September 14, 2020

Wexit and the War on British Independence

Timothy Birdnow

Rumblings of secession - in Wales!

Wales POLL: As independence campaign surges, can Wales REALLY go it alone?

The Welch already have undue influence in the United Kingdom.

And why wouldn't they want out of Britain? It is being overrun by aliens, particularly from the Middle East and subsaharan Africa. And the Ruling Class in Britain is desperate to maintain the E.U. ties that gives them power.

Here is another U.K. Express article explaining the current blow up in Britain over Brexit. The powers that be are determined to keep Britain under the thumb of the Eurocrats.

From the article:

The Bill (The Internal Markets Bill), introduced on September 9, seeks to transfer powers from the European Union to the UK at the end of the transition period.

The legislation will allow the UK Government to "provide financial assistance to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with new powers to spend taxpayers’ money previously administered by the EU”.

One of the main aims of the legislation is to empower UK ministers to pass regulations, specifically regarding trade and state aid.

The bill aims to create common rules that apply across the whole of the UK which essentially replaces the EU's role as the ultimate arbiter of most trade policies.

The legislation outlines how ministers could breach international law when passing regulations, such as what has been already outlined in the Withdrawal Agreement under what is known as the Northern Ireland protocol.

The 58-page document makes clear the UK would be empowered to override parts of the EU’s legal divorce bill which came into effect on January 31, 2020.

The ability to regulate and tax are the very definition of an independent nation. If Brussels continues to have that power Britain is not in any way independent; there is no Brexit. It is merely a semi-autonomous province of the E.U., like Hong Kong was to China. We know what just happened to Hong Kong.

So what do they mean by "breaking international law"? They mean altering the treaty with Brussels. In other words, a hard Brexit.

The fact is, Boris Johnson knows the soft Brexit is no independence at all and in a few years they will wind up back in the swamp of Europe.

I would point out that this irrational fear of Europe boycotting the British is poppycock (to borrow a phrase from the Limeys); the E.U. needs Britain at least as much as Britain needs the E.U. The E.U. has been playing hard-ball in the negotiations because they know there are a lot of Quizzlings in the British government who will back them up.

Napoleon tried boycotting Britain, and so did the Germans. It has never worked, because you can't strangle a maritime power that way; they can just go and find new markets. Britain has the whole of it's commonwealth; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Guyana, Belize, Jamaica, etc. And the U.S. is a strong trading partner. The E.U. has more to fear from a bad divorce.

The whole Brexit deal reminds me of the movie "War of the Roses". As was asked "how do you make someone stay when you want them to leave and how do you make them go when they refuse?" In that movie Michael Douglass and Kathleen Turner kill each-other in the end. I doubt it will come to that.

But it is obviously a marriage made in Hell and the sooner it is severed cleanly the better it will be.

But it is the lack of decisiveness that is making parts of the U.K. skittish. Scotland has always been independent-minded and while they voted against their national version of Brexit, they do oppose leaving the modern Holy Roman Empire and are not happy about Brexit. The Irish weren't pleased either. Why? It empowers the English; the E.U. offered a sense of decentralization of power to the minority countries of the United Kingdom. That the centralized Europe was itself a worse tyrant than the English didn't matter to people traditionally oppressed by their English neighbors. Britain is not a single nation any more than is the U.S. WE had the good sense to create individual states which were supposed to be semi-autonomous. Of course now we are an imperium. Britain is likewise, one ruled by people with more in common with the wealthy aristocrats of Europe than with the shopkeepers and factory workers and coal miners.

And those wealthy elites have systematically dismantled the traditional life of the proletariate. Through massive immigration Britain is now a polyglot multicultural empire and the sense of nationhood is going the way of the Dodo. Many outside of London want to put a stop to it while they still can.

This is the dream of the Establishment around the globe; an anschluss between peoples and nations and tongues and religions, a multicultural paradise ruled by theirs truly. Like Nimrod of the Book of Genesis, they seek to "bake bricks" and make everyone part of their world empire. We know what happened at Babel.

Brexit cannot be allowed to happen. Nor can the U.S. be allowed to restore itself. We are about to witness a horrible spasm by these would-be demigods.

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