February 20, 2019

Times Square billboard mocks AOC

Jack Kemp

A conservative organization has put up a billboard in New York's Times Square mocking socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The article says, in part...

Job Creators Network, a conservative advocacy group, is behind the billboard calling out Ocasio-Cortez for her missteps in driving away business and employment for the local economy.

The billboard notes that 25,000 potential jobs that were lost, as well as $4 billion in lost wages.

"Thanks for nothing, AOC!" the billboard adds...

A portion of the organization's news release on the billboard reads:
Today, the Job Creators Network is putting up a billboard in Times Square calling out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the role she played in the recent termination of Amazon's HQ2 that was planned to be constructed in Queens. The pullout of Amazon — because of anti-business politicians, notably Ocasio-Cortez — is a major blow to the New York economy. The retreat will not only cost the area $12 billion in economic activity, but 25,000 new jobs that would have paid an average salary of $150,000.

In the news release, Alfredo Ortiz, Job Creators Network president, said that socialism is ultimately to blame.


Read the rest - and see the billboard - here.

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The New Math and AOC

Jack Kemp

America's Odious Child: New York, New York

A.O.C.: This week saw a twenty-nine-year-old Congressperson celebrate Queens, New York losing at least 25,000 future high paying jobs. She claimed credit for and celebrated the decision of Amazon not to move into Queens, New York. Queens is immediately next to her congressional district.

In an interesting equation, Queens will lose slightly more than one and one-half jobs for each primary vote Ms. Cortez received in her congressional primary race.

The loss of 25,000 Amazon jobs will remove an estimated $3.75 billion dollars of annual salaried income from Queens and eliminate a reasonably forecasted annual economic impact of perhaps $8.6 billion in and around Queens. Over the next decade, the loss of economic impact in and around Queens could equate to nearly $100 billion. (The Congressperson with the economics degree from Boston University should be able to explain the economic concept of output multiplier.)

Read it all at Townhall!

Tim adds:

AOC should sue to get her tuition back from BU. They clearly miseducated the woman.

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This gal couldn't get a clue even if George Soros bought it for her

Dana Mathewson

Ocasio-Cortez goes on tear defending role in Amazon’s New York exit

It used to be that Congress-critters assumed that their primary job was taking care of their constituents. "Taking care" of them meant improving the financial climate of their districts. And if an old-time New York-style Congress-critter had the chance to facilitate a deal like convincing Amazon to set up shop in Long Island City, you can bet your bookbag he or she'd have done cartwheels down the biggest sidewalk in Queens if it'd have helped. He certainly wouldn't have done anything to queer the deal. True, he'd have hoped a little of the grease would have dripped onto his own hands too, but hey, that's just doing business in the Empire State. But he'd have been making his constituents very happy, providing jobs, increasing tax revenues, and increasing his chances for re-election.

All of which seems to escape new media darling Crazy-Eyes Ocasio-Cortez. She's still convinced she did something laudable, despite everyone advising her to the contrary.

And wow, is she thin-skinned!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vigorously defended her role in sinking Amazon’s move to New York City on Tuesday in the face of bipartisan criticism, claiming the deal would have been "one of the biggest giveaways in state history” and would have priced people out of the local community.

"Frankly, the knee-jerk reaction assuming that I ‘don’t understand’ how tax giveaways to corps work is disappointing,” she tweeted. "No, it’s not possible that I could come to a different conclusion. The debate *must* be over my intelligence & understanding, instead of the merits of the deal.”

The freshman Democratic New York congresswoman has faced days of criticism from normally friendly media voices and fellow Democrats over her role in Amazon's decision to pull back from building a $2.5 billion campus in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens.

Amazon had cited the opposition of "a number of state and local politicians” in its decision to abandon the plans. Ocasio-Cortez and others at the local level had pointed to incentives such as a $2.5 billion in tax breaks as a reason for their opposition.

"If we were willing to give away $3 billion for this deal, we could invest those $3 billion in our district ourselves, if we wanted to. We could hire out more teachers. We can fix our subways. We can put a lot of people to work for that money, if we wanted to,” Ocasio-Cortez said last week.

No, Sweetie, it doesn't work like that, and lots of people are telling you why. There is no $3 billion there. It would have eventually been there if Amazon had come in. It's not there now and it won't be. What economics school did you go to, again?

I'm starting a completely unfounded rumor that she didn't read the textbook because it was "Economics for Dummies" and she was insulted by the title.

Read the whole thing, please, folks. It's here: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ocasio-cortez-tear-role-amazon-deal

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Sign of the Times?

Timothy Birdnow

A dragon's head appeared in the Northern Lights, and was visible in many places in Scandinavia.

In this series of three pictures a "bird" appears in the third frame.

