November 24, 2016

You Can't Drain Half a Swamp

Timothy Birdnow

More and more we are hearing conservatives defend the Trump decision not to pursue prosecution against Hillary Rodham Clinton. The latest defense of this retreat by The Donald has been penned by Douglas Hertz at American Thinker.Read it here.

Frankly, I think it is born of a desperate desire for Trump to really be what everyone has hoped for, and now that His Hairness is starting to turn wobbly there is a sense of disbelief. It's the first stage of the five stages of grief; denial and isolation. Trump won in no small part by promising business as unusual, promising to "drain the swamp" and make the government elites live under the laws imposed on the rest of us. "Lock her up!" was not just a campaign chant; it was a real desire on the part of ordinary folks for justice, for equality under the law, for the rule of said law. Not at least looking in to prosecution is a repudiation of all of that. It's business as usual. And once again, the lawless Clintons, too big to fail, pull their greasy necks out of the hangman's noose.

Mr. Hertz gives us his rent-a-car view of this:

"Trump knows that the Clintons lost badly in the court of public opinion. He believes, rightly, that history will judge them far more harshly than any special prosecutor. For über-politicians like the Clintons, obsessed with their legacy, to leave behind such a negative impression on history is to live a pointless life.

Even more amazingly, Trump has yet again outsmarted and outmaneuvered his rivals as well as the liberal media. It's a trifecta: indebtedness from the Clintonistas, an enhanced media image, plus revenge served cold. The theme of snookering the intelligentsia while boxing out competitors has become a Trump trademark and will undoubtedly play out again during his presidency, as it has up until now.

Winston Churchill famously said, "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it." Hillary Clinton has no such option. Without a trial, HRC faces death by a thousand quills through social media, which will electronically transmit the truth about her everywhere and cast her into the well deserved perdition of permanent political oblivion."

End excerpt.

Where to begin?

The "court of public opinion" is notoriously fickle, and if memory serves Bill Clinton was actually admired for lying and obstructing justice back during his impeachment. Hillary was able to run for first the Senate then the President on the strength of the Clinton brand, a brand which logically should have gotten jeers and catcalls from the public. Bill Clinton committed a number of crimes, and in fact was found guilty by judge Susan Weber wright (a former student of Bill's) of contempt of court. He had to pay a $90,000 fine and surrender his law licence for 5 years. He was in court for sexual harassment and tried to rig the outcome. Clinton has also been credibly accused of forcible rape and of sexual assault by two separate women. He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice (not sex, as the media claims) but the GOP refused to convict him, ostensibly out of fear of running against a sitting President in the next election. Clinton was under constant investigations for numerous dubious affairs, and many of his closest advisors and friends went to prison. He always managed to dodge the bullet. The public knew all this, knew about Whitewater, Cattlegate, Chinagate, Travelgate, the drug running in Arkansas, his close ties to Dixie Mafia boss Don Lasiter, etc. They just didn't CARE!

Why not? Because the media loved Clinton, and the Democrats loved the way Clinton managed to thwart the GOP. There never was a trial in "the court of public opinion" and he never lost his luster.Neither did Hillary; the Democrats nominated her while she was under criminal investigation.

History can and has been rewritten to promote Progressive ideals. I would point out that this is something that has happened numerous times. Take, for instance, the bogus notion that people thought the world was flat until Columbus. That was a lie invented in the late 19th century to promote the growing Progressivism of the times. Everyone knew the world was round; the argument with Columbus was over how large the world was; he thought it was about half as big as everyone knew it to be. In short he was a luck fool. But schools have taught this lie long enough that the public now thinks people did not believe the world was round in the Middle Ages. It is a lie.

