December 31, 2022

Why the Third World Handled Covid Better

Timothy Birdnow

Africa is also much warmer. Covid is a cold and flourishes in cold climates. Viruses thrive in colder climates than in warmer (which have bacteria and parasites).

Also, there is less obesity and the people are used to catching all manner of diseases, so their immune systems are likely stronger than ours. And they come into contact with fewer people in much of Africa than in the West.

And finally they simply ignored a little sniffling so there probably were far fewer tests done for Covid. Here in the West we tested, tested, tested. Trump was mocked for blaming all the testing but he wasn't wrong; not only were there multiple false positives but it just stands to reason more testing will find more "cases". Cases don't really matter.

Daniel Jupp

In the West we are told that we have the best medical systems in the world. We are told that we are rich nations who can afford a level of clinical care and medical infrastructure which simply doesn’t exist in the Third World.
At the same time we were told that within the West black people are disproportionately affected by health issues due to racism, poverty and apparently some conditions like covid being more harmful to some ethnicities than to others.

What we aren’t told is that Africa and the entire Third World dealt with the covid pandemic far better than the West or parts of Asia that are relatively wealthy as well. The lowest death rates and the lowest number of cases are all from Third World nations. Africa, India, Oceania, and large parts of Asia were all much less affected by covid than the rich European nations or North America.
This should be the exact opposite of what would happen if 1. Our health systems were great and saved many lives 2. Poverty actually does translate to lower survival rates in a pandemic and 3. Black people actually are more at risk from covid. One or all of these things must be untrue for the Third World to have much better covid figures than the First World.
Covidians have been remarkably silent not only on all the evidence that has gradually emerged showing that every measure they insisted on either had no statistical impact or was actually harmful, but on the disparities of outcomes between the First and Third world.
How is it that the UK or the US, France or Germany should do so much worse, whilst blessed with all the resources others lack, than Haiti or Burundi? Places which barely quality as functioning states did better than the West. Places which had virtually no medical infrastructure, places dependent on charity, places that are war zones, places where disease and famine are usually more prevalent than anyone in the West has ever experienced, places where corruption might significantly impede access to care, and places which had no masking, no lockdowns, and most especially no mass vaccination, all did better than us with our tens upon tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and trillions of pounds of spending.
Headlines now read that ‘experts’ are "baffled” as to why Haiti, one of the most badly run, corrupt, poor and failing countries in the world, has among the very best covid statistics in the world. The same experts are equally ‘baffled’ by why excess death rates post mass vaccination are much higher than excess death rates at the height of covid.
The lesson from covid is if you want the very best chance of surviving a pandemic, be somewhere so poor, so isolated and so unnoticed that nobody can turn up and inject you with a ‘cure’. Witch doctors literally did better than our doctors. For personal power and profit, the professional medical and governmental class in the West abandoned perhaps its greatest claims and greatest achievements. It can no longer claim that it’s ethics are better than those of the Third World. It can’t even claim any more that it’s science is rigorously tested, appropriately applied and unusually effective.
In breaking the Nuremberg Code and enforcing draconian measures including coerced medical experiment on a vast scale, it lost its moral authority. In a small group of people using this crisis for vast profit it lost any claim to be less corrupt than the likes of Haiti or Zimbabwe. In adopting utterly irrational measures reliant on mass hysteria, propaganda and magical thinking, like believing that a virus obeys arrows on the floor, it smashed the Western reputation for rationalism, acquired painstakingly over centuries, to pieces. And in allowing the State to eradicate basic freedoms on so little actual evidence and with so little actual cause, it abandoned the love of at least some form of liberty which had defined the West in opposition to Eastern despotism since the days of Ancient Greece.
Most people have yet to fully realise just how vast a crime all this was. As vaccine deaths exceed virus deaths, some who went along with it all will do so. Some will wake up, and we are seeing that. But until those responsible are punished, until consequences occur, the West will never again be what it was. And that is a tragedy for all mankind even if not one more person dies due to these policies and these disastrous covid vaccines.

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