October 27, 2023

We are All Rooskies Now!

Timothy Birdnow

My television bit the dust Wednesday night.

I knew it was going but had been milking the poor thing along. The remote stopped working, at least to turn it on and off, and I started having to use the button on the bottom - which soon stopped working too. I ended up getting the t.v. on and turning it on and off with a surge protector.

Well, it went out on Tuesday and I couldn't get it back on.

As it was night time I wound up going to Target, the closest store. I don't drive at night unless I have to because of my bad eyesight.

At any rate it was Target or Walmart (which was farther) so I went to Target.

They had the t.v.s attached to the shelf with a cord, and an anti-theft device attached to them. Now I get the anti-theft device, but attaching it to the wall? What, was I going to slip it in my pocket and steal it?

I know; people do just walk out the front door. But a pocket knife could have cut the cord and the anti-theft device off of it easily. It was just an irritation.

A long one. I found a worker and asked her about getting the t.v. dismounted. She said "you have to talk to someone in electronics. I'll call them" and subsequently nobody showed up. A second man said the same thing and again I waited and waited and nobody showed up. And again with a third worker.

FINALLY I walk over to the register and see a man sitting in a chair. HE was in electronics. I guess nobody followed through with letting them know a customer was waiting.

I waited at least thirty minutes.

At any rate I now have a new television, which is nice. But I preferred the old one; fewer bells and whistles and you could just punch in the channel number, as opposed to this thing which makes you scroll up and down. I'll wear the remote out in no time at all as I often surf.

The point is service is disappearing from America. And at the same time we are treated to an increasingly Byzantine way of doing business.

In the old Soviet Union it worked that way. If you went to the grocer you had to wait in line to get in, then wait in line at each and every department. Nothing was handled by the public (no doubt to avoid theft) and so you waited in line for everything - canned goods, meat, fish, produce, etc. You got to the front of the line, told the clerk what you wanted, and he gave you a purchase order to take to the cashier. She gave you a receipt and then you took it back to the clerk who then gave you your goods. Each time you had to wait in line. It took eight hours to go to the store - and that assumes they HAD anything to purchase.

America is becoming much like that. People are complaining about how long it takes to get products in stores because everything is locked up now thanks to Defund the Police and the fact nobody wants to work anymore so companies have no staffing (and the companies don't want to pay what most people are willing to accept.) So increasingly the customer waits and waits. And often items are out of stock in the stores. I still see empty shelves, well after the end of the Covid pandemic. Now why is that?

Many on the Left have wanted to see Americans "get their just deserts" and live the way people in other countries had to live. It tickles them to watch us suffer with Third World problems, problems we didn't make in those countries but which the Left still likes to blame us for as we didn't have them thanks to free markets. (Liberalism is all about sticking it to the other guy.)

So now we are starting to have Third World problems here and that seems to suit many just fine.

Their solution? Let in millions of illegal aliens to "do the work Americans just won't do" and thus cut the pie ever finer.

Then when everything falls apart so many will wonder why. It shouldn't surprise us.

At any rate, the next time you get poor service or have a long wait just remember it's all for the glorious revolution comrad and it is your patriotic duty to wait and pay more so it's all fair!

Oh, and my old t.v. was not even ten years old. Like Soviet made junk, it had a short shelf life. I remember my parents' television lasting thirty years or more. So bad service, poor selection, and poor quality are now the hallmarks of American "capitalism" just ass they were under Soviet Communism.

We are all Rooskies now!

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1 When we moved into our new home three years ago, we got a big Samsung TV, I'm not sure what size, that's up on the wall so we can see it from the dining room. So far everything's kosher. Right now we're running it via Dish network. If I'm clever I can feed it via a DVD player (this means I have to remember all the tricks). There's a subwoofer hooked up if we want some fancier sound. I hope this unit lasts for a lot of years because it cost a bunch of bucks...

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at October 27, 2023 11:06 PM (P/t0H)

2 Sounds like you bought yourself a primo t.v. Dana. 

Mine was just a cheap Westinghouse. We were short on money and so I bought a 32 inch model. It's o.k.  I would LOVE a real high def one, and bigger, but that is for another time.

I run mine with Bugs Bunny reception although I do have a DVD hooked up.

The DVD  has given me some trouble.  The video has lagged slightly behind the audio and as a result it's like watching an old dubbed  Japanese monster movie. But it has improved and I suspect eventually the sound and video will sync up entirely. Or at least I hope.

I don't see that well anyway so I guess it won't matter overmuch.

At any rate it's been o.k., but I knew it would be as Cathy's t.v . upstairs is the same model. I wanted a nicer set but money was tight when the old warhorse crapped out.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at October 28, 2023 07:15 AM (/EhUl)

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