It makes me think of Revelation 12:

12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. 4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who "will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”[a] And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. 6 The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

"Now have come the salvation and the power
and the kingdom of our God,
and the authority of his Messiah.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
who accuses them before our God day and night,
has been hurled down.
11 They triumphed over him
by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much
as to shrink from death.
12 Therefore rejoice, you heavens
and you who dwell in them!
But woe to the earth and the sea,
because the devil has gone down to you!
He is filled with fury,
because he knows that his time is short.”

13 When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child. 14 The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent’s reach. 15 Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. 16 But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. 17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus.

Does this not sound like our wonderful modern era? Are visions of dragons in the aurora a surprise?

I would like to add that the angelic Seraphim are essentially fiery dragons.

Oh, and the third picture? Is that a bird or an angelic creature?

I know; these are just interesting shapes. But given the times it does make one wonder..

Oh, and one last little bit. Rev. 16:13

And I saw, coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs.

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February 19, 2019

Sorcery in Florida

Timothy Birdnow

Only in modern America would a mentally handicapped person become a lawyer.

According to Breitbart:

A Florida woman diagnosed with autism at the age of three has become the first openly autistic person to pass the Florida Bar and become a licensed attorney in the state.

Haley Moss, a native of Parkland who graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2018, was sworn into the Florida Bar by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh on January 11 in Miami, the Associated Press (AP) reported Saturday.

"Openly autistic"? Even Breibart is being sucked into using post-modern terminology. Et tu, Breitbart?

While this was intended to be a feel-good article, I think it is illustrative of the extreme libertarianism/rebelliousness of our modern era; whether anyone is capable of doing something has become immaterial. I don't doubt this woman is bright, but her handicap would make her less than ideal for most legal work. She was hired, I am quite confident, not because she was good but as a symbol. America has become nothing but symbols and kabuki-theater acts.

If YOU were facing a jail term would YOU want an autistic person representing you?

I wonder how much help she was given to pass the bar? Attention is a big problem for the autistic, and taking a long, hard test is difficult for someone with attention difficulties. I suspect she was given unlimited time to take the test, and perhaps had assistance with it.

Nature determines the rules in this world. One of the serious problems we face in modernity is a refusal to accept the limitations imposed by Nature even while promoting the crazy notion of "getting back to nature" and dismantling our industrial society. The Left wants the latter but refuses to accept the former. But eventually our attempts to thwart the Will of Mother Nature will end badly. It's not just this incident, but a mindset that says we will simply ignore reality when it is displeasing to us.

That, my friends, is sorcery. America has become a nation of witches and necromancers and sorcerers. This is illustrative of that assertion.

I think it's great this young lady is trying to not let her handicap get in the way, but I sure wouldn't hire her to be MY attorney, any more than I would try to practice medicine on myself.

There are limits set by the nature of reality. Freedom lies within the lines of those limits. Postmodern liberals refuse to believe that, and want to dismantle the basics of reality. In short, they are insane.

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“That’s Not Journalism, That’s Horseshit”

Dana Mathewson

I just saw a pig fly past my office window. I really did!

In a recent interview, CBS News Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan critiqued the international "liberal” media while holding up outlets like Breitbart and Fox News as the opposite side of the coin.

Logan spoke to retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland about a variety of topics on Friday for his Mike Drop podcast (h/t Breitbart), and the conversation eventually turned toward her agreement with Ritland that "the media everywhere is mostly liberal, not just the U.S.” As Logan lamented that voter registration among journalists shows that the media is out of balance, she came with a metaphor to explain how she believes the press is tinged by the sameness of opinion.

"Visually, anyone who’s ever been to Israel and been to the Wailing Wall has seen that the women have this tiny little spot in front of the wall to pray, and the rest of the wall is for the men. To me, that’s a great representation of the American media, is that in this tiny little corner where the women pray you’ve got Breitbart and Fox News and a few others, and from there on, you have CBS, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, Politico, whatever, right? All of them.

And that’s a problem for me, because even if it was reversed, if it was vastly mostly on the right, that would also be a problem for me. My experience has been that the more opinions you have, the more ways that you look at everything in life.”

Logan continued by saying President Donald Trump‘s press coverage is a case in point of how the media produces a "distortion” by boiling things down so that "there’s no grey. It’s all one way.”

"If it doesn’t match real life,” Logan said, "something’s wrong.”

The conversation went on with Logan citing recent comments from former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, saying the media has "abandoned our pretense or at least the effort to be objective.”

As she argued that media sources on the left and right regularly push their preferred narratives and "do terrible things,” Logan determined that the weight of the liberal media overwhelms "the other side” unless people actively seek outlets like Breitbart.

The discussion continued with Logan trashing news reports based on single, anonymous government sources, calling it an abandonment of journalistic standards.

"That’s not journalism, that’s horseshit,” Logan said. "Responsibility for fake news begins with us. We bear some responsibility for that, and we’re not taking ownership of that and addressing it. We just want to blame it all on somebody else.”

