February 26, 2023

WHO Dunnit?

Jerry S. Rainforth

Curious about opinions and alternate thoughts.

"COVID-19 is anything but a legitimate pandemic, and it goes far beyond a mere construct of enterprise fraud. Rather, COVID-19 is a functional mechanism that has already been leveraged to steal an election, remove one sitting U.S. president and install into the Executive a proxy for the Chinese government, the CCP, and its functionary, the World Health Organization [WHO.]

The WHO is the CCP’s functionary by means of funding. This is a very old analysis of COVID-19 revisited, and there are important distinctions to understand. The WHO is a subsidiary of the United Nations [UN] so beyond the funding of just the WHO, the funding of the entire UN must be considered"

COVID-19, WHO International Pandemic Treaty & Global Governance: At What Point Does An Internationally Enforceable Treaty Permit Foreign Troops On U.S. Soil?

COVID-19, WHO International Pandemic Treaty & Global Governance: At What Point Does An Internationally Enforceable Treaty Permit Foreign Troops On U.S. Soil?m Tim adds:

I agree by and large. I think that China was and is a paper tiger, but that it is now a world superpower because forces in the West, elitist forces, want it so. They want it as a counter-balance to the U.S. and as a way manipulate the world markets and currency.

I agree; China is the hammer they are using.

And the dirty little secret is that they can take China down when they wish. China is very vulnerable to outside market forces. They own vast amounts of American debt, and if the U.S. defaults the Chinese economy completely collapses. So they push for high U.S. debt, to keep us on the edge of default and thus keep the Chinese on a short leash. There are other things they can do too; control lending to China, control the movement of corporations and good to and from China, etc.

And by using China for things like creating a pandemic they can hide their own duplicity.

I would point out that Bill Gates warned there would be a pandemic during the Trump Presidency, and he was amazingly prescient. I would point out that there was a joint Gates Foundation/WEF/FEMA exercise to deal with a Covid pandemic in October of 2019. I think this thing was pre-planned.

And if it wasn't it was certainly convenient. Trump would have sailed to electoral victory in 2019. Covid killed his election. And that suited China well, because Trump's policies had been doing real damage to the Chinese economy. Their real estate market was tanking, the manufacturing industry was down thanks to Trump's plan to get industry back in the U.S., and the tariffs were squeezing their exports.

So they got rid of Trump with a pandemic. Did China release it, or the elites who were also desperate to get rid of Trump?

I believe both of them did.

And the WHO was in the pocket of China already but now more than ever. Biden is trying to impose (without a law by Congress) a treaty which grants the WHO authority over the U.S. This will serve Mr. Biden well should he decide he will lose the next election and needs a game changer.

So it was a win/win for everyone on the Left. Democrats got rid of Trump. Biden got to be President. China got rid of Trump and strengthened it's hand in international affairs. Huge sums of money turned over in international markets. Amazon tightened it's grip on the retail markets. The big banks grew. The mom and pop businesses went under and were snatched up by big chains. Power was centralized in many places and in many ways. And the notion that we are "all one People" and that nation-states are dangerous and irrelevant throwbacks to a time well gone is advanced. Oh, and since money is dirty and may carry disease we must go to a cashless society. And they now have a precedent that they can force us to receive a dangerous and experimental drug against our will. And they restored childlike faith in government and "authorities" in many.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but am I paranoid enough?

Carlos Velazquz adds:

I don't know that these were all the purposes ahead of time even though it turned out that way. This I know:

The Wuhan lab is in China and is owned by the CCP.
Fauci and his cohorts gave the Wuhan lab the GOF technology which made the virus they were researching deadly and capable of infecting humans.
There was at least an accidental local breakout that turned into a local epidemic.
China and the CCP realized the enormity of their local problem and shutdown Wuhan and ALL air travel to and from Wuhan,
EXCEPT international travel thus deliberately infecting the world with the C-19 virus and PURPOSELY causing the pandemic. A crisis too good to waste.

This I surmise: there is a good possibility that the CCP and the PLA understood the significance of what GOF would allow them to do. They may not have intended to infect the local population, but it would certainly be on of their future weapons of mass destruction.

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1 Curious about opinions and alternate thoughts.

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2 there is a good possibility that the CCP and the PLA understood the significance of what GOF

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