June 26, 2019

Hey, ‘Trans’ Men in Women’s Sports: Good Luck, Fellas — Go for the Gold!

Selwyn Duke

"Equality” cries were cherished by feminists when they gave females entry into military academies, boardrooms and the ranks of police; prize-money parity in some sporting events; and access to boys’ athletics. But with these appeals now putting sexually confused men in women’s sports, well, feminists’ cries are a tad different. Equality can be a real downer when it’s principle and not ploy.

y position, I’ve devoted more ink to combating the made-up sexual status (MUSS, usually called "transgender”) agenda than most any other writer. In fact, almost first in the field — and almost alone there — inveighing against MUSS ideology 10 years ago, I was criticized for political incorrectness by conservatives (some of whom now sing my tune). It thus may be surprising that I today say to MUSSmen athletes everywhere:

Best of luck to you, lads — may the best man win!

No, I’m not now seeking the Democrat presidential nomination, Biden-style (I’m using the wrong pronouns for that). It’s that, to use a twist on a quotation attributed to Abe Lincoln, "The best way ‌to eliminate a bad law, or social law, is to apply it strictly.”

You see, I believe that anyone who wants equality should get equality — good and hard.


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Democrats, media change tune on border

Dana Mathewson

For some reason, I've been seeing pigs flying past my office window lately. No, I am totally sober and not the least bit hung-over. But the following article, from Fox News, certainly has me wondering about things like Alternate Universes, etc.

No longer a ‘manufactured crisis’

But of course it's still Trump's fault.

Mainstream media and congressional Democrats alike were in lockstep just months ago that the situation along the southern border was a "manufactured crisis” being ginned up by the president for political reasons --but the narrative has swiftly shifted as those same voices now acknowledge the crisis while citing the conditions to attack the Trump administration.

President Trump highlighted the change in tone in brief remarks to reporters Wednesday afternoon.

"It wasn’t manufactured at all,” he said.

It's a striking contrast between then and now.

After Trump in January declared a "humanitarian and security crisis" during a prime time Oval Office address, Sen. Chuck Schumer, speaking beside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Trump was working to "manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration." Party leader Tom Perez also called it "manufactured.”

Democrats, many of whom downplayed the Central American caravans back in 2018, renewed their skepticism again after Trump declared a national emergency in February in pursuit of a border wall. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., described it as a "'crisis' that doesn't exist." Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted at the time that "we're not falling" for the "fake crisis."

CNN’s Jim Acosta famously stood along the Mexican border only six month ago, patting the steel slats and declaring that he didn’t see anything resembling "imminent danger” or migrants trying to enter the United States.

"No sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about… pretty tranquil down here,” Acosta said.

CNN’s Kirsten Powers told Anderson Cooper last December that "the entire thing is something that's been manufactured to basically gin up support for a wall” when asked about the situation along the border. New York Times politics editor Patrick Healy said on CNN back in April 2018 that a "manufactured crisis” was occurring at the border.

Now, Ocasio-Cortez and others are comparing the situation to concentration camps.

While that comparison has been criticized, the evidence of overwhelming migrant flows and poor conditions at some detention centers has become undeniable for both sides of the aisle.

A heart-stopping and tragic photo of a father and daughter who died while attempting to cross the Rio Grande on Sunday underscored the disastrous situation. CNN covered it with a chyron, "Shocking image illustrates crisis at American’s Southern border,” and the Times published the photo on its front page.


"The press can't deny it anymore, even though they did just a few months ago,” Gainor said, adding they would use the tragic photo to blame Trump."They won’t explain that its Democrats pushing open borders who have escalated this crisis by encouraging more people to enter the U.S.”

On April 8, 2018 CNN’s Brian Stelter opened his "Reliable Sources” show by hammering the point of the crisis being artificial while criticizing the decision to send in the National Guard.

"Hey, a manufactured crisis at the border,” Stelter said, according to a CNN transcript."A story that symbolizes everything that's wrong with the Trump era. President Trump receives faulty information, then he makes impulsive decisions and his staff has to scramble. Ask yourself: why is there so much talk about the U.S.-Mexico border all of a sudden? Why are National Guard troops suddenly being deployed?”

