The company had been paid huge sums to collect signatures in support of leftwing ballot initiatives. Now, Whitmer wants them to be paid and to collect information on her citizens' health.

Now to do that, this group was going to use software from EveryAction, that's a company that brags is "the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns." Its software is used by Planned Parenthood, NextGen Climate, NERAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, among other groups -- all of whom, by the way, Whitmer has served as governor. Keep in mind, she is selling lotto tickets, banning operations, allowing abortions.

There's more! Go here https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-heres-why-whitmer-wants-michigan-residents-quiet-and-subservient-during-coronavirus-crisis to read it.

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Immigration at Core of Swedish Numbers

Timothy Birdnow

More on the Swedish Experiment and why Sweden is where it is.

From the Conservative HQ article:

At first glance, that does look pretty "grim” for Sweden, but there are differences in how each nation reports deaths. Johan Norberg, a Swedish scholar working at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., explains one big difference:

The truth is that Sweden is somewhere in the European middle when it comes to deaths per capita, which in itself is interesting. We are outliers in terms of policy, but not in terms of outcomes.

There are also reasons to think that Sweden is doing better than these comparisons suggest. Many countries don’t count COVID-19 deaths outside of hospitals. When people die at home, in nursing homes, or in prisons, they don’t show up in the coronavirus death count.

In the Stockholm region of Sweden, 42 percent of deaths took place in nursing homes for the elderly. In many countries, and some U.S. states, those deaths would not show up in the data.

This has a major effect on where you are compared to other countries….


Sweden reports the number of people who die with COVID-19, not of COVID-19.

Even in a culturally and geographically similar country like Norway—celebrated for its low death rate—they do things differently. The Norwegians only count something as a COVID-19 death if a doctor concludes that someone was killed by the disease and decides to report it to the country’s public health authority.

This means that we have to wait a long time for more detailed data on deaths and specifically excess deaths—those who would not have died from something else close in time—before we proclaim victory or defeat.

Norberg adds that Swedes have not died because of lack of beds or ventilators (its health system has not been overwhelmed), the average age of death has been 81 (close to Sweden’s average life expectancy), and the number of deaths has been in slight decline for more than a week.

And Then There’s the Matter of Immigration

Sweden, ever liberal in its social views, has admitted more refugees and immigrants in the past decade, as a percentage of its total population, than any other nation in Europe. And Sweden is now facing the unpleasant consequences of that policy, both in terms of the coronavirus pandemic and in other measures of social health and welfare.

Even Professor Bergstrom, in the scare article cited at the beginning of this article, admits that "immigrants from Somalia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are highly overrepresented among COVID-19 deaths.”

And The U.S. Sun reports that Stockholm’s immigrant neighborhoods are "up to three times more affected than the rest of the capital.”

Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said on April 7: "Among the Somalis the risk is almost five times higher than compared to people born in Sweden.”

Read it all at Conservative HQ.

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The Swedish Experiment

Timothy Birdnow

Jennifer Marohasy discusses the Swedish experiment:

Mortality Monitoring in Europe: I see Sweden now in dark blue with a 'very high' death rate last week (week 14) relative to previous years, and compared to its neighbour Norway. Ouch.

Explore the data in detail at this link: https://www.euromomo.eu/index.html
No photo description available.

Reader James replied:

Sweden didn't go for a stay-at-home policy, and have been pretty slack on social distancing. People are pointing to their number of deaths relative to Australia, to 'prove' that our more Draconian measures paid off. So I decided to take Sweden's numbers into perspective.

Relative to the rest of Europe, Sweden's number of deaths aren't particularly remarkable. Especially given that most other countries applied far greater restrictions.

The following is the latest data in deaths per 1 million population:

Spain 446
Italy 391
France 302
Germany 56
UK 243
Turkey 24
Belgium 503
Netherlands 219
Switzerland 165
Ireland 124
Austria 52
Sweden 156
Denmark 63
Norway 32
Luxembourg 120
Greece 11
Iceland 29
Estonia 30
Slovenia 32
Lithuania 14
Monaco 76

Note: The USA, which is often portrayed as a basket case in the mainstream media, has 125 deaths per 1 million population, half in New York State.

