November 20, 2018

China Paying for Trade War

Timothy Birdnow

Well, well, well!

It appears that China is footing the bill for the trade war with the U.S.

According to the Bloomberg editorial:

"That’s the conclusion of a new paper from EconPol Europe, a network of researchers in the European Union. U.S. companies and consumers will only pay 4.5 percent more after the nation imposed 25 percent tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods, and the other 20.5 percent toll will fall on Chinese producers, according to authors Benedikt Zoller-Rydzek and Gabriel Felbermayr.
China Is Paying for Most of Trump’s Trade War, Research Says"

End excerpt.

I've said all along China has a lot more to lose than do we. Their economy is completely tied to ours; the reverse isn't true. If China wants to fight they will lose. It's better for them - for everyone really - to start behaving honestly in world markets.

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I just had a thought...

Jack Kemp

What if the "entitled" Jim Acosta went to a press conference given by porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and tried to interrupt Avenatti with multiple questions. What do you think Avenatti would do? He might, for openers, accuse Acosta of being a child molester, a high school rapist (he has "witnesses" left over from the time of the Kavanaugh hearings).

Another press conference that might give Jim Acosta some problems would be one with this public figure either answering questions or in the audience. It happened in 2004, years before Franken entered the U.S. Senate...

According to the NY Post:

Wise-cracking funnyman Al Franken yesterday body-slammed a demonstrator to the ground after the man tried to shout down Gov. Howard Dean.

The tussle left Franken's trademark thick-rim glasses broken, but he said he was not injured.

Franken. who seemed in a state of shock and out of breath after the incident, was helped back to his feet by several people who watched the tussle. Police arrived soon after.

"I got down low and took his legs out" said Franken afterwards.

Franken said he's not backing Dean but merely wanted to protect the right of people to speak freely. "I would have done it if he was a Dean supporter at a Kerry rally" he said.
"I'm neutral in this race but I'm for freedom of speech, which means people should be able to assemble and speak without being shouted down."

The trouble started when several supporters of fringe presidential candidate Lyndon Larouche began shouting accusations at Dean.


Franken was a high school wrestler, I believe. For those of you remember the claymation cable tv show "Celebrity Death Match," you may may recall a claymation Hillary Clinton defeating Monica Lewinsky in the wrestling ring, hitting her with some metal object so that Lewinsky couldn't get up anymore. This is where Jim Acosta belongs, in a claymation Celebrity Death Match against Michael Avenatti or against Donald Trump or against Tucker Carlson. Acosta would lose any of those matches.

WAIT. I'm forgetting the ultimate live matchup. Jim Acosta goes to a Jesse Ventura press conference and tries his antics. Although Jesse is getting on in age age, I bet he could literally throw Acosta out of the place.

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Chipotle Manager may get job back

Dana Mathewson
Here is an update to the Chipotle story posted to the Aviary this morning. The manager who was fired may get her job back.

This is on my Yahoo home page. Obviously, things may not be what they appeared. s-may-rehired-135548731.html

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The Illusions of Global Warming

Timothy Birdnow

We have some Global Warming news this morning - and some related stories.

First, a paper in the Journal Nature tells us that we aren't seeing any atmospheric warming because...Antarctica is melting from global warming!

From Physorg:

"As the Antarctic ice sheet melts, warming of the atmosphere will be delayed by about a decade but sea level rise will accelerate, according to new research scheduled for advance online publication in the journal Nature.

The study is the first to project how the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet will affect future climate, said first author Ben Bronselaer of the University of Arizona, adding that current climate models do not include the effects of melting ice on the global climate.

The entire Earth will continue to warm, but the atmosphere will warm more slowly because more of the heat will be trapped in the ocean, he said

"Warming won't be as bad as fast as we thought, but sea level rise will be worse," said Bronselaer, a postdoctoral research associate in the UA Department of Geosciences.

Observations show that the Antarctic ice sheet has been melting faster in recent years." more...

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Target Corp. and JC Penny stock

Jack Kemp

Target Corporation stock is at $71 this morning. For a full year it was between $55 and $90. At the time of the "coed bathrooms" policy, it was at $85 and it was pretty high a short time ago but after November 5th, it has gone down from $85 to its present $71.