Stelter went on to answer his own questions: "Trump wants a PR victory… as a result, we're all talking about the border. A manufactured crisis.”

Stelter has since changed his mind. . .

It's quite an article, dear readers, and will tax your tolerance for hypocrisy to the limit. But I urge you to read it. Go here  https://www.foxnews.com/politics/southern-border-crisis-manufactured  for it.

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Red Team review of climate crisis assertions

Paul Driessen

Dr. Steven Kooonin is not just a physicist and NYU professor with a solid background in climate change and energy. He’s also a former Obama Department of Energy official. So when he calls for a Red Team review of government climate crisis reports, voters and politicians should listen. (In fact, it was Koonin who originated the idea of a Red Team exercise, because too many of those reports are "misleading” in "crucial” ways and "written more to persuade than to inform.”)

Dr. Koonin recently talked about this at Purdue University – and Dr. Gavin Schmidt was certainly listening. Schmidt runs NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the RealClimate crisis website, and strongly backs the manmade climate catastrophe narrative. Schmidt lambasted Koonin’s talk, often resorting to nitpicking and misquoting what Dr. Koonin actually said. Koonin didn’t take that lying down – and responded in a well-crafted rebuttal posted on WattsUpWithThat.com

My article recaps some of that rebuttal, puts it in the context of the supposed "existential threat” of manmade climate change ... and links to the WUWT rebuttal, so that people can easily read it and the comments that follow.

Thank you for posting the article, quoting from it, and forwarding it to your friends and colleagues.

Best regards,


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Stephanie Grisham to be new press secretary

Dana Mathewson

Did any of you hear Sean Hannity's broadcast last Friday when he had Sarah Sanders and her father on live? Sarah, bless her, was so happy to have had the job, and the opportunity, had felt it a great honor, made no mention of the crap she'd endured day after day. What a lady! Sean was promoting her for Governor of Arkansas, and her dad sounded like he'd be happy for her to go for it.

However -- I'm a fan of hers! I realize not everyone loves her like I do. I think she's done one heckuva job as Press Secretary -- she's been one of the best in recent memory, certainly one of the best since it's been such a contentious job, and she's performed it with grace and charm. If she were to run successfully for Governor of Arkansas I might be tempted to move there.

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Mayor Pete's campaign on the skids, maybe?

Dana Mathewson

South Bend Mayor Bootycall flops in Town Hall.


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Wanted: Deputy Inequality Editor at New Republic

Dana Mathewson

From Power Line. Do you remember the New Republic? https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/06/another-own-goal-by-the-left.php

A brief taste:

The highlighted part, 29.5 hours a week, is just short of the 30 hours that under law require you to offer benefits, as the ad makes explicitly clear. Some inequality, no? Maybe the management wanted this "inequality editor”—excuse me, that’s "deputy” inequality editor to you, mister!—to have that old "new journalism” feel by suffering actual inequality with the other non-deputy fully-benefitted editors on staff at The New Republic (a former magazine).

In the age of social media, you can imagine how long this lasted:

A word from Tim:

Reminds me of the old Monty Python Dennis Moore sketch; he stole from the rich and gave to the poor until the poor were living in opulence and the rich were impoverished. In the end he said "this distribution of wealth is trickier than I thought" and he holds up a coach and makes the occupants trade each other for what they lack.

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June 25, 2019

Climate Lies from the National Parks Service

Timothy Birdnow

Larry Bell writes about the hysteria of Global Warming alarmists and Glacier National Park. Seems the Obamabots had signs up in the park claiming it would only last until 2\q0q0, but they have since taken them down, to replace them with signs saying the park would be forced to close sometime in the future due to climate change.

From the article:

A blog published earlier this month by Roger Roots, an attorney, reveals overheated desperation of a different sort than we tend to hear about in the mainstream media.

Titled "Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Its 'Gone by 2020' Signs," Roots' article describes a scramble by federal park officials to hide or replace evidence of now-embarrassingly inaccurate and alarmist predictions in a manner that skirts public attention.

The centerpiece of this hysteria featured a large three-dimensional diorama at the St. Mary visitor center on GNP’s east boundary. Visitors were invited to press a button to see the display which lit up like a Christmas tree in 1850, fade to complete dark by 2020 as more and more glacier indicator lights went out.