There are a number of problems with the data reported on Covid-19.

In some countries, only deaths in hospital are counted. Nursing home deaths and at home deaths don't make it.

Death rates will also vary based on the age of the population and the quality of the health systems.

I'm sure some countries have issues of accuracy. Or confusion over whether a person died of Covi-19 or with Covid-19 and would have died anyway with the underlying health issues.

I suspect some countries with very good numbers, but poor health systems are marking deaths down to other causes if the patient has co-morbidity issues.

The number of confirmed cases varies widely, but that's a poor indicator of anything because we know testing regimes vary widely, and we are discovering a great bomber of asymptomatic and antibody positive in random population testing.
Timothy Birdnow

Jennifer Marohasy discusses the Swedish experiment:

Mortality Monitoring in Europe: I see Sweden now in dark blue with a 'very high' death rate last week (week 14) relative to previous years, and compared to its neighbour Norway. Ouch.

Explore the data in detail at this link: https://www.euromomo.eu/index.html

Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, are outliers (from the countries where we can believe the stats), with deaths below 5 per 1 million population.

All are islands. They are also developed countries with good health systems. Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, didn't have the type of stay at home lock-down Australia and NZ has had.

From here, I have taken an extract from Town hall 15 April 2020 'Israeli Professor Shows Virus Follows Fixed Pattern'

Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel of Tel Aviv University, who also serves on the research and development advisory board for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, plotted the rates of new coronavirus infections of the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain. The numbers told a shocking story: irrespective of whether the country quarantined like Israel, or went about business as usual like Sweden, coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way. In the exact, same, way. His graphs show that all countries experienced seemingly identical coronavirus infection patterns, with the number of infected peaking in the sixth week and rapidly subsiding by the eighth week.

The Wuhan Virus follows its own pattern, he told Mako, an Israeli news agency. It is a fixed pattern that is not dependent on freedom or quarantine. "There is a decline in the number of infections even [in countries] without closures, and it is similar to the countries with closures,” he wrote in his paper.

Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel concludes in his analysis summary paper that the data from the past 50 days indicates that the closure policies of the quarantine countries can be replaced by more moderate social distancing policies. The numbers simply do not support quarantine or economic closure.

While the American policies remain less restrictive than those of Israel, it is important to understand the origins of our own "mass hysteria” response. President Trump urged a strong coronavirus response after consulting with Dr. Fauci and his team, who relied on a British model predicting 2.2 million deaths in the United States and 500,000 deaths in the U.K. But that model was developed by Professor Neil Ferguson, who had a history of wildly overestimating death rates through his prediction models. Professor Ferguson was not known for his reliability, and his 2001 disease model was criticized as "not fit for purpose” after it predicted that up to 150,000 people could die in the U.K. from mad cow disease (177 deaths to date). Ferguson’s U.K. coronavirus deaths prediction is now down to 20,000 people, 4% of the original prediction.

Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel has mathematically shown us that coronavirus closures were a mistake. It's a tough reality. Americans lost their jobs and businesses went under because the United States, along with most first world nations, acted on the chilling predictions of a severely flawed model, a reading of Professor Ferguson’s tarot cards. Hindsight is 20/20, so we have to be realistic with our criticism. President Trump did not want 2.2 million Americans to die and did what he thought was necessary to save our lives, relying on a model his advisers told him was trustworthy. It's done. It happened. But it doesn't mean that he should continue the course.


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Democrat Mascot

Timothy Birdnow

Must be a Democrat...

Fish with Two Mouths Caught in Lake Champlain

Maybe they should think of making this their new mascot?

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Covid 19 and Climate Change: Second Verse, Same as the First

This from Joseph Bast:

Wow! Replace "COVID-19” with "climate change” and the message would be the same: government officials who claim to be "following the science” in fact are relying on modelers, who are not actually scientists at all and have been wildly incorrect. Models typically leave out real-world economic and social concerns. Reliance on one or a few models hides the wide disagreements among real scientists. Too bad The Guardian, a socialist rag that is uber-alarmist on climate change, fails to make the connection.