What a brave woman! She'll be ostracized, for sure. The article is here: https://www.mediaite.com/online/cbss-lara-logan-calls-media-mostly-liberal-in-scorched-earth-interview-im-committing-professional-suicide/

I had found it linked on Power Line, and you may want to get their comments here: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/02/thats-not-journalism-thats-horseshit.php

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Trump State Department Seeks to Colonize Florida with Venezuelans

Timothy Birdnow

The State Department is considering resettling Venezuelans in Florida.

According to Breitbart News:

Officials at the Department of State are trying to decide whether to help Venezuela’s socialist regime by allowing opponents to get sanctuary in Florida’s real estate and job markets, according to an article in the Daily Beast.

"Team Trump moved to end "Temporary Protected Status” for people from half a dozen countries. Now there’s debate about extending it to Venezuelans—and the pushback has begun,” according to the article.

Really? Not only does this weaken opposition to Maduro, as the Daily Beast suggests, but it also brings people into Florida - a razor thin state that can easily flip to the Democrats - who will likely be quickly given citizenship, and those people are the ones who put Hugo Chavez in power in the first place. They may not be Communists, but they are definitely liberal, and will undoubtedly vote Democrat. Oh, and even if they don't get citizenship they may still vote Democrat.

Florida is already possibly lost, because they passed a law there giving felons their votes back. Most felons are expected to support the Democratic party because they are the ones who will give them the most.

The article continues;


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Ocasio-Cortez puts Boyfriend on the Take

Timothy Birdnow

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already dived in head first to the corruption swamp in D.C. Crazy Eyes put her boyfriend on the payroll to milk money from the American taxpayer.

From the Western Journalism article:

Someone on Twitter outed her on something suspicious going on in her office. And it involves her boyfriend, web developer Riley Roberts.

While you were having a nice Valentine’s Day, @AOC decided to put her boyfriend on staff – drawing a salary on the taxpayer’s dime. Nice to see her adapting to the swamp so quickly. pic.twitter.com/bvncwzxY53

— Luke Thompson (@ltthompso) February 15, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez was quick to respond. But perhaps she should have taken her own advice in regards to checking facts. Unless they got secretly married, Riley is not her spouse.

The OC is both ignorant and corrupt, apparently:

"From time to time, at the request of members, spouses and partners are provided House email accounts for the purposes of viewing the member’s calendar,” the spokesperson for the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, David O’Boyle told Fox News in a statement.

But that explanation didn’t sit well with Fox News contributor and former chairman of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz.

"It’s totally naïve and inappropriate — you wouldn’t allow it in most companies, let alone the House of Representatives. There should be real consequences,” Chaffetz said.

"When I was in the House, my scheduler would forward my wife my schedule once a week. But you’re not allowed unfettered access. And he isn’t even her spouse,” Chaffetz said. "It should be referred to the ethics committee for further investigation.”

Why is it the Left is so disdainful of making money except where they themselves are concerned? Liberals rail against the accumulation of wealth while they grab whatever isn't nailed down.

AOC is no exception. She's going to fit in well in Washington.

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Homeowner "Unfair" for Using AR-15 on Invaders

Timothy Birdnow

Three teens were shot and killed breaking into an Oklahoma house by an AR-15 wielding homeowner and the grandfather of one is mad - because it was "unfair"!

From the Blaze:

Leroy Schumacher, grandfather of 17-year-old Jacob Redfearn, believes the death of Redfearn was unjustified because the homeowner's AR-15 gave him an unfair advantage over the three burglars.

Speaking to KTUL, Schumacher acknowledged that breaking into a house was "stupid," but death was not the appropriate consequence.

"What these three boys did was stupid," Schumacher said. "They knew they could be punished for it but they did not deserve to die."

And that encapsulates our modern society perfectly. Instead of a general acknowledgment that the wages of Sin are death, we now want consequence-free misbehavior - and are angry when it hits the fan.

What these boys did was NOT stupid, it was malicious. I have no doubt they would have been willing to kill the homeowner had he not been armed. And if not, it is still the risk you take when you prey upon others.

The Felon Emeritus continues:

"Brass knuckles against an AR-15? C'mon. Who was afraid for their life?" Schumacher said.

The homeowner who pulled the trigger has not been charged with any crimes because police say he acted in self-defense. But Schumacher reinterated his belief that the consequences literally did not fit the crime.

"There's got to be a limit to that law, I mean he shot all three of them — there was no need for that," he told KTUL.


In the end, Schumacher said he supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms but doesn't agree with killing home invaders.

"These boys' families are going to suffer with this the rest of their lives, we have to live with this the rest of our lives," he said. "You can't change history, but you can damn sure learn from it, and maybe some kids will learn from this."

The best lesson of all has been taught, not to the dead punks but to others. The wages of Sin...

And a man's home is his castle. It used to be understood that private property was sacrosanct, and a person has an absolute right to security inside his own home. Robbing a guy on the street is very bad, but invading his home is far worse. If you get killed doing it you had it coming.