As recently as last year, the diorama also displayed a painted sign stating that GNP’s glaciers were expected to entirely disappear by 2020.

Those meltdown forecasts received lots of purposefully-intended Obama administration media attention. The implicit human-caused global warming calamity meme was repeated in The New York Times, National Geographic, and by other international news sources.

Not reported was why the dire doom displays inauspiciously disappeared last winter during a time when the visitor center was closed to the public.

Workers replaced the diorama’s "gone by 2020" engraving with a new sign postponing a threat that the glaciers will be gone in "future generations."

Park Service claims of impending glacier disappearances were removed or replaced throughout GNP with more nuanced messaging of assurances that "everyone agrees glaciers are melting"; and that this ominous trend is "accelerating."

How many times can a boy cry wolf and still be believed? The Global Warming Gang Green keeps promising the end in twenty, thirty, fifty years, and when we reach that date they keep pushing it off. They're worse than Seventh Day Adventists and the end of the world.

It never happens,. That's because Climate Change is a hoax, a con, a grift designed to promote world government, socialism, and totalitarianism dressed in a pretty green dress.

The article continues:

Roots observes that a common trick used by the National Park Service at GNP is to display old black-and-white photos of glaciers from bygone years (say, "1922"), next to photos of the same glaciers taken in more recent years showing the glaciers much diminished, (say, "2006").

He notes, "Anyone familiar with glaciers in the northern Rockies knows that glaciers tend to grow for nine months each winter and melt for three months each summer. Thus, such photo displays without precise calendar dates may be highly deceptive."

Annual September Lysander Spooner University research team GNP visits have reported that the park’s most famous glaciers, the Grinnell Glacier and Jackson Glacier, appear to have been growing — not shrinking — since about 2010.

This finding is confirmed by a viral video published on the popular climate blog Wattsupwiththat.com showing that the Grinnell Glacier is slightly larger than now than it was in 2009.

A display was previously erected at a Jackson Glacier overlook along the Going-To-The-Sun Highway with two photos: one showing the glacier in 1911; and the other portraying the glacier perhaps 10-20 percent diminished in 2009.

If science is on their sides why lie? And if someone is caught lying, how can we trust them to tell the truth?

Bell asks the obvious question; why isn't the media even the least bit interested in this? Anything that rejects the orthodoxy they have created is of no interest to them. Why is that? Shouldn't they at least report it?

Of course, the media is not about reporting the news but manipulating it.

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U.S. may Sanction China

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. is threatening to cut off financial operations of three Chinese banks in retaliation for violations of sanctions against North Korea.

From Zero Hedge:

The stunning development follows a May district judge order that three Chinese banks comply with U.S. investigators’ demands that they hand over records connected to the alleged movement of tens of millions of dollars in violation of international sanctions on North Korea. The publicly released court document did not name the banks, the Hong Kong company, or the North Korean entity at that time.

As the WaPo adds, according to a 2017 ruling by the US DOJ, the banks were accused of working with a Hong Kong company, which allegedly laundered more than $100 million for North Korea’s sanctioned Foreign Trade Bank. The newspaper said the bank at risk of losing access to U.S. dollars appeared to be Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, whose ownership structure, limited U.S. presence and alleged conduct with other banks matched with the details disclosed in the court rulings.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank doesn’t have U.S. branch operations but maintains accounts in that country to handle dollar transactions, the report said, adding the subpoena battle will go before a federal appeals court in Washington on July 12.

"The ruling means that Attorney General William P. Barr or Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin can terminate the bank’s U.S. account and ability to process U.S. dollar transactions,” the Post said.

China is already suffering from the tariff war, and her economy is showing signs of serious meltdown. China will either have to change her ways or go under - or attack us. I doubt China will do that; their economy is tied too closely to ours.

We have allowed China to have it's own way for twenty years now, ever since bill Clinton was President. That was a planned thing, done by the elites in this country to promote an international order. China meant lots of trade, and cheap goods. That was a cornerstone of their plans, to provide Americans with cheap goods to keep them happy about losing jobs and whatnot. It didn't work.

