July 10, 2019

Woman Soccer Team can't beat Freshman high School Boys, want Pay Raise

Timothy Birdnow

Recently some players on the U.S. Woman's World Cup soccer team have complained bitterly about getting paid less then the men. How sexist! In fact, 28 of them filed a discrimination lawsuit against U.S. Soccer to show their displeasure.

Well, as Ben Shapiro pointed out, athletic skill is a critical component of professional sports, and men are much better all around at it.

How much better, you ask?

This much.

Yes, you read that right; a high school boys team beat the women's national team 5 to 2! High school, that is.These kids were FRESHMEN!

If you can't beat some pimply undergrown kids, why are you worth as much as the men?

And sports are about money; how much do you generate. As Shapiro pointed out the 2010 World Cup for men brought in about $4 billion, he said, whereas the women’s World Cup one year later brought in $73 million in revenue.

"The reason for that is because people aren’t as interested in women playing soccer as men playing soccer — not because they are sexist, but because women are not as good at soccer as men,”

According to Vox the women earn $3,600 per game, while the men earn $5,000 per game, And the men received a $55 thousand bonus for making it to round sixteen of the cup, while the women got just $15,000 for winning it all. But that is because they don't bring home the bacon.

Look, there aren't a bunch of businessmen sitting around thinking up ways to disrespect women. They operate rationally, and the almighty dollar is their end goal. If it were worth it to them they would pay more to the women. As it is they don't because people don't want to watch them. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves. It's not really a fault, either; we reward excellence. Yes, these gals are good, but they aren't in the same league as the men.

Maybe they should play the men to prove their worth? Naahhhh...

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