November 30, 2017

Why Mooch will Run

Dana Mathewson

Dear Lord, deliver us! This was passed along by Eddie, and I'm sending this along and replying to him at the same time.

Maybe she'll be the next liberal to have been discovered sexually abusing somebody. This morning it was revealed that Matt Lauer was the latest.

I won't bother to send this to Friend Ken, because he'll just give his usual "the country's not ready for a woman president" wheeze. I'll admit I don't think the country's ready for THIS woman, or at least I hope they're not!

Jack Kemp replies:

I don't think that so many whites will be lined up to vote for Moochelle after the NFL taking a knee to half empty stadiums. This anti-NFL protest is like The Tea Party part 3 (Trump being part 2). It's becoming a lot clearer that these black scolds are anti-white racists.

And from Dana Mathewson

Right. And we saw last year just what happened to a candidate who supposedly represented B. Obama's "legacy." I don't think it will work that much better for one who even shares his name. Yes, she'd get more black votes, but fewer white ones, as you say.

Tim's 2 cents:

I don't know enough about her to say for certain, but she IS the only game in town for the Donkeys and she strikes me as power mad too. I despise the woman for her obvious hypocrisy and sense of entitlement.

Jack, I think you are right; the country won't want her. We can't keep going to the past - especially a past that just wasn't that great. People supported Obama because he was the first Black President, but I suspect nobody was very happy with him and Michelle will just be more of the same. Trump's election was a sign that the public was sick of identity politics and rule by elites. Michelle, coming from her position as political royalty, is clearly an elite

Jack Kemp responds:

Yes, Michelle Obama is the woman who said that she was only prowd of America while her husband was President. And she once in 2009 wore a pair of $540 tacky sneakers to a poor person's shelter. I think she still doesn't get it. I could see her campaigning by taking a knee (or supporting those that do) at NFL games.

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