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A Progressive sees the light -- a historical account

Dana Mathewson

From Urgent Agenda.
On this day in 1950, some 69 years ago, North Korean troops, backed by the Soviet Union, invaded South Korea, starting the Korean War.

President Truman, in a brave decision, sent American naval and air power to try to stop the invasion. We were woefully unprepared (as usual.) Pursuant to a UN resolution, America then sent ground troops. The American General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was named head of a UN command.

The Korean War lasted three years and a month. It was bitter and unpopular at home. President Truman left office in January of 1953 with a 25% approval rating, but is seen today as one of our best and most decisive presidents. Under President Truman, the United States formed the international coalition and defined the defense strategy that ultimately won the Cold War.

The Korean War, we're told, ended in a stalemate. It is one of the myths dictated by the political left. In fact, despite setbacks and casualties, the UN command achieved victory. It repelled the Soviet-directed invasion, which is why there's a free South Korea today. Common sense.

There's a fascinating political story involved.

Yes, and I'm going to send you to the article for it. It's fascinating. Really it is. http://www.urgentagenda.com/PERMALINKS%20IX/JUNE%202019/25.KOREA.HTML

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Strike Force near Iran

Timothy Birdnow

We are inching toward war with Iran.

US Marine Corps Expeditionary Force Arrives Off Iran's Coast
Tue, 25/06/2019 - 5:50am — legitgo

From the article:

US Marine Corps Expeditionary Force Arrives Off Iran's Coast | 24 June 2019 | The amphibious assault ship USS Boxer has arrived in the US Fifth Fleet's area of operations, the US Navy announced Monday. The ship and its battle group carry thousands of US Marines as well as strike aircraft and helicopters. The Boxer leads the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which also includes the amphibious transport dock USS John P. Murtha and the amphibious dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry, US Central Command noted in a Monday statement. The ships are replacing like vessels led by the USS Kearsarge, which had been in the theater since April but has now rotated out.

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Cell Phones Causing Horns on Kids' Heads?

Timothy Birdnow

Recently the Washington Post reported that kids were developing horns on their heads like goats from cell phone use.

Well, According to an article in Reason that is as accurate as the WaPo's reporting on Global Warming or Trump's Russian collusion.

The claim came from a research paper which said that children had bad posture - not necessarily from cell phones - and that was causing callus-like lumps on their heads to form.

From the article:

Not so fast, as Techdirt points out:

The problem is that while the research did find that human skeletons are shifting and changing in the modern era due to postural and other behaviors, they weren't able to prove that cellphones were the culprit. There's a wide variety of modern human behaviors that could influence skeletal shifts, from watching television and reading books to terrible posture resulting from a lack of meaningful exercise. Only a few reporters could be bothered to note that at no point did the researchers directly, actually link the "horns" to cellphone use.

I perused the studies in question. At most, researchers offered educated guesses that new technology has something to do with the skull horns. The underlying research, however, does not prove any such connection. It doesn't even attempt to prove it.

WaPo has shown itself to be an unreliable source of information, and this is no exception. Journalists in general often fail to understand the subject matter about which they write, or purposely twist it to either make it more exciting or to promote their particular view. And the Washington Post is one of the worst offenders.

Don't believe everything you read.

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Deception in Reporting Hot European Weather

Timothy Birdnow

When the weather gets cold the Gang Green, those climate alarmists who warn the sky is falling and we're all going to die from Global Warming - say "weather is not climate" but when it gets hot they tell us weather IS climatethis story illustrates that point perfectly.

Europe is in its early stage of summer but is in the middle of an intense heatwave and scientists say it's a preview of what climate change has in store.

Meteorologists are blaming a blast of torrid air from the Sahara for the unusually early summer heatwave in Europe, which could send thermometers up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Authorities have issued warnings against dehydration and heatstroke, and environmental experts warn it's a glimpse of what a climate-changing future could look like.

German professor Stefan Rahmstorf said heatwaves were on the rise for Europe.

"Monthly heat records all over the globe occur five times as often today as they would in a stable climate," he said.

