February 25, 2019

'Let them eat Chef Boyardee.'

Jack Kemp

Russ Vaughn, a longtime American Thinker writer and Vietnam War veteran, has reported the contempt that Bill Maher has for everyday Americans in flyover country - and really also on both coasts.

Vaughn wrote, in part that...

"There are no red carpets in Wyoming and no one ever asks you, ‘who are you wearing?’ because the answer is always Target,” Maher said as the audience laughed. "We have orchestras, theater districts, world class shopping, we have Chef Wolfgang Puck, they have Chef Boyardee.”


It’s ever so helpful when your enemy pins a bullseye to his own chest and, by extension, to the backs of liberal snobs who so disdain the rest of the population, those folks who raise and refine their food and fine wines, drill and produce their energy, manufacture their limousines and air conditioners, truck, train, and fly all those things to them, build their homes and erect the exclusionary walls and gates around them, toil in the hot kitchens of all those exclusive restaurants they so enjoy, and on and on and on, endlessly, providing all the beneficial things these ingrates never stop to consider that make their lives so easy, much better than most Americans live.

We are indebted to Bill Maher for clearly stating what he and his liberal Hollywood and New York entertainment and media chums truly think about us out here in flyover land.... When you vote in 2020, keep that thought tucked firmly in your unworthy, peasant brain.


Read the rest here.

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February 23, 2019

Pope: Feminism is "Machismo in a Skirt"

Timothy Birednow

A stopped clock is right twice a day. In this instance, Pope Francis finally gets something right.

From Breitbart:

The pope’s off-the-cuff remarks came in response to an address by Dr. Linda Ghisoni, the undersecretary of the laity section of the Vatican’s Department of Laity, Family, and Life. Dr. Ghisoni delivered her remarks to the participants in a major Vatican summit on clerical sex abuse.

"Listening to Dr. Ghisoni, I heard the church talk about herself,” the pope said. "That is, we all spoke about the church, in all interventions. But this time it was the church herself that spoke.”

"It is not just a matter of style,” Francis continued, "the feminine genius is reflected in the church that is a woman. Inviting a woman to speak is not shifting into the mode of an ecclesiastical feminism, because in the end every feminism ends up being machismo with a skirt.”

"Woman is the image of the church that is woman, she is married, she is mother,” the pontiff said, which is why Catholics refer to the Church as mother, rather than as an organization or a union.

"It is not a question of giving more functions to women in the Church – yes, this is good, but this does not solve the problem – it is about integrating women as a figure of the church into our thinking. And also thinking of the church with the categories of a woman,” the pope concluded.

He's correct; feminism is a form of female bullying. It's not about protecting or empowering women so much as female supremacism. And it is about radical leftism, socialism, the whole nine yards. I am shocked this Pontiff recognizes it.

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Mike Steele Accuses Trump of Promoting Domestic Terrorism

Timothy Birdnow

Don't believe there is a swamp, and that the Republican Party isn't a part of it? Think again.

Former Republican Party Chairman Mike Steele called domestic terrorist Christopher Paul Hasson "Trump's People" on MSNBC's Deadlie, er, Deadline.

According to Breitbart:

Steele said, "I guess I kind of—at this point I have reached my glass is no longer half full, it’s just overflowing with all of the crazy that comes out of Trump. On this one, why would we be surprised a self-proclaimed nationalist would not speak out against a self-proclaimed white nationalist? Why are we acting like this is a space that Donald Trump is going to go in and behave of the American ideal? No, he is not. These are his people. And he’s not going to thank law enforcement because he’s probably not happy about what law enforcement did.”

He added, "You have communities of color, you have communities across this country, that are concerned about whether or not this president is interested in protecting their interests.”

Hasan was a Coast Guard Lieutenant with a hit list.

Is it any wonder the GOP turned itself into a meetoo party? Is there any wonder why the political class made a sharp left turn, with people like Steele at the helm?

Steele, a former Lieutenant Governor in Maryland, was Chair of the GOP from 2009 to 2011, during the critical Obama years. He was a monumental failure in that post. Oh, and he was brought down by a scandal involving prostitutes.

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Justice Dept. sought to have Trump removed from office in 2017 even though it did not yet know if Russia collusion was real

This from Americans for Limited Government

Robert Romano

"I was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency and won the election for the presidency and who might have done so with the aid of the government of Russia, our most formidable adversary on the world stage. And that was something that troubled me greatly.”