The reason crime is running rampant, and has been for a long time, is because we want to excuse it. It's not the fault of the criminal, but of an "unjust social order". This is just "expressing just rage" or "striking back" even though the person involved never hurt the perpetrators and the perpetrators probably owe their very existence to social programs put in place so their deadbeat fathers wouldn't have to work and provide for them. Their mothers likely had these kids precisely because we have denied consequences, made easy excuses for bad behavior. Now those chickens have come home to roost.

There was a girl, 21-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez, planned the heist and was the getaway driver. She is being charged with three counts of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of second-degree burglary. Her victims include 19-year old Maxwell Cook and 16-year old Jake Woodruff as well as 17-year-old Jacob Redfearn, Schumacher's grandson.

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Bernie to Run as a Straight White Male

Dana Mathewson

Gasp! Do we need anything more to prove that The Bern is out of touch with today's Leftist program?

From Power Line:

I am so looking forward to the Democrats’ 2020 demolition derby at the four-way intersectionality of Identity Politics Boulevard and Oppression Road. Even more so now that Bernie Sanders is in. No surprise there. What is amusing is that Bernie looks to be running as a straight white male. Get a load of this exchange:

When asked by VPR’s Bob Kinzel about concerns that he no longer best represents "the face of the new Democratic Party,” Sanders, 77, said:

"We have got to look at candidates, you know, not by the color of their skin, not by their sexual orientation or their gender and not by their age,” Sanders said. "I mean, I think we have got to try to move us toward a non-discriminatory society which looks at people based on their abilities, based on what they stand for.”

Those is fightin’ words for the left. Bernie is going to end up road kill in the middle of the left’s four-way intersectionality.


Pass the 55-gallon drum of popcorn please. And don’t stint on the corn syrup.

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Latino Election Tampering for Democrats

Timothy Birdnow

Foreign manipulation of American elections? The media and their Democrat allies have screeched until they are blue in the face about "Russian election tampering" but ignore election tampering that has helped the Democrats. As it turns out, ICE has caught a couple of big money doners from Ecuador who have been tampering with American elections.

Daniel Greenfield:


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VJ Day Kisser Dies: #Metoo Celebrates

Timothy Birdnow

George George Mendonsa is dead at age 95.

Mendonza was the sailor in the famous photograph kissing the "nurse" (actually a dental student, but she was wearing nursing garb) on VJ day in the iconic photograph in Times Square. Mendonsa died of a seizure in his assisted living facility he shared with his wife. He was just shy of his 96th birthday.

This photograph was a sweet, memorable part of American history, a sailor overcome with the joy of a brutal war's end kissing a stranger (Greta Zimmer Friedman) at a blowout celebration.

Naturally the left, ever eager to destroy all of our memorials and cultural heritage, has declared this an act of sexual assault.

From the RT article:

Early #metoo sailor George Mendonsa, dies at 95. pic.twitter.com/Ui4Uo4zGbx
— John Moffitt (@JohnRMoffitt) February 18, 2019

While for years the photograph

Critics of the photograph say it is symbolic of a time when men controlled women and that it even normalized sexual assault and rape culture.

In a 2005 interview, Friedman confirmed that she did not know Mendonsa was going to kiss her. "The guy just came over and kissed or grabbed,” she told the Library of Congress, adding that he was just "really celebrating” but that it was not a "romantic moment.”

Can anyone really argue that this woman was traumatized by this? She was at a huge party, one that made New Years Eve 19999 a tame affair. Even if she found it marginally offensive, it was a kiss, not anything more. Everyone has been hugged or kissed by people they don't especially want to be hugged or kissed by on occasion. It was NOT sexual.

And can anyone argue that times are better now? A lot of woman WANT to be kissed and aren't because men are afraid of being called sexual predators. Innocence has been lost to the smarmy sexual revolution and the insatiable rage of feminism. Wasn't that a better time, even if it necessitated an occasional hug or kiss at a time of great emotion?

I would like to direct everyone to my article about murdering memorials. The Left in America has taken a page from the Islamic playbook; they seek to destroy our memorials, our iconic imagery, our cultural traditions, in order to make us what they want, to control our thoughts and minds. It's an old scheme, and it helped Islam control the Levant for over a thousand years now; they simply wiped away the older culture and imposed their own on the ruins. It's why the Taliban destroyed numerous statues of the Buddha in Afghanistan, for instance. And this fake outrage at a celebratory kiss after the end of the biggest war in history is just another attempt to wipe away all traces of the America that was.

Does anyone really want to live in the world the Left is peddling? A place where everyone is enraged all of the time, where we are divided and subdivided into ever smaller warring group, where natural relations between men and women are suppressed in a manner far worse than ever the Puritans employed? Is this REALLY what anybody wants?