First, it is understandable that we are breaking meteorological records all the time; there wasn't such a thing as meteorology, not in the way we know it, until the last couple of centuries. Prior to that people observed the weather by eyeball, primarily. And we certainly didn't have worldwide records that were meticulously kept. We had no idea what "planetary temperatures" were. Most of our data go back to the twentieth century, and in particular after 1979, when we began tracking the data using satellites. Oh, and computers didn't hurt, either.

I suppose irony is lost on these people. The article further states:

"It's unprecedented because it's hitting so early in June, we haven't seen this since 1947," said Emmanuel Demael, a forecaster at the Meteo-France weather agency.

So it was just as bad in 1917 - well before the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide - as now. Don't these writers see contradiction?

Second, if these people would bother to research the matter, they would know that the Arctic was warmer than usual in the Barents Sea because of low pressure zones (aka the dreaded "Polar Vortex"), and this low pressure region above Russia would encourage air flow from down south - which means hot African air would naturally move across Europe. This is a normal variable, part of the weather cycle. It has nothing to do with Global Warming as we know it.

I wrote about it here back in back in mid April.

If I might recycle the excerpt from the National Snow and Ice Data Center i used back then:


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Trump and the Wilder/Bradley Effect

This from Tim McNabb

This was interesting:

"The American Psychological Association released a study in May of 1,000 American voters who said after the 2016 election that they voted for a different candidate than the one they had publicly said they would. Among the study’s participants, 27% secretly voted for Clinton, but an astounding 54% voted for Trump."

Why the Dems wil never win Back Trump Voters

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June 24, 2019

Yelling “Fire” in a Crowded River: The Cuyahoga Story at 50

Dana Mathewson

If you listen to the leftists (and I sincerely hope you don't), this country's environmental record is one of unmitigated disaster. But is that true?

I'm sure you remember "way back when" when the stories were about the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, OH catching fire. Cleveland became a bad joke. Why, you'd think a river had never caught fire before, though the following article points out a number of occasions where that's happened.

This article is from Power Line:

As mentioned in our podcast with Jonathan Adler yesterday, today is the 50th anniversary of the infamous Cuyahoga River fire in Cleveland. The fire continues to be a prominent and compelling image of man’s relationship to the environment. Immortalized in song (Randy Newman’s "Burn On” and R.E.M’s "Cuyahoga”), and fodder for countless Cleveland-bashing jokes from standup comics, the incongruously short-lived fire (it was put out in about 20 minutes, causing a mere $50,000 in damages to a railroad trestle) burns on in memory. "You would think that people would forget about it after all this time—but no,” said Jim White, executive director of the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization, in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer; "I had a visitor here from Russia recently and the first thing he wanted to see was where the river burned.”

Much of what we know and think about the Cuyahoga River fire is myth, as Alder noted in the most detailed scholarly survey of the episode, and the deeper story about the Cuyahoga offers important lessons about familiar patterns of environmental thought that need revising to meet new circumstances. Adler wrote in "Fables of the Cuyahoga” that

"The conventional narratives, of a river abandoned by its local community, of water pollution at its zenith, of conventional legal doctrines impotent in the face of environmental harms, and of a beneficent federal government rushing in to save the day, is misleading in many respects.

"For northeast Ohio, and indeed for many industrialized areas, burning rivers were nothing new, and the 1969 fire was less severe than prior Cuyahoga conflagrations. It was a little fire on a long-polluted river already embarked on the road to recovery.”

The Cuyahoga and other rivers had experienced more severe fires repeatedly over the decades stretching back into the 19thcentury; indeed, a 1936 fire on the Cuyahoga River burned for five days.Over in Chicago, waste from the meatpacking industry so fouled an urban arm of the Chicago River that it became known as "Bubbly Creek.” Upton Sinclair memorialized it in his muckraking expose of the meatpacking industry, The Jungle:

"Bubbly Creek” is an arm of the Chicago River, and forms the southern boundary of the yards: all the drainage of the square mile of packing houses empties into it, so that it is really a great open sewer a hundred or two feet wide. One long arm of it is blind, and the filth stays there forever and a day. The grease and chemicals that are poured into it undergo all sorts of strange transformations, which are the cause of its name; it is constantly in motion, as if huge fish were feeding in it, or great leviathans disporting themselves in its depths. Bubbles of carbonic acid gas will rise to the surface and burst, and make rings two or three feet wide. Here and there the grease and filth have caked solid, and the creek looks like a bed of lava; chickens walk about on it, feeding, and many times an unwary stranger has started to stroll across, and vanished temporarily. The packers used to leave the creek that way, till every now and then the surface would catch on fire and burn furiously, and the fire department would have to come and put it out.