That was former acting director of the FBI Andrew McCabe’s description on CBS’ 60 Minutes of a May 10, 2017 conversation he had with President Donald Trump the day after former FBI Director James Comey had been fired.

Trump "might have” colluded with Russia, and with Comey now fired, he had to do something about it. McCabe was later fired himself for allegedly lying to investigators about leaking a story to the Wall Street Journaldefending the FBI’s conduct in the Hillary Clinton investigation. McCabe says he was authorized by the FBI to release information to the media.


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The Gilded Cage; California's Tarnishing Yellow Plating

Timothy Birdnow

Writing in Politico, Michael Grunwald argues that things are better in California and accuses Trump of waging a "war" on the yellow state.


Grunwald says:

But while California has plenty of problems, from worsening wildfires to overpriced housing to that troubled bullet-train project that became the latest target of presidential mockery, there’s one serious hitch in the GOP plan to make California a symbol of Democratic dysfunction and socialistic stagnation: It’s basically thriving.

"California is doing awesome,” says Congressman Ted Lieu, an immigrant from Taiwan who co-chairs the policy and communications committee for the House Democratic Caucus. "It’s a beautiful, welcoming, environmentally friendly place that proves government can work. Who wants to run against that?”

If California is so wonderful, why are so many people leaving? more...

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Our Father the State

Timothy Birdnow

Daren Jonescu has an outstanding essay at his website about State ownership of children and the war against home schooling.

From the essay:

The state governments of both Illinois and Iowa are currently taking aggressive legislative action to impose mandatory and periodic government invasions on private homes where children are homeschooled, in order to ensure that the government’s intellectual and moral indoctrination benchmarks are being met. In other words, these states, like most governments around the world that tolerate any level of homeschooling, are making a public show of declaring their ownership rights over all children, thus reinforcing the essential presupposition behind all public education, namely that parents exist only as secondary guardians and caretakers of children — a glorified babysitting service — subservient at all times to the government.

This has been the crux of my case against not only public schools, but also all state-regulated forms of "private schooling,” for years. The conservative fraud of "school choice” or "school vouchers” is just another manifestation of the same progressive, strings-attached diminution of the private family, in which all child-rearing ultimately falls under the regulatory domain of the state, whether directly or indirectly.

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February 22, 2019

Remembering The Indispensable Man

Dana Mathewson

Scott Johnson celebrates the birthday of George Washington. Of all of the Founding Fathers, he was the most important. This is a wonderful article.
Today we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of George Washington. Of all the great men of the revolutionary era to whom we owe our freedom, Washington’s greatness was the rarest and the most needed. At this remove in time, it is also the hardest to comprehend.

Take, for example, Washington’s contribution to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Washington’s mere presence lent the undertaking and its handiwork the legitimacy that resulted in success. The convention’s first order of business was the election of a presiding officer. Washington was the delegates’ unanimous choice.

Presiding over the convention during that fateful summer, Washington said virtually nothing. In his excellent book on Washington, Richard Brookhiser notes: "The esteem in which Washington was held affected his fellow delegates first of all…Washington did not wield the power he possessed by speaking. Apart from his lecture on secrecy, Washington did not address the Convention between the first day and the last.”

The esteem in which he was held by his fellow citizens was similarly crucial to the implementation of the Constitution during his presidency. In 1790 Rhode Island became the thirteenth state to ratify the Constitution. To mark the occasion, President Washington made a ceremonial visit to Newport when Congress recessed in August. Newport welcomed Washington with open arms. In Newport on August 18, according to James Thomas Flexner, Washington "completely fatigued the company” by briskly walking, fortified by the wine and punch served in four different houses along his route, from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon.

In anticipation of Washington’s visit to Newport, the members of America’s oldest Jewish congregation prepared a letter welcoming Washington for presentation to him at a public event on the morning of August 18. The letter was authorized by the congregation’s board and signed by its president, Moses Seixas. It is Washington’s magnificent letter responding to Seixas that that has become famous as one of the classic statements of religious toleration in America.

This article is a must-read, in my estimation. https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/02/remembering-the-indispensable-man-9.php

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Room Temperature Superconductor Patented

Timothy Birdnow

A scientist working for the U.S. Navy has filed for a patent for room temperature superconductor.

This is huge, but the American media doesn't understand it's importance.

From the article:

Salvatore Cezar Pais is listed as the inventor on the Navy's patent application made public by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

The application claims that a room-temperature superconductor can be built using a wire with an insulator core and an aluminum PZT (lead zirconate titanate) coating deposited by vacuum evaporation with a thickness of the London penetration depth and polarized after deposition.