In George Orwell's 1984 the Anti-Sex League imposed chilling relations between men and women and woe to anyone caught dilly-dallying without formal permission. The Left started the sexual revolution, and made all manner of sex - no matter how perverted - acceptable. They destroyed the bonds of affection in favor of animalistic, mechanical, selfish sexual activity, and now they are moving away from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World to Orwell's Anti-Sex League. Both have the same results, though; the alienation of the sexes into warring camps. This destroys the joyous nature of relations between the sexes - and I don't mean sexual only - and it ultimately destroys the family. In the end everyone will wind up as children of the State - the ultimate goal here.

When asked if they want to go to Hell how many stupid people will #metoo?

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Democoms Sue to Stop Wall

Timothy Birdnow

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it...

Sixteen Democrat-controlled states have filed a lawsuit to block Trump's border wall.

Gee, whoda seen that one coming?

The states are: New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Michigan, Nevada, Delaware, and Maine.

Only New Mexico is an actual border state.

The article doesn't say where the suit was filed, but I'll bet it's in Cammufornia. A bit of a quick Google search says it is - where else? - in San Francisco. where it will wind up at the Leftist Ninth Circuit.

Why didn't Trump anticipate this? Actually he did; I heard him say this would happen. So why didn't he head it off by having his own people file in a more friendly venue? For that matter, why did Trump sign the funding bill which guaranteed he wouldn't be able to build via a veto measure allowing communities to opt out along the Rio Grande? By signing it he can be accused of accepting the terms Congress imposed.

Trump has FUBAR'd this something awful

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February 18, 2019

The Speck in the GOP Eye; Dems Try to Steal House Seat in North Carolina

Timothy Birdnow

Democrats are fighting to steal another Congressional District, this one in in North Carolina. According to Politico:

North Carolina’s board of elections will dig into fraud allegations in the state’s disputed 9th Congressional District on Monday, kicking off hearings that could prompt a new election this year.

The district has gone without a congressman this year after the board declined to certify the 2018 election results amid accusations that McCrae Dowless, an operative hired by Republican Mark Harris’ campaign consultants, organized an illegal scheme to collect and mark absentee ballots. Harris led Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes on election night, but both candidates spent the next three months in political limbo.

See, Dowless apparently beat the Democrats at their own game, using the ballot harvesting techniques employed by the Democrats in California to steal all but seven of California's 53 House seats. Many of those seats were in Republican hands the day after the election when absentee votes magically appeared and overturned the election results. The Donkeys laughed heartily at that, but don't like it in North Carolina.

250,000 mail in votes appeared in Orange County after the election, turning out Republicans who had held those seats for years.

Outgoing House Squeeker, er, Speaker Paul Ryan had this to say:

"We were only down 26 seats (nationally) the night of the election and three weeks later, we lost basically every California race. Point being, when you have candidates that win the absentee ballot vote, win the day of the vote, and then lose three weeks later because of provisionals, that’s really bizarre.”

Bizarre isn't the word for it; it's criminal. And Jerry Brown, who signed legislation allowing for this, knew exactly what he was doing - stealing votes.

But now the Democrats are trying to either prevent a Republican from being seated or have a revote. They usually win revotes,because they never end campaigns and will devote as much money as it takes to win.

Isn't it strange that these contested elections ALWAYS turn out to be wins for the Democrats?

They nearly stole the election from Rick Scott in Broward County, the same place where "irregularities" almost stole the election from George W. Bush in 2000 and threw the nation into an emotional ringer. The same person ran the show then as now, and the same kind of dubious "problems" plagued the district - problems that invariably worked in the Democrat's favor.

In 1984, Democrat Frank McCloskey "won" an election in Indiana by just a couple of votes in a district where Democrats controlled the vote count. There were two recounts, both of which Republican Rick McIntyre won. He headed for Washington but the Democrat-controlled House refused to seat him. That is, no doubt, precisely what Nancy Pelosi has planned for Harris. Democrats do that; they are about power, and power only. Republicans keep trying to play fair with people who will steal you wheel chair and leave you penniless on the side of the road.

In '84 the House did it's own recount in the election and, naturally, the Democrat won. The same will happen here, now that Pelosi is in charge.

The Democrats never even consider if they should cheat. Remember the way they stole the election in Minnesota from Norm Coleman and gave it to that lecherous creep Al Franken? Coleman won by 725 votes, but Frankenfurter and the Democrats kept digging until they turned up - surprise surprise - enough votes so that the Big Weiner won by 312 votes. Over a thousand felons had votes counted in that election, despite being ineligible.

I think the Democrats stole enough seats in the last election. Even if Harris DID steal this one, we are owed it. And, of course, nobody mentions how many votes his opponent stole in this election.

It is estimated that North Carolina has 350,000 illegal aliens. if one in ten voted, you have 25,000 illegal votes - and almost all of them would go to the Democrats. If even one percent of them voted, you are talking about well beyond the margin of victory.

As of 2015 North Carolina had 794,684 legal immigrants living in the state, with just 37% being naturalized citizens. How many of those legal immigrants voted?

