May 15, 2024

When Worlds Collide

Richard Cronin

In Greek mythology, Theia was the wife of Titan and their daughter was Selene. In Roman mythology, Titan is Atlas and Selene is Luna.

It has long been thought that the moon was formed by the "Big Impact” or "Big Splash”, wherein a nearly Mars-sized planetoid named Theia collided with the Earth, broke up, and a major remnant became our moon. Moreover, the collision took place very shortly after the beginning of our Solar System, 4.56 billion years ago. The Earth had not formed a rigid crust. It was a semi-molten mass. Two fragments penetrated deep inside the early Earth. The impact also imparted Earth’s tilt and Precession which gives us our seasons.

Quoting from article "They were already aware that there are two massive, distinct blobs that are embedded deep within the Earth. The masses — called large low-velocity provinces, or LLVPs — were first detected in the 1980s. One lies beneath Africa and another below the Pacific Ocean.”

It is pretty certain that one impact initiated the Pacific Ocean. I’d hypothesize that the blob beneath Africa struck in such a way as to form the Indian Ocean and push up the regions of South Africa.

The trenches forming the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire plus trenches in the eastern Indian Ocean (i.e. Sunda or Java, as well as the Diamantina trench) were formed by the combination of the Sun’s gravity with the Earth’s rotation. The trenches are rips in the Earth.

The Great East African Rift is one of the notable geological features with Africa but there are no trenches associated with the coasts of Africa.

The moon has been essential in providing the tidal basins where early life flourished. The coupling of the Earth and moon also gives us our eccentric orbit which imparts Tidal Pumping, driving the El Niño Southern Oscillation.

Finally, the addition of mass from the Big Impact made the Earth larger than Venus and Mars, affecting our shared Tidal Pumping effects.

Yeah, and it all happened by chance (** eyes roll **), then Atlas Shrugged.

Collision that formed the moon also created alien blobs inside Earth, study says | CNN

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