Look at all the other lies propogated by liberals and the gatekeepers of information. Thanksgiving was a party to thank the Indians for helping them, we are told. Lie; it was to thank God for a bountiful harvest after three miserable years. The idea that the Civil War was about abolishing slaver was another lie. It was about the power and scope of the Federal government. The whole "Camelot" business where Kennedy is portrayed as a great President is a lie; he was an abject failure on almost all fronts. He was embarassed by Kruschev, screwed up the Bay of Pigs, got us into Vietnam, almost started a nuclear war over the missiles in Cuba (he could have done that diplomatically and quietly but he wanted to show how tough he was). But history has been rewritten. The Civil Rights era is likewise a lie; most people think the GOP stood in those doorways in Alabama and Mississippi, and that the Democrats were the ones who fought for the changes in laws, rather than their being the chief opponents and the Republicans the champions of black progress. Blacks are an almost monolithic voting block today because of this lie. They have rewritten the history books on Jimmy Carter, who was a complete buffoon and utter failure as President. They have most people thinking Ronald Reagan was an amiable dunce who everyone - including the media - loved. The Texas revolution was nothing but a land grab, according to popular views; nobody knows what lead up to it or why the anglos in Texas rebelled. History has been revised by the Left.

So if Mr. Hertz thinks history will judge Hillary harshly, he should think again. The public STILL blames George W. Bush for everything bad, and he certainly expected history to judge him more fairly. History is written by those with the pens. The Left was very careful to confiscate all the pens.

Hillary's legacy will be far kinder to her than at present, unless things change drastically.

And she isn't done yet; she is trying to steal this election despite having lost. Her people are intimidating Electors, trying to get them to vote for her. IF she can deny Trump the 270 votes needed it would throw the election into the House of Representatives where Republican lickspittle can be bribed or blackmailed. Oh, and the top 3 vote getters are chosen from, so Gary Johnson could theoretically become President. There is also rumor that Hillary may challenge the election results in a number of key states.

Do not forget the crocodile lurking in the marshes; Barack Hussein Obama could intervene in her favor, and he may be able to pull something very unpleasant. And remember, most of teh appelate judges are Obama appointees, so they will side with Hillary. SCOTUS is evenly split so any lower court ruling will stand. And if Mitch the Bitch McConnell closes the Senate early as he wants to do then Obama can make a recess appointment. The courts will not stop a power grab here.

It's unlikely but it could happen.

That said, it is a moot point if Trump is inaugurated, but what other unpleasantness does Hillary have? For that matter, what other unpleasantness does Mr. Obama have in store? He is likewise guilty of several crimes, because he has openly broken the law on a number of occasions, ignoring judicial orders and congressional subpeonas as well as simply ignoring laws he does not like. If Hillary is allowed to go free so much more will Obama, and both can bedevil Mr. Trump and the entire nation. As a matter of politics these are people who must be destroyed, not forgiven.

In The Godfather Part II Consigliere Tom Hagen says to the Don, Michael Corleone "You've won. Do you need to wipe out everyone?"

Michael replies "Not everyone - just my enemies". This was after having dealt a decisive blow to his rival, Hyman Roth. Michael may have been a cold blooded killer but he was right; he understood that such a dangerous fellow could still hurt him, despite being in exile. Michael had to order one of his top men to go on a suicide mission to kill Roth. See, sometimes it LOOKS like you have won but fortune is a fickle thing, and an enemy at your back could be an enemy at your front.

Nicolo Machiavelli said as much:

"Upon this, one has to remark that men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge."


"I say that every prince must desire to be considered merciful and not cruel. He must, however, take care not to misuse this mercifulness"

Trump MUST eliminate Hillary as an enemy. The only way to do that is to let justice take it's course.

And that's all anyone is asking; let justice prevail. Not some sort of vengence, but justice. The Clintons have been engaged in a criminal enterprise most of their adult lives, and have always gotten away because of political pull. They are "too big to fail". Well, it's time for judgement day.

You can't drain half a swamp. Leaving Hillary in place is precisely that. If America is to be saved she must first be purged of her sickness. The Rule of Law is the penicillin of the body politic. We are not going to save America by hoping the illness goes away. We have gotten into this position because of the rule of anarchy, the ignoring of our laws, from the Constitution on down. If we restore the Cosntitution we can restore the Republic. But that will not happen if we allow the diseased elements to remain in place. Justice must be served.

If Washington is a swamp, Hillary Clinton is the Lady of the Lake there. And she will not fade away, any more than will Barack Hussein Obama (peace be upon him!) This notion held by so many that somehow this is the end for her is folly. Hillary is sort of the Morgana of the Lake, rather, and until the whole stinking cesspool is drained, and that includes far more than just the Washington politicos, America will continue to sink into the quicksand.

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