August 31, 2017

What's in a Name?

Timothy Birdnow

In college I was trained in linguistics. Not that I was very good at it, mind you, but I definitely received the training; my hope was to become a national security analyst and sit around in Washington with my feet up on a desk. I studied history with an emphasis on Russia. I studied linguistics. I learned a thing or two although I never became truly proficient at Russian; my Russian teacher told me I had way too much imagination and overthought it all the time. At any rate, I was never that good, but I did learn a thing or two.

Maybe I do have too much imagination, but I noticed a similarity between the names Antifa and Intifada almost immediately.

Antifa is supposedly a contraction of anti-fascist but notice how similar it is to Intifada, which is the name given to the uprising by masked Palestinian thugs in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

Merriam Webster gives the etymology of Entifada as:

"Arabic intifāḍa, literally, the act of shaking off"

So why choose I or A for the starting letter? After all, it is pronounce "entifada" by the news media (hardly a credible source for pronunciation or language in general; take their pronunciation of Mikhail as "Mic Hail rather than the Russian Mee-ki-eel.) I don't think the A or I differentiates it all that much. I believe the whole point of the choice of Antifa is to mimic the word Intifada. And, members of Antifa often show up wearing black with black masks in the Islamo-terrorist fashion.
I think their choice of names is consc oious and very telling. So many of these violent extremists find common cause with Islamic terrorists.

Now most people are calling them An tee fuh, but I prefer Anti-fah. I think we need to identify who they admire.

By the way, I never did make it to Langley after college; I graduated right around the time the ing Soviet Union fell. Boy did my timing stink! After 70 years of Marxism/Leninism I wound up being unemployable. It is an unfair world - a point people like the antifa crowd refuse to accept.

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