Oh, and 25,000 of these immigrants are DACA "kids" who likely voted despite being ineligible.

Also, in 2016 441 felons illegally voted, according to an audit  There are 91,179 felons who are disenfranchised in North Carolina.

How much do you want to bet that at least one percent of these felons voted illegally in the last election? That alone would surpass the margin of error.

In the end, the Democrats have a long history of vote fraud and ballot-box stuffing. That makes the faux outrage in this case so enraging.

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Department of Revolt; DOJ Coup against President Trump

Timothy Birdnow

Apparently two of Trump's cabinet members were at least approachable by McCabe and Rosenstein and other DOJ officials to overthrow the President of the United States.

According to Fox News:

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker, in closed-door testimony to Congress, detailed alleged discussions among senior officials at the Justice Department about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, claiming he was told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said two Trump Cabinet officials were "ready to support” such an effort.


But when the New York Times broke the story in September, it reported that Rosenstein told McCabe he might be able to persuade then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then-Secretary of Homeland Security and later White House chief of staff John Kelly to invoke the 25th Amendment.


Fox News has reported, based on a source who was in the meeting, that Rosenstein's "wire" comments were viewed as "sarcastic." But Baker testified that it was taken seriously.

Baker testified in October that the alleged discussions took place during an uncertain and anxious time at the FBI and DOJ after Comey’s termination, and that the mood was "pretty dark":


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February 17, 2019

Technical Difficulties Continue

Timothy Birdnow

I'm still experiencing technical difficulties, folks. Please hang tough; the site should be back up to snuff before too long. 

I'll keep updating as much as possible.

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Time is not on Trump's Side

Timothy Birdnow

Andrew Klavan argues that Trump is playing a long game in the border wall fiasco.

From the Daily Wire:

I compare Trump to a great running back, a man who knows where political daylight is without even thinking about it. He’s a gut guy. Brain guys despise gut guys, but an awful lot of brain guys end up working for gut guys because the gut guys sense things what the brain guys are too smart to observe. That’s Trump.

In keeping with this theory, I notice that Trump does something important that a lot of the people observing him never do. He changes. He adapts. He finds new ways to daylight. Because the people who observe him don’t do this — because they have their ideas and they stick to them and crunch the facts to fit them — this tactic is invisible to them. They think he’s always acting the same way, and he’s just not.

So I wonder: is Trump losing the battle over border security as badly as it seems he is? Or is he playing the sort of long game no one ever expects of him? Not three-dimensional chess exactly. Let’s call it Patience.


On the flip side of this, I can’t help noticing that since the mid-terms, Trump has been different. He’s been less, well, Trumpy. Less visible. More restrained. His border security speech from the Oval Office was solid. His offers to negotiate have been fair. His State of the Union was excellent. Even his recent rally in El Paso was less belligerent than the norm. The insults (Beto has nothing going for him but a great first name) were smarter, less childish, less cruel. He remains his essentially pugilistic self, but he’s also been — forgive the cliché — more presidential.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have unleashed a Green New Deal that is a blueprint for ending American freedom and prosperity. They have allowed the bubble-headed Alexandria Occasio-Cortez and the vicious Ilhan Omar to seize the headlines with their ignorance and racism. Virginia is an intersectional clown show that even the news media can’t bury. And new revelations out of the Justice Department give credence to Trump’s repeated charges that he is the victim of an unconstitutional Deep State witch hunt.

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but right this minute, Donald Trump is coming across like the grown-up in the room, the all-American man of practical sense beleaguered by raving ideological incompetents.

Is that just luck, or is it part of a new strategy: the long game?

Maybe, but I still must ask to what point? Yes, this is great optics for a Presidential run, but what is actually being accomplished by this?

The Republicans are almost assured to lose the Senate in the next election; they have too many seats to defend. Without a concrete victory here there is no chance of holding it. Time is not on Trump's side. He has to get a big win, and now. Only a major success can turn the tide.

It's much like Washington's crossing the Delaware and attacking the Hessians at Trenton; had Washington been content to keep sitting all would have been lost. His victory was one of nerve first and foremost. Trump is in the same position at this moment.

My personal opinion is Trump is out of ideas at this point. Nobody backed him on any of his agenda - not any Democrats and not even his Republican "allies" despite having a lot to lose. I would argue had the House GOP funded a wall they would have held the lower chamber. It was their willful refusal to give Trump any sort of victory that led to Speaker Pelosi. I don't think Trump expected that, and I think Trump has been surprised all along with the lack of support from the political class. I think when he failed with the shutdown (and was talked into surrender by McConnell, in all likelihood) he shot his last arrow. I suspect now Trump is just going through the motions, hoping and praying something turns up to allow him to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

If he really cared enough, he would have shut the government down again AND declared a state of emergency to start the building. He knows the courts are going to shut him down. He should have had a backup plan.

