May 28, 2018

What's wrong with Hillary (in under 10,000 words)

Dana Mathewson Well, that question REALLY deserves an answer that would take at least one volume of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. But this article is interesting. Jonathan Dickinson notes: ...and then there are the cognitive issues. She keeps saying that our democracy is in trouble (there's a "crisis in our democracy"), whether it be from Russians or Trump or the electoral college or "lack of accurate information" or "right wing media propaganda." It's troubling that she thinks our system of government is a democracy and it's troubling that she thinks having control of only 94% of the media instead of all of it is insufficient. And now she said she wants to be the CEO of Facebook because that's "where most people in our country get their news, true or not." Jack Kemp tosses in his two cents: After Teddy Roosevelt was President for seven years, he kind of retired to his home on Long Island called Sagamore Hill. I have taken the tour there twice. Like Obama, Teddy was relatively young and didn't know what to do with himself. His wife put him on a budget of one or two rolls of silver dimes a day which he used to go to the Oyster Bay Long Island Railroad Station (still in existance and where I started a tour) and give out the dimes to children, somewhat reliving his glory days of being a President who drew big crowds. Eventually, Teddy R. went on an expedition to the Amazon River which weakened him and lead to his eventual death. Obama will go to a tv station to film his image sent out to adoring crowds, both real and imaginary, instead of to a railroad station. Hillary, although not that young, still wants to be "the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral" as well. Giving away dimes with her trembling hands at the railroad station doesn't cut it in 2018 America, but she now has a high tech opportunity to be on cable tv. Her trip to the tv station (or the crew's trip to her home) will not be her version of the Oyster Bay railroad station, but rather the final scene of "Sunset Boulevard" with her on camera for her "adoring fans." And, like Norma Desmond decending the staircase, she keeps promising to never desert her fans again as she plans to make a new on camera appearance and many others after that. Mr. DeMille, "she is ready for her close up," but don't get too close - and don't show the back brace. Yes, not only does she now want to be Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard," but also be Cecil B.,DeMille - and the president of Paramount Pictures as well. Well, Vince Foster already has the William Holden role of lying face down dead. A word from Dana: At least, TR was president -- once by virtue of having been Vice President, and once in his own right. Hillary has yet to gain the office "by any means." Thank the Lord. Her minions seem dedicated to get her and her flying monkeys into the office somehow, without realizing it would destroy the country. AND THIS FROM FAY VOSHELL: I notice both Obama and Hillary are wanting to retake the reigns of power through media, be it FB or Netflix. God forbid. /from Tim: Well put Jack! Faded glory, that's what she is. Except there never was much glory in Hillary... From Dana: Don't try to tell Her Ladyship that, though, Tim. In her twisted world, she's the glamor doll -- the evil queen with the magic mirror telling her she's the fairest of all. In spite of the fact that she so often looks like the proverbial string of suckers. And yet -- she's on record as complaining about the inordinate time she had to spend on her hair and other aspects of her looks. I kid you not. From Tammy Bruce's blog: From Jack Hillary more and more embodies the truth and wisdom in this following joke: Hillary held a seance where she asked her mystic to bring forth various Presidents to give her advice in her 2016 Presidential campaign. First, she called forth the spirit of George Washington. "President Washington, what can I do to best help the American People?" Presdident Washington replied, "Always tell the truth." To that Hillary hemmed and hawed and asked the mystic, "Let's try another President. How about calling up the spirit of Thomas Jefferson?" "President Jefferson, what can I do to best help the American People?" President Jefferson replied, "Always put the needs of the people first." Once again, Hillary hemmed and hawed and then again sought advice from another President. "I'm from Illinois. Let me ask Abraham Lincoln for advice." The mystic conjures up the spirit of President Lincoln. "President Lincoln, what can I do to best help the American People?" President Lincoln replies, "Go to the theater..."

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