By 1969 local efforts to improve water quality in Cleveland were starting to make headway but were ironically impeded by bureaucratic red tape.

The entire story is here: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/06/yelling-fire-in-a-crowded-river-the-cuyahoga-story-at-50.php  I'm sure you will not be surprised to learn that the Feds were of little help; also that State regulations were often part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

And the "very Good" condition of that stretch of the river today is gratifying, to say the least!

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June 23, 2019

AOC Gets second invitation to tour real concentration camps

Jack Kemp

From The Blaze...

Ocasio-Cortez invited to tour Nazi concentration camps with Holocaust survivor for 'proper education'

A Holocaust remembrance group has invited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to tour infamous Nazi concentration camps with a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor.

From The Depths, an organization that works to preserve the truth about the Holocaust, invited Ocasio-Cortez to participate in an educational tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau, Mauthausen, and Majdanek concentration camps with Edward Mosberg, who survived stays at multiple Nazi death camps...

"The opportunity you will have of visiting the German Nazi Concentration Camps along with Mr. Mosberg, a 93 year old survivor of history's most brutal genocidal regime, will enable you to become a witness of a witness, something that our generation will sadly be the last to do, as result of the fact that the survivors are passing away at an ever increasing rate," the letter said...

From The Depths, an organization that works to preserve the truth about the Holocaust, invited Ocasio-Cortez to participate in an educational tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau, Mauthausen, and Majdanek concentration camps with Edward Mosberg, who survived stays at multiple Nazi death camps.

In an open letter, the group said it believes Ocasio-Cortez's controversial comments stem from "a lack of proper education on the Holocaust, a significant issue of our generation."

"The opportunity you will have of visiting the German Nazi Concentration Camps along with Mr. Mosberg, a 93 year old survivor of history's most brutal genocidal regime, will enable you to become a witness of a witness, something that our generation will sadly be the last to do, as result of the fact that the survivors are passing away at an ever increasing rate," the letter said.

Mosberg said, "It should be a requirement of all United States Congressmen to visit Auschwitz," according to Haaretz.

From The Depths has already hosted nearly two dozen U.S. lawmakers from Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, on tours of concentration camps, according to the letter...


See the full article here.

Ocasio-Cortez has not yet responded to the invitations.

Of course not. As North-Central States editor Dana Mathewson gently observes, "And of course she will turn it down. Can't have reality intruding on the agenda, now, can we? For the same reason, I doubt that she will spend any real "quality time" on our southern border learning just what really is going on there."

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China Falling

Timothy Birdnow

China's market is about to implode in a manner similar to the Lehman collapse which triggered the Great Recession in the U.S.

According to Asia Times Online:

"In ominous echoes of what happened before, and certainly after the Lehman failure,” say analysts at Zero Hedge, "it has gotten far harder for corporate bonds to be accepted as collateral for repo financing as lenders increasingly demand top quality bonds such as Chinese sovereign bills and policy bank notes as pledges.”

That’s the thing about credit-market cracks. They tend to emerge with little warning and spread quicker than even the bears imagined. September 2008, when Lehman Brothers imploded, is a case in point.

Risks are even greater in an opaque, developing nation like China. The black-box nature of China Inc. warps yield levels, credit spreads and the sober allotment of credit ratings. Along with censoring the media and Internet, Beijing discredits or blacklists overseas researchers highlighting risks.

Earlier this month, China began allowing local governments to increase borrowing even further for infrastructure. It also will allow municipalities to use proceeds from bond sales as equity in certain projects, including highways and railways. This alone could raise already precarious risk profiles around the nation.

The upshot: when China’s debt markets do crater, it will come out of nowhere for even the savviest of investors.

China has been monumentally successful over the last couple of decades precisely because Western elites decided they should be. They have had sweetheart deals with no pushback when they misbehave. Now that they are being squeezed the vulnerability of their command economy is starting to show. This should surprise no one; we saw this in the old Soviet Union, which the "experts" assured us was an economic powerhouse until the day it collapsed. China may well go the same way.