An electromagnetic coil is circumferentially positioned around the coating such that when the coil is activated with a pulsed current, a non-linear vibration is induced, enabling room temperature superconductivity.

"This concept enables the transmission of electrical power without any losses and exhibits optimal thermal management (no heat dissipation)," according to the patent document, "which leads to the design and development of novel energy generation and harvesting devices with enormous benefits to civilization."

No data was included in the patent documents.

A room-temperature superconductor is a material that is capable of exhibiting superconductivity at temperatures around 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Current superconductors work when cooled near absolute zero, and the warmest superconductor, hydrogen sulfide, works at -95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Superconductivity is a condition where there is no electrical resistance to current flow amd flux flows are eliminated. This property (which normally requires considerable cooling of the conductor) was discovered by a Dutch physicist named Heike Kamerlingh Onnes on April 8, 1911.

Superconductors are wonderful things. An electric current induced in a superconductor lasts forever without a power source. This makes it a dandy material for DC current.

Superconductors have many uses. They are especially good at magnetic levitation, which would be useful in mminimal friction trains and the like. They can be used in electrical generators, improving their efficiency to as high as 99% (froma current of about forty five). This will make generating electricity cheaper and will require far less energy. See here for more on the uses of superconductors.

We have only begun to conceive of ways to use superconductors. And having a room-temperature superconductor is a huge game changer.

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Man Throws Toilet Through Board of Ed Window - School not worth a ...

Timothy Birdnow

In a world of wierd things this one rates rather high; a Florida man was arrested in East St. Louis for throwing an old toilet through a plate glass window of the East st. Louis Board of Education.

Apparently his motives remain unclear.

I suppose he was making a rather strong statement about his feelings toward the school district.

From the Belleville News Democrat:

Dave J. Toliver, 36, was charged with one count of criminal damage to property on Sunday, the East St. Louis Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Toliver is accused of throwing an old toilet through the front glass window of School District 189’s Board of Education building in the 1000 block of State Street, police said. When officers arrived on the scene, they were told the man who threw the toilet had fled.

Later, officers found Toliver sitting on another old toilet on the corner of 11th and Cleveland streets, the post said. He was arrested and placed in police custody, where he remained Wednesday night. His bail was $10,000.

Why a guy would leave Florida for East St. Louis is unclear. But why lug an old toilet around to break windows? Wouldn't a brick suffice? There are a lot of crumbling buildings in East St. Louis (America's answer to war-torn Moghidishu).

Insanity seems to be the order of the day in post-modern America.

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Smollett cut from Empire ending

Timothy Birdnow

Jussie Smollett, hate hoaxer, has been cut from the final two episodes of Empire.

The Ass Press is reporting that Empire is not firing Smollett pending the outcome of the legal process, but has removed the black, gay actor from the Season finale'.

Smollett's attorney called him "a man of character". He's a character, alright...

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McCabe claims Congress Knew

Timothy Birdnow

Andrew McCabe, disgraced former acting director of the FIB, er, FBI, says he briefed a Congressional delegation about what his investigation of Donald Trump and they made no objections.

From Politico:

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said on Tuesday that no members of the "Gang of Eight" congressional leaders objected when he informed them in May 2017 that the FBI had opened a counterintelligence investigation into President Donald Trump over his ties to Russia.

McCabe, who was serving then as acting FBI director after Trump fired Director James Comey, said on NBC’s "Today" show that no one in the briefing objected to the bureau’s inquiry of whether Trump was being used as a Russian asset — "not on legal grounds, constitutional grounds or based on the facts.”

The purpose of the briefing with the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate and the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate intelligence committees "was to let our congressional leadership know exactly what we’d been doing” after Comey’s firing, McCabe said.

David Popp, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said in a statement Tuesday, "We do not comment on or discuss the Leader’s work as it relates to the Gang of 8 and other classified issues.”

I wouldn't be at all surprised; the GOP leadership in both houses of Congress have been less than helpful to President Trump, and in fact neither McConnell nor Ryan endorsed Trump until just days before the election. The Swamp didn't want Trump, an outsider who promised reform, and there would be every reason why the "Gang of Eight" would NOT object to the FBI running a silent coup on the man.

Politico no doubt thinks this somehow exonerates McCabe, but in fact it merely indicts our political establishment.

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Fake Indian Warren calls for Reparations to Minorities, Minority Privilege

Timothy Birdnow

Elizabeth Warren joins Kamela Harris in calling for reparations to African-Americans over the issue of slavery.

