January 23, 2016

Why Can't We Evict 11 Million Invading Aliens?

Timothy Birdnow

Just a few quick thoughts on illegal alien trespassing.

First, the Republican Establishment keeps telling us we cannot round up 11 million illegal aliens, that it is a logistic impossibility. Is that so?

First, I would like to point out that immigration is not some absolute American value. Immigration was restricted largely to Western Europeans until the late 1899's when large numbers (ultimately 25 million) of Eastern and Southern Europeans immigrated to the U.S. The Page Act of 1875 excluded Chinese and other Asians from immigrating, although that same year SCOTUS ruled that individual states could not exclude immigrants, thus opening the flood gates to immigration from Europe.

The flood of low-skilled workers into the U.S. led Congress to pass a literacy act requiring that immigrants know how to read and write in 1917; the Great War threatened a massive influx of refugees, and the U.S. was wary of unassimilatable people overwhelming her. This was followed by the Emergency Quota Act of 1921, followed by the Immigration Act of 1924 which essentially stopped almost all immigration to the U.s.They also had passed the National Origins Formula in 1921 to restrict immigration to prefered countries of origin, meaning in Western Europe.

The end of WWII began the change in immigration as strict controls were relaxed.

Immigration from Mexico and Central America increased dramatically as a result of the post-War economic boom, and Harry Truman thoughtfully deported 3 million illegal aliens. Not to be outdone, his successor Dwight D. Eisenhower, initiated Operation Wetback and kicked two million more out of the country. In short, five million illegal aliens were booted out of the U.S. in the forties and fifties.

Think about that; five million at a time when the U.S. population was only 150 million. The 2010 census shows the U.S. as having 309 million people, so in essence Truman and Ike kicked out a proportionally equal number of illegals as we currently have officially here. Of course, we are likely being lied to about the number of illegals, which may number as high as 22 million or more.

But remember, this evicting of trespassers was done in an era when there were no interstate highways, no commercial jet air travel, no satellite imaging, no drones, no electronic surveillance of spending, none of this. It had to be done through legwork and eyeball contact, and the deportees had to be moved out by train or bus on small roads.

So one must question the claim that we cannot remove the breaking and entering lawbreakers. We have tools that nobody ever dreamed of in 1950, and yet with such great technology we are supposedly helpless.

If, as we are told, modern science can allow us to determinet he weather a hunded years hence based on complex computer models, why cannot a computer model predict where illegals are hiding and ferret them out? I can even give the authorities a clue; check at Swift meat plants, or in California or Colorado farms. It really isn't that complex.

And we can certainly stop people from crossing the border. If we can kill terrorists with drone strikes overseas, can't we frighten off some barefoot muchachos wandering in the desert? A warning shot in front of them should suffice.

The claims to justify the deluge of alien invaders is dishonest in the extreme.

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