November 07, 2023

What's in a Name?

This courtesy of Sherrie Mathieson:

Moshe Cohen

Genetic tests also confirm the names:
The Jews are originally from Judea.
And how
The Arabs are heading to the west.

Wait so who are these (Palestinians)?? I will try to shed some light!
Just like Saddam Hussein Al-Tikriti who was born in Tirrit Iraq, the Palestinians' family names "proportionate" testify to their origin and tribal integration
Masri=Egypt (Mushir El Masri speaks Hamas)
Akari = the city of Akkar Lebanon (terrorist Ibrahim Akari)
Hamis = Bahrain
Al-Farooqi = Iraq
Al-Arge = Morocco
Al-Lebanese = Lebanon
Al-Mugrabi = Maghreb = Morocco
Al-Jazeer = Algeria
Zarkawi = Zarka city in Jordan
Al-Yamani = Yemen
Al-Afghan = Afghanistan
El-Farangi="The foreigner" is a Ghanaian name for Europeans
Non hindi = guess by yourself
Hamati = Syrian butter
Ottoman = Turkey
Alawi = Syria
Khalabi = Aleppo Syria
Dajani = Saudi Arabia
Metar = Kfar Bnei Metar Yemen
El-Kord = Kordistan, evacuated not long ago from East Jerusalem
Al-Baghdadi = Iraq
Tarabulsi = Tripoli Lebanon
Khorani = Khoran Syria
Husseini = Saudi Arabia claim to be descendants of Muhammad.
Masarwa = Egypt
Bardaville = Egypt, Lake Bardaville
Nashashibi = Syria
Bushenk = Bosnia
Zoabi = Iraq
Turkish = Turkey
Khadaddin = Yemen
Abu Sita= Tarabin tribe Egypt
Al-Azad = Yemen
Al-Hijazi = Saudi Arabia
Al-Tamimi = Saudi Arabia
Al-Qurashi = Saudi Arabia
Murad = Yemen
Al-Obid = city in Sudan
El-Tarthir = village of Tarthir Egypt
Tamari = Saudi Arabia
Zebaidi= Iraq Zebaidi tribe
Al-Zorani = Create Lebanon
Al-Zidawi = Zidon of Lebanon
El-Fayoumi=Fayoum Egypt
Shaalan=Egyptian Bedouins
Hamdan = Yemen
Al-Bana = Egypt
The maroons from a bunch of milk, the Christians that came from sorting and littering.
The Bedouins that invaded Egypt.
Circuses from the Caucasus.
The Armenians?!
And let's not forget the most famous Palestinian in the world.
Arafat El-Kudwa, who all his life claimed to have been born in Jerusalem! Arafat was born in Cairo, and "the tribe of Al-Qudwa" originated in Aleppo Syria "AL QUDWA"

Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran, not even once.
Also the p. To. Two are not mentioned in the Qur'an
(Jerusalem in the Bible 656 times!) )
On the contrary, "the sons of Israel" are mentioned in both the Quran and the Hadith 64 times
In all the Roman records (provincia IVDAEA) only Jews are mentioned. There is no memory of any other nation.
Even the ancient Arab historians don't hide their hands on the plate.
"Ibn Khaldon" describes in his famous book "Muq'adima (مقدّمة ابن خلدون), page 55" the land of israel as "the exclusive settlement place of the Jewish people"
"Yakot El-Hamawi" states in his book (معجم الدان): "Mecca is holy for Muslims, Jerusalem is holy only for Jews"
"Ben Timiya" states in his books: "There is nowhere in Jerusalem that can be called saint, and the thing is also true about the graves in Hebron"
"Muhammad Ibn El-Hanafi" claimed in his book: "Prophet Muhammad never went or visited Jerusalem"

The Muslims today, claim that Muhammad flies overnight on a winged horse (Burak) all the way from Mecca to a "remote mosque" which they say is on the Mount of the Temple therefore a holy day for Muslims also
They just forgot to mention that the Arab historian "Al-Wakidi" claims in his book: "The Book of Campaigns (كـتـاب الـمـغـازي)
That the mosque "Al-Akza" (translated as "the distant") is not far from Mecca in a city called Jarna
What is also that at the time of Muhammad's death in 632, there was no mosque standing on the Temple Mount but a Byzantine-style church, which was called the Church of Saint Mary of Gastinian
Mohammed took off on a winged horse from a Byzantine church LOL?
(By the way !!! The Rock Dome was built by Christian builders and the common form of mosques today is an architectural replica of the medieval Byzantine churches (Aya Sophia)

So let's say that the Jewish people is "fiction" and there is no such nation, the Temple never existed, the Maranpetah situation is a forgery, the address Tel Dan Imilator and the Dead Sea scrolls only because of a "cosmic mistake" wonderfully similar to the Torah books that write to this day manually the "strange" writers and backbenches in their stale basements,
Explain to me why the Palestinians who have lived here "since and always" have a last name like Bushnak=Bosnia? And why most of them have names of
Recognized and respected tribes with a proven historical record of originating in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq and Kyutzab??

Not like the Jews who were forced to adopt their family names to exile names, by the developing bureaucracy
And the Christian authorities (the ruling of Joseph 2nd Holy Roman Empire 1787), what is the excuse of the Arabs for such non-"Palestinians" names??

By the way, the Arabs currently living in Gaza have no historical, archaeological or philological connection to the Philosophers that are found from the Mikan culture and are originally described as "red-haired".

After the collapse of the Philosophy "theory" of course emerged Arabs who claimed to be from the destroyed in order to reinforce the claim that they harmed the ancient Yem than the Jewish, but also this claim has no historical / linguistic / archaeological / or proof
Let's be surprised where after the Muslim occupation of AI by Khalif Omar he fixed his capital in Ramallah and not the Yam?

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