From The Weak, er, Week:

Warren said in an interview with the Times that "we must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences, including undermining the ability of black families to build wealth in America for generations." She also said that "we need systemic, structural changes to address that."

Warren did not provide any specifics about what her plan would be, but the Times notes that this is significant given that it's a policy previous Democratic presidential candidates chose not to support.

An alien from space would think it was still 1865. We fought a war that claimed millions of American lives to end slavery. We passed a series of laws to correct the injustices following slavery - such as the Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act, etc. We ended "separate but equal" and offered special admissions to colleges and special privileges for employment for African Americans. We have had a policy called "race norming" in place in the U.S. government for decades, which automatically grants ten points to minorities on the civil service exam, and gives other preferences in hiring for blacks. Warren and Harris act as if none of this ever happened.

And there have been reparations. Many of the social programs were designed primarily for African Americans; Aid to Families with dependent Children (AFDC), Food Stamps, Medicaid, Section 8 HUD Housing, school lunch programs, etc. There is the Women, Infants, and Children program (WIC). Then there is direct cash assistance from programs like TANF welfare. There's SCHIP. There are energy subsidies. There is the Obamacare means testing subsidy. etc.


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February 21, 2019

California ponders a huge slippery slope law

Dana Mathewson

California bill would require Catholic priests to report child sex abuse revealed in confession

I can't say I'm surprised to see this, especially from the Peoples' Democratic Republic of California. But I'm certainly horrified. If this goes through, where will it lead?

California state lawmakers are introducing a bill that would strip priests of their legal protection for the Catholic Church's sacrament of confession when it comes to child sexual abuse.

The "Removing Clergy Exemption from Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting" bill, introduced Wednesday by Democratic State Sen.Jerry Hill, removes an exemption in the state's "mandated reporter" law that allows all members of the clergy to withhold knowledge of suspected child abuse from law enforcement if that information is obtained during a "penitential communication," such as Catholic confession.

Priests are just one category of professionals required by state law to notify law enforcement about suspected abuse, but unlike teachers and therapists, clergy members have an exception if they learn about the suspected abuse during confession.

"The law should apply equally to all professionals who have been designated as mandated reporters of these crimes — with no exceptions, period," Hill said in a statement. "The exemption for clergy only protects the abuser and places children at further risk."

Oh, sure. The children. It's always "for the children." But it won't stop there.

This comes as Catholic bishops from around the world are meeting at the Vatican in an effort to put an end to the problem of clergy sexual abuse.

The Golden State will be debating the right to private penance versus a desire to protect children, as both sides make their moral arguments.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has announced an investigation into clergy sex abuse, calling for victims to come forward.

The California Catholic Conference came out against the proposed legislation.

"Inserting government into the Confessional does nothing to protect children and everything to erode the fundamental constitutional rights and liberties we enjoy as Americans,” Steve Pehanich, director of communications and advocacy for the California Catholic Conference, told the Los Angeles Times.

According to the National Catholic Reporter, the seal of confession is considered sacred and"any priest who directly betrays a penitent would incur an immediate and automatic excommunication."

Read it all here: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/california-bill-would-require-catholic-priests-to-report-child-sex-abuse-revealed-in-confession

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Autopsy of a Coup at American Greatness

Timothy Birdnow

Victor Davis Hanson does an autopsy of a coup at American Greatness.  Brilliant, as we always expect from VDH.

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Clinton Crimes and DOJ Coverups

Timothy Birdnow

The Gateway Pundit delineates another DOJ coverup for Hillary

According to Joe Hoft:

This story begins with the Clintons and their Clinton Foundation. It includes Russia and China, and ends with another FBI/DOJ cover-up of Clinton crimes.

In our first post we discussed the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons’ efforts in assisting their friends’ business venture. Marty Edelman and Mati Kochavi created the family of companies under the AGT International umbrella and then donated heavily to the Clintons and in turn the Clintons helped them promote their business. This was a typical ‘pay to play’ arrangement with the Clintons – donate to the Clintons and the Clintons will help you get what you want.
Learn more about RevenueStripe...

Today we discuss the firm AGT International. This firm that the Clintons helped create did all it could to generate revenues, even if it meant flagrantly breaking US law. In 2014, AGT described itself on its website as the following –

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Big Brother can now seize your DNA

Timothy Birdnow

The eyes of Big Brother continue to expand their gaze. Now police will collect DNA for a federal database to better keep tabs on everyone.

