February 25, 2019

Why is Gitmo Empty?

Timothy Birdnow

Despite all his tough talk Donald Trump has failed to keep another campaign promise - to refill Gitmo with terrorist thugs.

From The Washington Times:

Even as Mr. Trumppleads with other nations to take back foreign-born Islamic State fighters now held in Syria, the White House hasn’t offered any serious proposals to move those militants to Guantanamo.

In his 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump vowed to refill the prison with "bad dudes” captured abroad.

Guantanamo now has about 40 detainees, down from a 2003 peak of 680 and down from the 41 detainees there when Mr. Obama left office, according to figures compiled by Human Rights First.

I don't know why we aren't using Gitmo for it's intended purpose. If we aren't going to use it for captured terrorists, at least let us put it to constructive use in other ways. I advocate using the prison to hold illegal aliens who have committed crimes; why should they enjoy the luxury of an American prison? Send them to Gitmo, and then even if they escape so what? They're still in Cuba.

Jimmy Carter detained tens of thousands of people at Guantanamo during the Mariel Boatlift era. For those who do not remember, Carter offered to take "refugees" from Castro who emptied his prisons and sent all the drgs of society to America, triggering the infamous Cubanm crime wave. (See the movie Scarface with Al Pacino for what is perhaps the only treatment of the issue in popular culture, even though it was a way-over-the-top movie.)

Also, Haitian refugees were temporarily housed at Gitmo, to the tune of 12.500 in 1991 and 50.000 in 1993. So And 30,000 Cuban refugees were detained there in the mid nineties.

So why don't we use it to detain illegal aliens from Central America?

(BTW, I love this line in the WaPo article from 1995; "Work turned from setting up Bible classes to setting up barbed wire." Can you imagine Bible classes for anyone now? And at the time it seemed normal even to the Washington Post.Bible classes are exactly what is needed in this Godless post-modern world.)

If Camp x-ray is to remain open we should return to her former mission. But if Trump doesn't choose to do that then there is a very useful thing it can be repurposed to.

Walls aren't always helpful just along borders, Mr. Trump...

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