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Alphabet: the Evil Globalists

Timothy Birdnow

Here's an interesting article about the most evil company on Earth - Google. I have been a huge critic of Google for a long time now, and this essay by Linda Goudsmit fleshes out WHY we should fear the Alphabet.

From the article:

Google is a multi-billion dollar globalist enterprise and the potential medium for social engineering in the 21st century.

Google searches are easily designed to manipulate the public with their globalist narrative. How would it work?

Consider the seriousness of Carole Cadwalladr’s experience. Anyone who Googles the word Jew is inundated with antisemitic propaganda validating the most vicious politically motivated lies about Israel and the Jewish people. In an earlier article, the Political Purpose of Anti-Semitism, I discuss how the political purpose of anti-semitism is to galvanize support for a political movement during times of social and political upheaval. The political movement that Google supports is Globalism.

I have discussed Globalism at great length, but its defining distinction is this:

"The word globalism is often used in its narrowest context to mean global trade, which obscures its broader political intention to internationalize nation states and ultimately impose one-world government.”

The globalist elite unapologetically envision a new world order that restructures the world into one world community with one world nation, one world currency, one world flag, one world language, that are imposed under the auspices of the United Nations and ruled by themselves, of course. United Nations initiatives like its Agenda 2030 promote this restructuring with glorious promises of a better life for all. The 17 sustainable goals articulated in the documents expose the plan to loot industrial countries, particularly the United States, and redistribute US wealth to non-industrialized countries to make the world a more "just and fair place.” REALLY??

The globalist vision of one world and one world government offers global businesses like Google and Amazon an unfettered marketplace for their goods and services. Globalism is very good for globalist businesses. America-first policies are not good for global businesses – they are good for America and American workers. That explains why giant global businesses are uniformly hostile to America-first President Trump and his America-first policies.

Read the whole article; it's well worth your time.

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Close Approach of Asteroid

Timothy Birdnow

Czech Physicist and String Theorist Lubos Motls pens a rather disturbing essay on the dangers of 2006 QV89, an asteroid that is going to pass the Earth in September.

From the Reference Frame:

Now, the media are virtually unanimous in saying that the asteroid 2006 QV89 is harmless, there is no risk, nothing to see here, nothing to worry about, don't sweat, no hazard etc.

Sorry but 1-in-7,000 is very far from zero. Let's look at this beast, 2006 QV89, through Sentry, NASA's mostly automatic system to monitor such objects (Wiki on Sentry).

OK, its mass is 40,000 tons and the diameter is 31 meters.

Without the extra acceleration in the Earth's gravitational field, the speed during the impact would be[Math Processing Error]vinfinity=5.16km/s. However, the Earth's gravity adds some speed that is calculable from the escape velocity [Math Processing Error]vescape=11.2km/s so that the actual speed of the asteroids near the Earth's surface would be the Pythagorean hypotenuse[Math Processing Error]vimpact=vinfinity2+vescape2=12.28km/s. A football stadium could hit the Earth by the speed of 12 kilometers per second. The probability is 1-in-7,000. If you throw a die five times and you get 6-6-6-6-6, the asteroid will hit the Earth on September 9th. So please don't throw any dice if you want to preserve the safety of the people.

The impact kinetic energy is 0.72 megatons of TNT, about 50 Hiroshima bombs. Because it's below 1 megaton, this asteroid cannot make it to the Torino scale at all: it's Torino scale 0 right now. If the probability grew for that asteroid, it would be a routine discovery, scale 1, or the localized destruction, 3 or 8, depending on whether it's certain.

There is no way how this small asteroid could terminate the life on Earth but I still think that you don't want this asteroid to hit a major city.

The mankind should be learning to fight against these threats – because at some moment, larger and more urgent threats of this kind are guaranteed to arrive. To make some experiment, I propose to simply send some ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead against this particular asteroid to break it to pieces. Note that when the asteroid is still far away, it is moving by the speed of 5 km/s or so relatively to the Earth. The ballistic missiles also move by up to 5 km/s. But we don't need to chase the asteroid, it's approaching us. That makes it much easier to achieve the collision.