JC Penny, whose sophisticated "we know better than you peasants" management hired Ellen Degeneres as their spokesperson a few years ago, saw its stock drop from $40 to $10. NOW it is $1.19 a share.

One could make an argument that these losses iare retribution from G-d. Progressives would scoff at it, saying the drops in share price has been the result of bad management and the effects of But other department stores like Kohl's are doing much better and I would think that bad management starts with scoffing one's "deplorable" customers' values.


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A walk through midtown Manhattan

Jack Kemp

Sunday I was reading the paper on the subway and saw some health food items that I wanted to buy, so I got off the train near the heart of the Theater District and started walking towards the great health food store on West 54th street.
As I climbed to the street, I approached Radio City and there was one of the Rockettes all dolled up and handing out flyers for discount tickets to their Christmas Show (starting already). A discount ticket was "only" $42. I'm old enough to remember when the Rockettes Christmas Show PLUS a first run movie was around $7.50 or maybe $10. But I saw the mothers and their kids lined up down the block from the Radio City entrance. And a new Chevy in those days was $2000 and a subway ride was 15 cents (it is now $2.75 and will probably go up next year).
Later I approached the big health food store Westerly'son Eighth Avenue and 54th street, across the street from the former small place of the "Soup Nazi" of Steinfeld fame. There is a new soup store in place of the original but I used to buy lunch there from the real "soup nazi" when I worked with Dana at a place in Midtown, we were about four blocks away from the original soup store. By the way, Dana, the former Beefsteak Charlie's on the ground floor of the building where we worked is now a McDonald's - and a souvenir store next to it. But across from Westerly's is a brand new huge, modern Chick fil-A. I would have had lunch there but as I approached I remembered that Chick fil-A is always closed on Sunday in observation of the Christian Sabbath. Maybe I'll go to that branch of Chick fil-A some another time.
There are already Christmas decorations in front of the major office buildings on Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) and you can hear Christmas music blaring from loudspeakers on the street. We had some two inches of snow last Friday and the weather was what they call in Minnesota "springtime" but it melted by Saturday.

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Jack Dorsey; Upper Class Twit of the Year

Timothy Birdnow

To illustrate how utterly clueless the Progressive elites really are, this story paints a vivid picture. Jack Dorksey, er, Dorsey, head twit at Twitter, has caused a firestorm in India by being photographed with an anti-brahmin sign. Clearly Dorsey believed the Brahmin caste is the equivalent of white male Republicans.

From the article: more...

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American Oprichniki - Serial Food Scammer gets MN Chipotle manager fired

Jack Kemp

Another legacy of the Obama era.

Injustice At Chipotle

From the article:

"The fast food chain Chipotle fired a manager because employees refused to serve a group of young black men unless they first proved they had money to pay for the meal they wanted to order. A video of the confrontation in which the men accuse the manager of racism went viral. From the Miami Herald:

The footage, which has been retweeted more than 52,000 times, showed the Chipotle employees in St. Paul. Minn., moving on to serve a white woman without asking her to show 'proof of income' When the camera zoomed in on her, an employee said the food would be on the house because of the incident surrounding her.
"This is not how we treat our customers. We're committed to treating everyone equally and with respect"

 Chipotle said in a statement referring to the black customers. "The manager has been terminated and we are re-training everyone at the restaurant to ensure something like this doesn't happen again"
However, it turns out that one of the men , Masud Ali, the one making the video is a convicted thief who has a social media history of bragging about "dine and dash”” slang for fleeing restaurants without paying for food.

The Chipotle manager thought she recognized him from dining-and-dashing earlier in the week.

End excerpt. more...

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November 19, 2018

Freefall causes Nitric Oxide buildup in human body

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an interesting story. It seems that zero g causes an increase in nitric oxide in the brain which can lead to, well:

"Well, I think that certain parts of the brain end up receiving way too much blood because nitric oxide – an invisible molecule which is usually floating around in the blood stream – builds up in the bloodstream. This makes the arteries supplying the brain with blood relax, so that they open up too much. As a result of this relentless surge in blood flow, the blood-brain barrier – the brain's "shock absorber" – may become overwhelmed. This allows water to slowly build up (a condition called oedema), causing brain swelling and an increase in pressure that can also be made worse due to limits in its drainage capacity.

