February 27, 2023

What Hath Feminism Wrought?

Jerry S. Rainforth

Then, what binds a society together?

"Correa Moylan Walsh, writing in 1917, on the connection between Socialism and the ideology of "Free Love" and "No Fault Divorce."

"The weakening process [of civil society] will be hastened in another way, by the influence of socialism on the family... the tendency of almost all socialists is to regard [the contribution of women], especially in view of their function of child-bearing, as clearly equivalent to that of men, and some even believe that in time, under the more equal conditions provided by socialism, just as men are to become equal to one another, so women will become equal to men in bodily strength and industrial efficiency. This is part and parcel of the general policy of equality and liberty.

Consequently, there will be no more subordination of the wife to the husband; there will be no one head in a family, and every dissension that is more than slightly serious will have one termination—sep aration. Marriage, being of equals, will be mere friendly partnerships for sexual enjoyment, and will be terminable at the pleasure of either party. Socialists advance varying opinions on this subject; but the one great fact stands forth that women, in spite of their mental and bodily inferiority, are to be as independent as men, and hence it will necessarily follow that not only the wife will not look up to the husband for their common status in the world, but the husband will have no responsibility for his wife, and neither will feel any duty toward the other except the good will of friends while they remain friends."
Koty Arnold

Tim adds:

How's that working out for us?

Do note that this is the notion of human beings being truly and totally independent. That is precisely what Satan wanted, what he gave his followers, and what he tried to do with Adam and Eve. Everyone his or her own god!

Feminism, the sexual revolution, socialism etc. have all had one goal - the total and complete isolation of the individual. Even when it is communal, as in socialism, the result is isolation. Anyone who has ever been lost in a crowd understands how terribly lonely and alienated one can be in a group.

And especially being isolated from God. Being your own god makes you empty and meaningless and angry. Many of the Progressives knew that too. They wanted this so they could remake society.

One need but look at angry feminists to see how alienating this philosophy can be. No man worth a woman's time would tolerate an angry feminist. So if she has one at all she winds up with a beta male she detests. More likely she'll wind up alone.

This is exactly how you wreck a civilization.

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"Correa Moylan Walsh, writing in 1917, on the connection between Socialism and the ideology of "Free Love" and "No Fault Divorce."

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