January 31, 2020

Worship the Creature Rather than the Creator

Timothy Birdnow

Recently I wrote about how liberals hold human life in little regard and consider us animals. I linked to a story about American military people working in Africa, bragging about killing elephant and rino poachers. My point was that the Left sees no superior value in the lives of the poachers over the animals.

I received a number of raspberries when I posted this to Facebook, mostly in the form of emoticons, but Willis Eschenbach was annoyed enough to trash me on my own page. He said:

Right, just let the poachers kill every single elephant on the planet. I mean, elephants aren't made in God's image, so screw them, we can get along without just fine, turn every last one of them into ivory bangles and bracelets for rich people and be done with them, that's a wonderful plan ...

... dude, do you realize how unhinged you sound?

And for the record, I'm as un-progressive and un-PC as a man can be.


The vitriol here is puzzling; Willis is very conservative. I replied:

Willis Eschenbach, nobody said we should just let poachers kill every elephant on Earth. Where did I suggest anything of the sort? I said that bragging about killing them is evidence of a worldview held by many people that devalues human life. This story clearly does. It suggests that the elephants are more important than human lives. Yes, they are poachers and criminals but we still have to value them over an animal. The Progressive Left has for decades labored to make human beings nothing but animals in our own sight and this story is clearly intended to serve that purpose. My American Thinker article about Terri Schiavo made that very case. I would like to point out that these are the same people who would deny us guns to protect ourselves. So it's o.k. to kill people as long as it is in the service of what the Left deems acceptable, but not in self defense. I would also like to point out that these poachers are the very definition of what the Left proports to care about; poor people trying to make a living. While I am not justifying killing elephants or Rinos in any way, I am pointing out the sheer hypocrisy. I thought you would understand that. But as to your calling me unhinged, well, who is angry about a comment saying human life is more valuable than animal? I am a big fan of yours and greatly respect your opinion, but I just don't think you understood my point, or you didn't try to.

You know, a while back there was a question posed to liberals and conservatives about what they would do if there was a fire in an art gallery, say, the Louvre, and a famous work of art  - say, the Mona Lisa - were in peril, but so too was a person. Would you save the painting or the man?  Liberals generally said the painting was more important than the man while conservatives said they would save the man first. Why?  Because conservatives value life to a far greater degree than liberals. Liberals see people as animals, perhaps complex and wonderful animals, but animals nonetheless and place no greater emphasis on their lives. In fact, in many ways they place a greater emphasis on animals since they see humans as a kind of invasive species, destroying the environment. They think there are too many of us.

So they would save the work of art first, because it has enduring value while a person is just a burden on society as they see it.

I fear this attitude is permeating conservative thought as well these days. The reaction to this certainly suggests that is the case.

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1 I will finally add my tuppence to the discussion. I've held back till now.

Tim, I believe your response might have been different if the original commentor (the woman who expressed the idea of "going out to save a few elephants and kill a few bad guys") had gone about it differently, maybe by saying "and eliminate a few poachers" instead. Or "cut down the number of illegal poachers." As Willis points out, poaching is a large problem, not only of elephants but of other animals in Africa, and India too. And it's not possible to deal with it by finding the poachers and "reasoning" with them, explaining the problem to them and "telling them it's wrong," like the English cops mentioned in a recent article dealing with Muslim raping of Brit women. It doesn't get the idea across. Unfortunately, poachers can get huge amounts of money for a poached elephant tusk or two, and feed their families for a long time on the money.

So is a poacher "a bad guy" for wanting to feed his family? Depends on how you look at it. The problem is, how do you stop him? Because if you don't stop him, you're going to lose a lot of elephants, and Africa, especially in the area where this is being done, hasn't elephants to spare.

There is no right or wrong answer. You can't put the guy to work flipping burgers at Mickey D's. There have been many attempts made to shut the illegal ivory trade down, but it keeps popping up -- it's just like the drug trade. As long as there's a demand. . .

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at January 31, 2020 06:18 PM (u8PNT)

2 Dana, I agree with you and I most certainly don't  have a problem with shooting the poachers if they shoot at the park rangers or whatnot. I'm all for shooting a home invader, or a carjacker, or a shoplifter who attacks security (I WAS security in a grocery store when I was an manager way back when). It was the flippancy of the article - and the glee of the very people who would try to take our rights to self-protection in another context, that got my goat.

I also think the approach of big reservations is wrong; it rarely works very well. What is much better is to incentivize private enterprise to increase the herds. It has been done with a number of other animals. I don't know how well these creatures breed in captivity, but if you can breed them on "free range" farms that would suffice. The American Buffalo is still around because of ranchers, not environmentalists, for instance.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at February 01, 2020 07:14 AM (NcHBR)

3 Considering that Sub-Saharan Africa is made up of just about the poorest countries in the world, I'm not quite sure how private enterprise is going to fill the bill here, Tim; that plus the fact that it simply isn't part of Africans' DNA. Those countries are virtually all kleptocracies, which is why people like Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin flourished. Even South Africa, which was doing well under white rule for years, is going downhill fast now, with whites facing being forced to give all their farms over to black ownership and pretty much flee the country. And there go the free range farms.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at February 01, 2020 01:15 PM (B85Mr)

4 Well, Dana, you have to bring outsiders in to buy up property. It's actually been done with outstanding results in other places. I realize it's difficult to do in Africa.

But is the current effort to save elephants working?  Dana, I just watched Dual Survival last night and they were faced with elephant and rino poachers. They said it's a mandatory twenty year sentence for poaching, but it appears poachers were all over the place. Obviously the effort is wrong-headed. People as poor as these cannot pass up a chance to make that kind of cash.

I would point out that Asian elephants are doing much better, largely because they domesticated the Asian elephant a long time ago and so the animals have economic value alive.

I would also point out that the America Buffalo was nearly extinct and it wasn't U.N. programs and government reserves that brought them back - it was the establishment of a slaughter market.

There has to be a way to make these creatures worth more alive  than dead, at least in the wild.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at February 02, 2020 08:20 AM (6w/6a)

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