November 18, 2023

What Will the GOP Do?

Daniel Jupp

It’s great that the footage has been released. Sort of.

But we already saw footage that totally explodes the official J6 narrative.

We have already seen that doors were held open. We have already seen that the Qanon Shaman was escorted by police the whole time. We have already seen that many of the ‘terrifying capitol invaders’ just walked around like tourists, even following guide ropes.

We already know that some of the most vocal and aggressive people trying to encourage violence were actually FBI agents.

We already know that Pelosi had a pet film crew there.

We already know that an unarmed female protestor was beaten to death when on the ground and posing no threat, and another was shot in the neck when also unarmed and posing no threat.

We already know that at least one other was probably killed by gas canisters being fired right at him, inducing a medical emergency.

We already know that the highly edited and cherry picked ‘violent footage’ used by Democrats mainly shows what happens when you fire on a crowd to deliberately create panic and mayhem. In most instances, combining welcoming some in with firing on others would very obviously be described as either reckless incompetence or deliberate creation of a riot.

In other words we already know, from evidence already in the public domain, that the whole thing was a set up so that the riot could be used to skip past votes that might question the swift unthinking ratification of a stolen election.

We even had the head of capitol police telling Tucker that it was a set up. That the capitol police were themselves set up in this Reichstag Fire bullshit.

And what has that knowing changed?

Knowing all the above, people who weren’t even there have been sent to prison for decades.

I genuinely think you could find footage now of Pelosi, Biden and Pence saying "this is our Reichstag Fire” or "ok, let’s start a riot then abandon the votes” and it wouldn’t change a thing.

The guilty aren’t ever going to hold themselves to account, are they?

The media aren’t ever going to say "ok sorry, yes, we were part of it and have lied our asses off for years”, are they?

There’s no honest policemen to do anything with any new information from the newly released footage, as far as I can see.

What will the Republican Party do? Tell us they are shocked, write a letter, then if actual action comes to a vote have the usual suspects vote with the Dems?

And zombie Dem voters will just say ‘it’s a nothingburger’ without looking at it.

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