Oh, and about "the long game" it was the name of Mitch McConnell's bio, and it was what McConnell played ON TRUMP. McConnell has never moved the ball forward in any appreciable way for our side. He sees ONLY political enemies, not people who are actually warring against the America we knew and loved. McConnell has been fierce where Conservatives are concerned, not so much where Democrats tread. Why? He cut his teeth on the old order, where the Dems ran things, and that is his idea of "conservative", to maintain the status quo. As Chesterton pointed out when he said the business of Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes of the past from being corrected. That's McConnell.

And he ran the long con on Trump. I am fairly sure of that.

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February 16, 2019

Political Malpractice, Not AOC, Axed Amazon Deal In NYC

Dana Mathewson

Before assigning blame when a deal goes sour, it's always well to look on the inside. Sure, Alexandria Occasional-Cloudiness did her little victory dance when the deal was called off, despite the money that would have been made by a whole bunch of potential employees -- you'd think somebody who has a degree in economics would realize that.

But she wasn't the executioner, merely one of the scuzzy old women knitting at the foot of the guillotine. The deal was killed by good old-fashioned New York State sleazy politics, (im-)pure and simple.
Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was not the main player who led Amazon to cancel plans to build a second headquarters in New York City. In truth, political malpractice by Democratic leaders on the state Senate was a much greater factor.

New Yorkers will suffer as a result.

Ocasio-Cortez and her radical business-hating minions played a supporting role in convincing Amazon to pull out of a deal that would have brought between 25,000 and 40,000 jobs to New York City with an average salary of more than $150,000.

Drawing enormous media coverage – especially for someone who’s only been in Congress for a few weeks – Ocasio-Cortez preaches an anti-capitalist dogma that put pressure on some Democratic state senators to jump on the bandwagon of the rising radical left.

But ultimately, it was a foolish decision by the newly minted Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins that convinced Amazon to takes its jobs and billions of dollars in new economic development and new tax revenue elsewhere, where they would be more appreciated.

Stewart-Cousins appointed fellow Democratic Sen. Michael Gianaris – who represents the Queens area near the planned Long Island City site for Amazon – to sit on a panel that would determine the company’s fate. In effect, Stewart-Cousins gave the hometown state legislator veto power over the entire Amazon plan.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, understand that years ago a single legislator – then-state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – killed plans to build a stadium on the West Side of Manhattan. Silver sat on a three-person panel deciding the fate of the proposed stadium.

Amazon quite clearly wanted no part of a crazy, rigged system that would force the company to do backflips for a parochial legislator who would probably never approve the company’s move to New York City under any circumstances.

There's plenty of red-meat analysis in this story; go here https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/political-malpractice-forced-amazon-out-of-nyc-and-it-wasnt-just-ocasio-cortez

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NFL Rewards Kaepernick for Costing them Millions, Stinking on the Field

Timothy Birdnow

Colin Kaperneck, the man who started the "take a knee' movement by NFL fat cat players to dishoner America, has gotten a settlement from Big Football for being cut from his team and not picked up anywhere else.

The San Francisco Examiner says:

The league and Kaepernick’s attorneys released a statement Friday, saying that the matter had been resolved confidentially, which means it’s likely that both sides signed a non-disclosure agreement to not to speak publicly about details of the case or settlement. Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, however, has heard from multiple NFL team officials who speculated that the settlement is likely in the range of $60-$80 million.

Kaperneck and his partner in crime Eric Reid have made out quite nicely, despite being players of limiited talent. This shows that the NFL is at least complicit with their anti-American efforts, since they refused to fight here. The League is not in the habit of throwing away millions of dollars on guys who get cut.

But they did here; why? Seems to me the League was rather happy with the Kapernecking.

Kaperneck was a bench-warmer because he simply lacked the talent to be in the top spot, and he started his protests as a way to avoid being cut; he could accuse the League, as he has done, of canning him for political reasons rather than for his performance. Now every talentless hack who makes it past the first cut will try pulling this stunt. You don't cave in cases like this.

Despite the claims made in the Chronicle article, Kaepernick really stunk it up on the field. Even the liberal ESPN admits that:

Kaepernick's greatest NFL successes came as part of the San Francisco 49ers' read-option scheme from 2012-14. In those three years, he rushed for 1,578 yards -- more than any quarterback other than Russell Wilson and Cam Newton. His success -- he threw more than twice as many touchdown passes (50) as interceptions (21) -- helped him compile the eighth-best Total Quarterback Rating in the NFL (70.2) over that period.

Even then, Kaepernick was one of the league's least-accurate quarterbacks. His 60.1 completion percentage ranked No. 23 in the NFL, and his percentage of off-target throws -- judged on video by ESPN Stats & Information -- ranked No. 18 (17.6 percent).