Motls is a powerhouse intellect and not someone to dismiss lightly. While the chances of Earth being hit are small, they aren't THAT small.

I don't expect any problems, but at some point we are going to take it on the chin from one of these chunks of interplanetary debris. They killed the Dinosaurs, after all. We need to work out a system for dealing with them.

Well, if this thing is going to hit Earth, maybe it can hit the U.N. building? Or land on top of CNN's headquarters? A fellow can dream...

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Facebook Launches Own Currency; the Beast comes to the Internet

Timothy Birdnow

Facebook has the GDP of many nations on Earth, so now they are launching their own currency. Apparently they want to be fully independent of any nation.

From theNBC News article:

The social networking company on Tuesday said it plans to help launch a digital currency in 2020, marking one of the company's most aggressive moves yet to push beyond digital advertising.

A new nonprofit group based in Geneva, the Libra Association, will oversee the currency, called "Libra." It will initially be backed by Facebook's expertise but governed by 28 founding partners including payment firms Visa and Mastercard and internet companies eBay, Spotify and Uber.

Facebook said that it wants the currency to be available starting the first half of next year and that it believes many of the 2 billion people who are already on the company's services will one day regularly use the new currency to buy things or send money internationally.

"The motivation for this is to effectively enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people," Dante Disparte, head of policy and communications for the Libra Association, told NBC News.

The new currency will be called Libra, after the Roman deity for scales and measures.

Considering how lax Facebook has been in matters of privacy, and how Facebook has shamelessly sold user information, one wonders about who exactly would buy this crypto-currency; you would basically be giving your financial information to a predatory entity. But people are stupid that way, and would no doubt embrace the convenience and ignore the danger.

Facebook ahs become way, way too big.

I find it strange that the Progressives, who claim capitalism is the problem in society and that we need strict controls over big corporations, are happy with Zuckerberg and Facebook having so much power. If the Left really was concerned about the little guy being steamrolled by a mammoth corporation, wouldn't they worry abot Facebook? Amazon? Twitter? Nah...these guys are on the "right side" as they see it.

There are over 2.38 billion users of Facebook worldwide. That's more than there are Christians worldwide (2.19 billion) and a full billion more Facebook users than Muslims (1.8 billion). And Facebook users appear more devout than, well, a majority of Christians, at the very least. The raw power of this platform is quite frightening. It reminds me of The Book of Revelation "who is like unto the Beast, and who can make war with It?" Also, the name is reminiscent of Revelation; Libra, the balance, reminds me of the rider of the black horse.

Think that's over the top? Remember the beasts of Daniel; the fourth is not like any creature, but is something new. Makes me think of Facebook, a beast unlike any we have ever seen.

How long before this type of international crypto-currency becomes a mandatory thing? How long before you can neither buy nor sell without it? And how long before you have to have a chip to prove you are who you say in order to use it?

Facebook has become too powerful to rein in at this point. I doubt the U.S. can do anything about it at this point.

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Top Ten Reasons Transgenderism is Wrong

Timothy Birdnow

The top ten reasons why transgenderism is just wrong from TFP Student Action.

They are:

1. Transgenderism IsTyrannical

2. It Fuels Child Abuse

3. It Contradicts Biology and Science

4. Biological Sex Cannot Change

5. It Warps Manhood and Womanhood

6. It Destroys Reason

7. Transgenderism Is Self-Destructive

8. Where Will Transgenderism Lead Us: Trans-Species

9. Transgender Ideology and Religious Persecution

10. It Offends God

Do read the entire article; he fleshes out the details.

One quick point; I think transspeciesism is the least of our worries. More than likely this will lead to demands that we normalize pedophilia and other really bad stuff like bestiality and necrophilia. But pedophilia is the Holy Grail of the hedonists movement, and that is in the works now. Recently the American Psychiatric Association removed pedophilia from their list of mental illnesses, calling it a "sexual orientation"  - exactly what they did in the '70's with homosexuality. If it follows the same course we should have decriminalization in a few years, then we will be ordered to celebrate it.

And read this article about three men arrested in Britain for raping livestock. It's coming, folks, and the transgender movement is at the forefront of this.

Do read the entire article.

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