February 26, 2017

Warty Day of Rage; Witches to Curse Trump

Timothy Birdnow

Witches, warlocks, voodoo priestesses, wizards, shaman, and other asundry black magic practitioners are planning a worldwide day of cursing of Dnald Trump and his supporters.

Yes, the world's pagans are planning a day of rage against The Donald, with chicken bones a-flyin' and hexes a-poppin. Gross stuff will probably be consumed from big boiling kettles. Wierd pseudo-language will be employed. All with the ultimate goal of placing a "binding spell" on the Trumpster and his EEEVVILL minions. If Mr. Trump were wise he would choose his morning cereal from the high-fiber end of the scale; and maybe add a few prunes! Getting bound up is no fun!

According to the U.K. Sun:

"The magic man behind scheme revealed a rituals will take place at Trump HQ in New York, LA, Baltimore, Portugal, South Africa and other spots around the globe.

Even witches in Cornwall are being urged to join in.

"The cast will bind him,” said Baltimore magician Michael M. Hughes. "It’s meant to restrain him from harming civil liberties, immigrants etc.

"It’s not meant to harm him but to make it impossible for him to keep harming the country.”

Hughes has posted instructions for inducing the spell on a Facebook page called Bind Trump."

End excerpt.

I don't know where they get this nonsense; Trump hasn't harmed a fly. He is not "harming immigrants" as he is simply enforcing U.S. law and they aren't immigrants but illegal invading aliens. But I supposed one doesn't expect a lot of rationality from someone who believes he can fly on a broom.

The reality is that this is just another skirmish in an old war between the forces of superstition and Christianity, with those who appeal (wittingly or not) to the powers of Satan. Oh, most witches call themselves Nature worshippers, and they practice Man's oldest religion - a religion that was inspired not by God but by that other fellow. And strangely enough paganism is growing at a time when environmentalism is rising. coincidence?

Trump himself doesn't matter. If this were Mitt Romney or John McCain they would be doing the same thing. This is about an old grudge with the followers of Christ and of Yahweh.

Look; paganism is fun. It is about joy and sex and illustions of false power. The Judeo-Christian heritage is a killjoy, because it says we are fallen, bad eggs in need of redemption. We have rules that must be followed. We have consequences if they are not. All of these things cut into the enjoyment of life, or at least some people believe. So there has been animostiy against The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for a long time. Modern liberals hate Judeo-Christian values as much as these throwback pagans, and for the same reason; they want to be free to be and live as they choose. That was the same sickness that infected Lucifer in the beginning.

And so what we may see as the silly season is in full swing, with self-styled magical artists playing neopagan spiritual games. And while it's good to laugh at this goofiness, it must be remembered that it is a symptom of a serious spiritual malady, one that will cost at least these people their immortal souls if they don't wake up. Life is hard for a reason; it is not our destination but a weigh station on our spiritual journey, and the hardness of life is intended to force us to lookk at ourselves and reform. Playing at magic and sorcery may be a lot of fun but it ultimately drags those who follow that routedown to Hell. Hell isn't full of monstrous people; it's full of idiiots who rejected the One True God for their own amusement. In the end everybody gets what they choose.

Oh, and these guys have got to be nuts to try to bind Trump up further; the man barely smiles now. He's really going to scowle after days of constipation...

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