Those issues intensified in 2015 and 2016 amid the 49ers' coaching turmoil and talent drain. Since the start of the 2015 season, Kaepernick ranks last in the NFL among 35 qualified passers in off-target percentage (22.6). His completion percentage ranks No. 32 at 59.1. He still was one of the NFL's most productive rushing quarterbacks, ranking No. 4 in total yardage over those years, but it didn't mitigate his passing deterioration.

There is no more important attribute for a quarterback than accuracy, especially for a free agent who is shopping himself to teams with various schemes. In the long term, a quarterback's running ability is considered a complementary skill and one that historically fades with age or because of injuries. Scrambling ability and arm strength are secondary to whether you can hit the target.

All passers miss throws, but Kaepernick over the past two seasons has done it as much or as more as anyone. It's hardly surprising that teams didn't rush to sign him in the opening days of free agency. Realistically, he's vying for the kind of veteran backup job that often doesn't get filled until after the draft or later. That deal is going to be worth a fraction of the $14 million he earned last season.

Kaepernick's skill set was not what the League needed or wanted. A scrambling QB is like a computer guy whose primary skill is in keypunch; it's antiquated and of little value in the long run. (For younger readers kaypunch was a profession whereby old computers were programmed via punches on cards.)

But the League has given Captain AntiAmerica millions as a reward for stinking on the field and insulting the fan base, causing huge financial losses for the League. GReat move!

I won't be watching next year.

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Smollett Lawyers Up

Timothy Birdnow

Jesse Smollett, the homosexual, Trump-hating cast member of the television show Empire who claims he was assaulted by two white, MAGA hat wearing men who shouted racial slurs and poured BLEACH on him while putting a rope around his neck, has lawyered up while police have released the two Nigerian men arrested in the case.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail:

Attorney Michael Monico, a former federal prosecutor in the Northern District of Illinois, revealed in a radio interview on Thursday in Chicago that he is representing Smollett.

Monico, speaking on WGN's The Roe Conn Show, did not reveal how long he has been representing Smollet or in what capacity. Monico last month took over as co-counsel for Cohen, President Donald Trump's former lawyer.

It came as police in Chicago suddenly released two Nigerian extras on Smollett's show, who had previously been described as suspects in the attack, saying that 'new evidence' had emerged in their interrogations that requires further detective work.

This whole case has had a bad smell to it. How many MAGA wearing racist hillbillies are walking around in Chicago? For that matter, how many Trump supporters? Smollett has been a rabid Trump hater and this just worked out too well from that perspective.

The article continues;

Brothers Olabinjo 'Ola' Osundairo, 27, and Abimbola 'Abel' Osundairo, 25, were cut loose from police custody late on Friday. They had been held since Wednesday, after being picked up at O'Hare Airport while disembarking a flight from Nigeria.

'Due to new evidence as a result of today's interrogations, the individuals questioned by police in the Empire case have now been released without charging and detectives have additional investigative work to complete,' Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement on Friday night.

The Osundairo brothers' attorney, Gloria Schmidt, spoke briefly to reporters after their release, hinting that Smollett's legal future could hold difficulties.


Smollett made international headlines after reporting the attack on January 29, in which he said two white men assaulted him at 2am on a Chicago street, shouting vile racist and homophobic slurs.

The actor said that he fought back bravely as the two men shouted 'this is MAGA country,' poured bleach on him, and looped a noose around his neck.

Why pour bleach on someone? Wouldn't you pour something more caustic if you were trying to hurt them, or something flammable? Bleach can give you a rash, but that is about it. Nobody would wander around at two a.m. with bleach and a rope to assault a gay brother in Chicago. It just doesn't make any sense. And they especially aren't going to be calling Chicago "MAGA coutnry".

The two brothers are good friends with Smollett, and rabid Trump haters, according to fellow cast members on the Empire set. They are also pro-homosexual.

This is starting to look like somewhat like the Matthew Shepard story, who was said to have been tortured and murdered for being gay when in fact he was a meth-head and drug dealing prostitute who was sexually involved with one of his killers, Aaron McKinney. None of this was reported at the time. Instead, it was reported that two rednecks took Shepard out precisely to assault, torture, and murder him solely because they hated gay people. The gay community was quick to jump on this, as the Wyoming governor had not signed a hate-crimes bill. In the end, while Shepard was indeed murdered, it was not for being gay.

There have been numerous hate crimes hoaxes against gay people in recent years. Consider this case in Utah or this case in Nebraska. In fact, nearly half of all prosecutions for gay hate crimes in D.C. get dismissed because evidence shows they are bogus. We've had them in California, on more than one occasion, and in many other places around the country. There is power in accusations of abuse in modern America; just ask the #Meetoo movement.

And the black community has been very active in fake hate. In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to hoax hate against black people. Oh, and who can forget the "hate" against a "tribal elder" by white, MAGA wearing "children of privilege" in recent days? Turned out they were the victims, but they were still accused and their names dragged through the mud.

I am fairly confident Smollett wanted to strike out at whites, straights, and Trump supporters, and he and his friends staged this blood-libel. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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