Think of it like a river overflowing its banks. The end result is that not enough oxygen gets to parts of the brain fast enough. This a big problem which could explain why blurred vision occurs, as well as effects on other skills including astronauts' cognitive agility (how they think, concentrate, reason and move)." more...

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Hyenas and Feminists (but I repeat myself)

Timothy Birdnow

Here is something that has a bearing on our modern era although I doubt the researchers realize it:

"A new study on wild spotted hyaenas shows that in this social carnivore, females dominate males because they can rely on greater social support than males, not because they are stronger or more competitive in any other individual attribute. The main reason for females having, on average, more social support than males is that males are more likely to disperse and that dispersal disrupts social bonds. The study by scientists of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW, Germany) and the Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier (ISEM, France) was published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Spotted hyaena females are often portrayed as archetypes of powerful and ferocious females. They are on average heavier than the males, have highly masculinised outer genitalia (a 'pseudo-penis' and a 'pseudo-scrotum'), and usually occupy the highest position in the society. But according to the new study, it is not their manliness that allows them to dominate males. "When two hyaenas squabble, the one that can rely on greater social support wins, irrespective of sex, body mass or aggressiveness," explains Oliver Hoener, head of the Ngorongoro Hyena Project of the Leibniz-IZW. Differences in social support between two individuals correctly predicted who will be the dominant in almost all encounters and in all contexts—between natives and immigrants, members of the same and different clans, residents and intruders, and individuals of the same and opposite sex. Female dominance thus emerges from females being more likely to receive greater social support than males. "What is so fascinating is that it all works without any direct involvement of other hyaenas," says Colin Vullioud, Hoener's colleague at Leibniz-IZW and first author of the study. "In the end, it's all about assertiveness and how confident a hyaena is of receiving support if needed." more...

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Nelson Finally Concedes

Timothy Birdnow

Finally, Bill Nelson concedes.

The Democrats made a fine effort in trying to steal the state of Florida. Almost got away with it.

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Practice makes perfect

Jack Kemp

I heard a remark today that Trump said he knows how to deal with foreign (and domestic) dictators because he has been dealing with NY City real estate people for decades!

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Reverse Mortgage nearing Meltdown

Jack Kemp forwards this.

FHA reverse mortgages are in the red, and taxpayers could be on the hook for a bailout

Why are reverse mortgages such a loser for the FHA? Are the valuations the FHA give too high? Are there in fact zero resale value on dumpy houses in run down neighborhoods? What's going on here?

A word from Tim, a Real Estate guy:

Bingo on all, Jack, but especially that last. And bear in mind that they are giving money in return for equity in a house that is still being occupied by elderly people - and the house in''t being maintained. Remember, what they are doing is paying people for future possession of the property - rather like buying a car from someone but not getting it from them for several years. How much would a car depreciate in this time frame? The same is true of a house, and since it's for elderly people who cannot maintan it properly it makes matters worse. And FHA loans are for people with shakey credit anyway, so the qualifications are minimal. Really, these things aren't loans at all but a sort of government buyback of a house which may be in poor condition by the time the government takes it. The borrower can live there for the rest of their lives by the terms of the agreement after taking the money.

Imagine buying a care from somewho who then keeps it for another fifteen years. No sane person would make that deal.

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Blaming climate - ignoring incompetence

Paul Driessen

Over 8,000 homes and businesses have been reduced to ashes and rubble by the latest California conflagrations. Well over 60 people have perished, over 50,000 are homeless, hundreds remain missing. "This is the new abnormal,” Governor Jerry Brown insists. "Dryness, warmth, drought, all those things are going to intensify,” because of climate change. Even if we do more on forest management, that won’t stop climate change. "And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies.”