Scientists Criticize U.K. Government's 'Following the Science' Claim


This thing looks almost exactly like the Climate Change campaign. It's what made me suspicious about the shutdown in the first place. Seems they are just reusing the same model but with a different villain.

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April 23, 2020

If Industry is the Cause of Carbon Dioxide Rise, why hasn't it Dropped Off?

This from Joe Bastardi:

The Plain fact is there is no discernable slowdown of co2 rise that is seen in other actual pollutants. This is evidence that much of co2 is likely increasing from a natural source, and warm oceans ( just like water vapor) is a likely source. Oceans the biggest reservoir of co2. A simple experiment opens a can of coke and let it warm to room temperature. You will see it looses much of its fizz At the very least 2 things are obvious, 1) this is showing there is reason to question the origins of co2s increase ( note my words question, not just accept it blindly) and 2) That people pushing economic shutdowns as a way to combat global warming are apparently unaware of this glaring gash in their argument. co2 is quick to react to changes. That is why you see the big downturns and upturns as the greening northern hemisphere demonstrate plants love of co2 ( solution plant trees) and what happens when they are not there ( winter) , I suspect the amount of warmth in the oceans have not yet reached an equilibrium and are still in a positive outsourcing situation But the data is there. Mans output has shutdown, but the warm oceans is there So why the rise if its man.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

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Fat, Lazy, Stupid, and Sick

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion on Facebook about the Wuflu's high rates in Michigan as compared to Sweden, a commenter pointed out Michigan has far more obese people with pre-existing conditions.

I observed:

Has it occured to anyone that obesity is going to explode as people are locked up with nothing to do but eat? How is THAT going to effect the CV numbers?

And indeed, if obesity is a primary factor in this, how many people - lethargic and overeating and drinking too much - are going to come down with Covid 19 and be part of the numbers? Laying about all day is apt to make people susceptible. So why is that the primary response?

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Sweden Doing Fine

Timothy Birdnow

Sweden's experiment in eliminating the lockdowns has proven quite effective. No major spike in deaths as the hysterical media predicted.

From the U.K. Spectator:

I'm happy to say that those fears haven’t materialised. But the pressure on Sweden to change tack hasn’t gone away. We haven't u-turned. We’re careful, staying inside a lot more. But schools and shops remain open. Unlike some countries on the continent, no one is asking for ‘our papers’ when we move around in cities. The police don’t stop us and ask why we are spending so much time outdoors: authorities rather encourage it. No one is prying in shopping baskets to make sure you only buy essentials.

The country’s Public Health Agency and the ‘state epidemiologist’, Anders Tegnell, have kept their cool and still don’t recommend a lockdown. They are getting criticised by scientific modellers but the agency is sticking to its own model of how the virus is expected to develop and what pressure hospitals will be under. The government still heeds the agency’s advice; no party in the opposition argues for a lockdown. Rather, opinion polls show that Swedes remain strongly in favour of the country’s liberal approach to the pandemic.

So why isn’t Sweden changing tack in the fight against the pandemic? ‘The evil that is in the world always comes of ignorance’, wrote Albert Camus in The Plague – a book that eerily depicts the suffering of the human condition when a disease sweeps through society. And lately, scientists and observers have ventured that explanation publicly: perhaps Sweden’s refusal to fall into line is because Tegnell and his team are a bunch of philistines?

A group of 22 scientists made that charge in an op-ed last week in Dagens Nyheter, appealing to the government to rein in supposedly ignorant officials at the Public Health Agency. Last week, a piece in the Daily Telegraphran with the same theme and expanded it to include much of the national population: Swedes have willingly been duped by ignorant authorities and a chief epidemiologist who has been seduced by his own sudden fame. Our faith in government is so big, and our bandwidth for dissent is so small, that we even scold criticism of the government as ‘shameful betrayal of the national effort’. A journalist from French television that I talked to on Sunday admitted, somewhat sheepishly, that ‘it’s almost as if we want Sweden to fail because then we would know it is you and not us that there is something wrong with’.