From the article:

President Donald Trump has signed the Rapid DNA Act into law which means the police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime.

The law, which was signed in 2017 and comes into effect this year, will require several states to connect Rapid DNA machines to Codis – the national DNA database controlled by the FBI.

These machines, which are portable and about the same size as a desktop printer, are expected to become as routine a process as taking fingerprints.

But John W. Whitehead from The Rutherford Institute believes it is a sinister development which will make everyone a suspect.
Related Articles

Speaking to Daily Star Online, he said: "The fact of the matter is that these machines are not full-proof.

"But we could look at a situation in which someone could be arrested, have their mouth swabbed and then be charged within hours after generating a DNA profile.

"We are looking at the erosion of the concept of innocent before proven guilty because it will allow police to go on fishing expeditions.

"When you sit on a park bench, you shed DNA. That is now up for grabs by police who could swab it, and run it through a DNA database. If they find a match, or if misconduct occurred anywhere in the vicinity where your DNA was found, you might find yourself charged with a crime you never committed merely because you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution states:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a] against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Isn't a person's DNA part of their "person"? Isn't it an "effect"? In point of fact, anyone can be "arrested" for the most minor of violations; speeding, jay walking, cutting those "do not remove under penalty of law" tags, and now they are forced to hand over the very essence fo their bodies. Is this what the Founding fathers had in mind?

Interestingly enough, the Chinese are doing the exact same thing - to keep tabs on her citizens. How is this different?

I am not opposed to holding DNA any more than I am opposed to having a fingerprint file, but it should be something collected only in certain, well regulated circumstances, ideally after someone has been charged with a crime, not simply arrested. People get arrested for a lot of things when they haven't done anything. I remember a few years ago a lot of people got arrested at the St. Louis Mardi Gras when things got out of hand. Do they deserve to have their DNA forcibly removed and held by the state?

This is clearly the road to tyranny.

And of all people, the FBI is going to hold this data! You know, the same guys who have spent the last two years trying to frame Donald Trump! Why on Earth would Trump sign this kind of bill?

People were very angry when they learned the Bush Administration was collecting metadata on telephone calls made to suspected terrorists overseas. Yet this thing snuck through with nary a comment. Strange.

Anyone remember the row about the NSA data center in Utah? Conservatives were horrified that the National Securiity Agency aka No Such Agency was building a massive center to collect information on Americans. Yet now it is forgotten.

Will this DNA database wind up here?

If Barack Obama had signed this our side would have been outraged. We should be furious at the Orange Peril for this. He said in numerous speeches "America will never be a socialist country" . No; we are now just a plain old fascist country. Gee - it's good to go Brown....

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The Non-Issue of Global Warming

Timothy Birdnow

Our old friends Jay Lehr and Tom Harris lay out the case against anthropogenic global warming at Western Journalism.

From the article:

These zealots would like you to believe that due to fossil fuel emissions, summers are now longer and hotter while winters are shorter and milder.

Yet, the actual temperature records tell a very different story. Did the Earth experience its hottest temperature ever this year? The answer is no. The highest record temperature ever reported was 136 degrees Fahrenheit in Libya in 1922. The record high temperature for the United States was 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley, California in 1913. Fossil fuel emissions in 1913 and 1922 were negligible compared to today.

The coldest temperature ever reported was minus 129 degrees Fahrenheit in Vostok, Antarctica, in 1983 when Carbon dioxide emissions were five times higher than in 1913. The coldest temperature in the lower 48 states (excluding Alaska) of minus 64 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded in 1996 in Embarass, Minnesota. Did the media and climate scientists warn that this low temperature indicated that we are headed for another Ice Age?

The maximum reported difference between high and low temperatures at a single location is 188 degrees Fahrenheit (from minus 90F to plus 98F) in Verhoyansk, Siberia. In fact, record changes of highs and lows have occurred in 22 U.S. cities on a single day. For example, in 1989 the temperature in Alamosa, Colorado, varied between a low of 35F and a high of 91F for a temperature swing of 56 degrees F.


From 1970 until 1998 there was a warming period that raised temperatures by about 0.7 F that helped spawn the global warming alarmist movement. However, since 1998, little warming has occurred while carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase. This is totally consistent with variations in the amount of heat the Earth receives from the Sun.

These facts are completely supported by 4,000 ocean floats which measure ocean temperatures at a variety of depths. This data at argo.ucsd.edu measures the oceans where climate-induced temperatures occur.

read it all at Western Journalism.