Those assertions have no basis in fact. The hard, incontrovertible reality is that California has always been a largely arid state, afflicted by prolonged droughts, interspersed with periods of intense rainfall, and buffeted almost every autumn by strong winds that can whip forest fires into infernos. The problem isn’t climate change. It’s ideological, even criminally incompetent forest management practices demanded by politicians, regulators, judges and environmentalists in recent decades. My article presents the real story.


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November 18, 2018

Pence not going anywhere

Dana Mathewson

Despite some things we may have heard. . . yalty

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A Trump-Pelosi deal

Jack Kemp

Donald Trump has said that Pelosi can always call on him for Speaker of the House votes.

And there might well be a price for those GOP votes that Trump could deliver, namely a wall along the Mexican border. Would Pelosi sell out her "Democrat principles" to save her job? Well, Justice Ruth Ginsburg stayed in office despite the uncertainty of the 2016 Presidential election without even knowing who would be the choice of the Republicans.

To get the wall built, now that the Democrats won the House, I personally would pay the price of having a limited, unpopular with young Democrats Pelosi as Speaker rather than some younger, more capable Democrat.

I'd love to hear Pelosi tell everyone, "You have to build the wall to see what's in it."

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Minnesotans flee high taxes

Jack Kemp

Here are the literal money quotes:

Some of those better informed serfs wonder aloud, how did this happen? How did an angry Islamist become our Attorney General? They read the fluff pieces on the liberal candidates in the StarTribune and mutter that this would not be happening if Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor were still alive. Wasn't he once a conservative State Senator? He bought the newspaper. Maybe they neglected to print his obituary?

They read the campaign disclosure reports and see that three respected businesses in Minneapolis were among the largest donors to to Kieth Ellison's Congressional races. How can it be that TCF, General Mills and Thrivent Insurance for Lutherans each contributed more to him than the Teamsters?

Not all Minnesotans are going to simply tighten their scarfs and take it. They've started voting with their feet. One study found that Minnesota lost (or began losing) an estimated $2.1 billion in taxable income from the 3,099 wealthy taxpayers who fled the state over the past two years. These successful people discovered that they can live quite well, in nicer homes, just on the tax differential. They can play golf and enjoy their patio parties nearly year round. Does anyone doubt that more wealth will surely follow? There are now so many Minnesotans living in exile in Florida that the Minnesota Revenue Department pays special attention to people who move. Their mission is to try to prove that these people aren't really Florida residents and thereby squeeze more tax money from them.

Our Leftist leaders, their supporters in the Minneapolis business community and their apologists at the StarTribune pretend we don't see all this. They have taken to wealth-shaming any resistors. They have somehow convinced themselves that we can just continue to export wealth and import poverty without consequence. That the people who create the real jobs and those who actually pull the wagon will just have to pull a little harder. All so that the liberal politicos can redistribute the wealth that the producers created.

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IRS to go after British Monarchy

Timothy Birdnow

The Beetles said it best:

Let me tell you how it will be / There's one for you, nineteen for me / Cause I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman / Should five percent appear too small / Be thankful I don't take it all...

Turns out Meghan Windsor, the American Duchess of Sussex has brought the U.S. Internal Revenue Service down on the British Royal family. According to the U.K. Daily Mail:


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Theresa May faces No Confidence vote

Timothy Birdnow

British Prime Minister Theresa May (she may Brexit, she may not) is in danger of being removed from her PM position for her weak Brexit deal, which keeps Britain tied to the European Union apronstrings. A string of no confidence letters from MP's mah trigger a vote of no confidence, forcing May out.

From the U.K. Express article: more...

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A rabbinical sermon in St. Paul, MN

Jack Kemp

43 mins. on Youtube. At times it is slow, but this is the best Jewish sermon I've ever heard. And a lot of it applies to anyone of any faith who knows they have a Divine Soul.

He uses, not surprisingly, a few Hebrew phrases such as:

Gan Ayden - the Garden of Eden
Odem and Chava - Adam and Eve
neshumah - soul
mitzvah - righteous religious charitable act
Dovid Hamelech - David The King

I don't know how this wound up on the side of my Youtube page, but I think an Invisible Hand had something to do with it.

Rabbi Friednman - The Soul and the Afterlife.

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