There is a simpler explanation: Sweden is sticking to its policy because, on the whole, it is balanced and effectual. So far, the actual developmentis generally following the government’s prediction. On Monday, 1,580 people had died and tested positive for Covid-19. The number of daily deaths has remained pretty stable at about 75 for a while but is now on a declining path. A lot more people will die in the next weeks and months but our death toll is far away from the pessimistic and alarmist predictions suggesting 80 to90,000 people would die before the summer.

There are also encouraging signs that the growth of reported infections is also slowing down – a development that holds for both Stockholm (by far the worst affected region) and the rest of the country. The estimate from the Public Health Agency is that 100,000 people will show up at a hospital and test positive for Covid-19: the current headcount,just south of 14,800, suggests we are broadly in line with that estimate – if not below it.

Perhaps more important is the situationat our hospitals and their intensive care wards. The main ambition of suppression policies, after all, has been to avoid hospitals getting overwhelmed by patients they cannot treat because of shortages of staff, equipment and intensive care beds. Modellers in Sweden that have followed an Imperial College type approach have suggested demand will peak at 8,000 to9,000 patients in intensive care per day. But actual numbers are telling a very different story. Yes, the situation is stressful, but – mercifully – the growth in intensive care patients has slowed down remarkably and the number of patients currently in intensive care has flatlined.

Groupthink is a terrible thing. It metastasizes mistakes. And the world is in a horrendous lockstep; groupthink is at the helm now.

Sweden - and South Korea - show that it is possible to not kowtow to the self-styled "experts" in such matters. They have their own agenda.

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DOJ May Support Shelter in place Lawsuits

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like the Trump Administration's Department of Justice may back the plaintiffs in lawsuits against state Coronavirus closures.

From El Zoro News:

Attorney General Bill Barr took a clear swipe Tuesday at state restrictions on citizens during the coronavirus pandemic, indicating not only that people could sue over measures that go too far but that the Justice Department could end up siding with them against the states.

In an appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program, Barr specified some of the legal issues raised by state orders –likening some to "house arrest" –and how they could lead the federal government to get involved.

Our federal constitutional rights don’t go away in an emergency. They constrain what the government can do,” Barr said in the Tuesday interview. "And in a circumstance like this, they put on the government the burden to make sure that whatever burdens it’s putting on our constitutional liberties are strictly necessary to deal with the problem. They have to be targeted. They have to use less intrusive means if they are equally effective in dealing with the problem. And that’s the situation we’re in today. We’re moving into a period where we have to do a better job of targeting the measures we’re deploying to deal with this virus.”


Naturally the Democrats, always friends to states rights, have found the Tenth Amendment again:

"So much for states’ rights. I mean I think they’ll be way off base. I think he will lose legally. And his view of an overarching almost monarchical president never ceases to amaze me,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., told reporters Tuesday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she believes Barr is getting "into a place that I think even the public knows doesn’t makesense.”

So suing over the First Amendment and the Interstate Commerce Clause is somehow wrong in the face of "states rights"? Schumer and Pelosi wipe their bottoms with copies of the Constitution on a regular basis, and they particularly love the Tenth Amendment for the dirtiest part. Where was their concern for states rights when they demanded Obamacare be implemented across the country? When they insisted on gay marriage? Where are states rights on abortion? (For those who do not know the individual states regulated abortion before Roe v. Wade.)



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Kim Possibly - Dying

Timothy Birdnow

North Korea's candidate to replace Curly Howard aka Kim Jong Uhn may be near death and this could throw the Diet Coke Kingdom (most citizens get one calorie a day) into chaos.

From CNN:

The US is monitoring intelligence that suggests North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, is in grave danger after undergoing a previous surgery, according to a US official with direct knowledge.
A second source familiar with the intelligence told CNN that the US has been closely monitoring reports on Kim's health.
Kim recently missed the celebrationof his grandfather's birthday on April 15, which raised speculation about his well-being. He had been seen four days before that at a government meeting.