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Smollett to be Charged for "Fleshy Part of the Thigh" Dirty Trick

Timothy Birdnow

Police are filing charges against Jussie Smollett.

The gay Empire actor is being charged with filing a felony disorderly conduct in filing a false police report. Smollett falsely claimed he was assaulted by two white men spewing racial and homosexual slurs and saying "this is MAGA country" in downtown Chicago at three a.m. Smollett claimed these men beat him up (quite mildly), poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck.

Two Nigerian men were caught on surveillance camera and subsequently arrested. The two men were friends of Smollett's from the Empire cast and were released after police questioning.

Police found bleach and a rope in Smollett's apartment. He is expected to be made to reimburse the police for the cost of the investigation in addition to a possible three years in prison.

Smollett's actions are despicable in so many ways. He has willfully borne false witness. He has tried to inflame passions, perhaps to the point of violence, and innocent people could have been hurt. He has tried to frame the President and his supporters. He stole police services in a town where that resource is precious. He deserves to serve time in prison - and should be fired from Empire.

Sadly, in the gangsta rap world that Empire seeks to portray, this is a resume' enhancer.

I am reminded of an episode in the old HBO Mafia series "The Sopranos". There was an episode called "The Fleshy Part of the Thigh" in which one of the gangsters (Bobby) is hired by a rapper to shoot him so as to give him "street cred". He asks to be shot "in the fleshy part of the thigh" so as not to actually hurt him. Smollett was doing something similar here, only far worse because it was not just about street cred or publicity but political assault and, as was pointed out yesterday there appears to be more than just Smollett involved; this looks like a good old fashioned Obama style "community Organizer" dirty trick.

Not only does Smollett need to go to jail but an investigation needs to be opened by the Justice Department over this. I suspect all manner of connected Democrats are involved.

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February 20, 2019

Smollett and the Chicago Way

Timothy Birdnow

The Smollet "lynching" gets more and more surreal.

Clarice Feldman at American Thinker connects the dots:

First Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Magats will be the acting state's attorney for the matter, a spokesperson said in an emailed statement Tuesday. No further explanation was given as to why Foxx recused herself.


Maybe that's because she really does know the politically active, politically connected Smollett's friends, for sure. Smollett's mom, Janet Smollett, is reportedly good friends with 1960s radical Angela Davis, and Davis mentored the young Jussie throughout much of his life. Davis, a communist, is a political celebrity on the far left, with an image second only to that of Che Guevara. Academic honors are still being showered on her, and leftist luminaries always look to have their picture with hers. Rest assured, she's connected with today's Democrats as one of their radicals manqué. I can't see her not being able to get a phone call through to some of them.


As I noted here a couple days ago, Nasheed's series of tweets raised suspicions that the hoax had a political nexus, quite likely from Democratic politicians, informed by gay special interests promoting their agenda. He said he was tipped off by the fact that shortly before the attack, there was an "anti-lynching" law on the table sponsored by Democrats Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, both of whom are running for president, and at the last minute, some language specifying homophobia was added to the bill. He was suspicious that the whole Smollett attack might have been a staged set-up to get the largely irrelevant law passed with Harris and Booker racking up points with voters. After all, when exactly did the last lynching in the U.S. occur, and aren't there murder laws already on the books?

Then the phony attack on gay and black actor Smollett happened, and now it seems to have blown up in their faces, exposed as a hoax.

The fact that it happened in Chicago and not some stereotypical place like Texas or Mississippi is a red flag. That the Democrats inserted last-minute gay language in their lynch law bill is a red flag. That Harris called the whole thing a lynching to match her pre-made bill is a red flag. Now a Chicago official recuses herself? It really looks as though this thing doesn't end with the Nigerians.

Harris's weird deer-in-the-headlights response to questions about her own tweet declaring Smollett a victim of a modern-day "lynching" only adds more fuel to the fire of Nasheed's theory.

End excerpts.

It is becoming crystal clear that Smollett was involved in an act of political theater of the worst, most vicious sort.

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Government (-driven) shutdowns have human consequences

Paul Driessen

Congressman Gerry Connolly invited an Environmental Protection Agency scientist to sit in the House gallery during President Trump’s State of the Union address last week. The employee had been featured in a local newspaper article about Virginia leaders and organizations that tried to help federal workers during the recent shutdown. Families like his "are committed to public service and just want to serve their country,” Mr. Connolly said. They "shouldn’t be held hostage by the President during a government shutdown.”

That got me thinking about the experiences all too many American businesses, workers and families have had with all too many federal, state and local "public servants.

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