February 20, 2021

What is White?

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook Cornelius Carroll  made the following observation:

"Use this phrase if you are subjected to a mandatory Critical Race Theory session at work. They’ll tell you that you have to admit your whiteness. It’s the core of the classes!”

I’m not white. I’m fair-skinned and that has nothing to do with me as a person!

I replied:

What determines white? In the days of eugenics it was the 1% rule; if you had 1% non-European blood you were considered a mixed race person. I would dare say a DNA test would determine most Americans have some Indian or black or Oriental blood in them somewhere. So how do you admit you are "white" when by the old definition you may well not be? And if you have to be predominantly black or other ethnic minority to qualify, where does that leave people like Barack Obama who is half Irish and a quarter Arab? Or Kamela Harris who is half East Inidan and probably mixed race on her Jamaican side as well? Obviously being "white" has nothing to do with genetics but everything to do with cultural identification and personal attitude. And given the Left is always telling us how all cultures are equal why is being white any worse than being African American, or Native American, or Eskimo American, or Saami American or any other hyphenated American? And if it's not worse then why do they demand we admit to a privilege that does not exist? The fact is, there is minority privilege which is provable beyond "dog whistles" including multiple government programs such as Race Norming in hiring or Affirmative Action or special scholarships for minorities etc. Promotion and advancement is far easier for a minority who works hard and does the right thing than for the average white person. So why should a person who doesn't even know if he qualifies as white admit to privilge which he doesn't even know exists? (And if race is a function of self-identification than it is a choice, so why should a bad choice be the fault of those who do not make it?)

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