Apparently the tyrant who moonlights as a body double to Han on Two Broke Girls has eaten, drank, and smoked his entire body to the brink of disaster and he was operated on probably to open some closed arteries. (He's got a thing about keeping stuff closed.) 

I've got to wonder if Kim hasn't caught the Wuflu. He claims there are no cases in North Korea, but that is likely because he has anyone with the disease shot. But he's notorious for whoremongering, and one wonders what he may have caught over the years? And especially over the last month or two.

Speaking of Coronavirus, North Korea is a perfect example of what shelter in place does to a country; they've been practicing social distancing since the end of WWII. It DOES make for a great weight-loss program.

I heard yesterday that Kim's sister may take over. She supposedly makes him look like St. Francis of Assisi.

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Fauci Promoted Wuhan Bat Research

This from Warner Todd Huston:

Shocking Report: Dr. Anthony Fauci Told Obama to Give Wuhan Lab $3.7 Million for Biowarfare Bat Research

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"Let 'em Die" Policy in NYC

From Warner Todd Huston:

OUTRAGEOUS: New York Officials Ordered Paramedics Not to Resuscitate Cardiac Patients Because of the Coronavirus


Who are they to decide this? New York is showing us what we can all expect if we ever get socialized medicine.

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Real World Suffering from Shutdown

Timothy Birdnow

Yesterday I had to take my father to his physical therapy. Since I was going to have to pass St. Louis' wonderful Italian neighborhood anyway (The Hill) I had my wife call ahead to Cunettos, one of the old landmark restaurants.

It was a sad thing. I pulled up in front of the building (something utterly impossible when it is normally open) and the owner came to a table she set up in the doorway. She looked exhausted and was; she and her husband were running the entire carry-out show. She told me she had had to lay off her entire staff, and this was a very bad thing because they not only lost pay but their health insurance (which Cunettos paid). She felt horrible about it; these people had been with them for years and were like family. So they were gone and she and her husband were trying desperately to not close their doors. They had a very limited menu so they could keep up.

She also said people are getting very cranky and she's had more than a few earfuls from customers. She looked at me and asked "what am I supposed to do? We can't have the staff on but we can't run a full restaurant without them."  I had the sense she was about to throw in the towel and close. I doubt they would reopen if she does.

At any rate, this is just one more family business on the brink. How many are going to close for good thanks to this? 

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Dangerous Times; the Love Mayor gets Some

Timothy Birdnow

Mike and Dana Mathewson had a couple of observations about Mayor DeBlassio's recent request for residents to rat out their neighbors to the ministry of love in Manhattan.

Well, the public gave them a little love right back:

Mike Observes:

From what I read this tattle tale twitter account was spammed with dick pics. It was reported that "Carlos Danger"aka Anthony Wiener was behind the spamming because he thought it was a teen twitter account.Never let a crisis go to waste to further increase power and control over the masses. The Carlos part of the story may be fabricated but the dick pics are not.

Dana Mathewson  adds:

The only decent newspaper in the Big Apple, the New York Post, gave it to the world loud and clear. Jack Kemp sent it to the troops who can get e-mail, thus: https://nypost.com/2020/04/21/de-blasios-social-distancing-tip-line-flooded-with-obscenities/

I'd say Bill de Bunko got exactly what he deserved!

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April 22, 2020

That Cold Global Warming!

Timothy Birdnow

Global warming?  Yeah; right!

Ice Shove Smashes Through Windows into Minnesota House

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NYC Goes Full Orwell

Timothy Birdnow

Bill DeBlasio is asking residents of New York to rat out their neighbors for violating social distancing.


Isn't that the kind of thing George Orwell spoke about?

How do you report places that aren’t enforcing social distancing? It’s simple: just snap a photo and text it to 311-692. #AskMyMayor pic.twitter.com/WQdCcVf1Rl

— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) April 18, 2020

And we all realize we love Big Brother!

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