June 10, 2018

Viva el Canada! Illegal immigration Heads Norte

Timothy Birdnow

We don't hear about it all that often, but the Dominion of Canada is suffering froma plague of illegal immigration that, while nowhere nearly as bad as the U.S., is starting to enrage people.

According to Tim Murray at Europcanadian.com: * More asylum claims (50,000) were made last year than at any time in modern Canadian history.

* The RCMP intercepted 1,890 illegal border crossers in the first three months of 2017. In the same period this year (2018), that number soared to 5,052, compared to the 4,475 people who filed claims through conventional legal channels.

* Since the beginning of 2017, more asylum-seekers have crossed the border than the 25,000 Syrian refugees who were accepted in 2016. There were 18,644 refugee claimants at the start of 2017, but as of the end of March this year, there some 48,974 — more than double.

* Understandably, this has placed an unsustainable strain on the refugee system. When Canada rejects an immigrant, the decision is final. For refugee claimants in Canada, however, rejections are subject to lengthy appeals, removal orders, and in some cases, Canada-wide-arrest warrants. Since the Immigration and Refugee Board can only process 1,000 to 2,000 claims per month, they can’t keep pace with the flood. In March, the board was able to complete a record 2,587 claims, but 4,078 new refugee claims came through in the same month. The backlog is out of control.

* As the backlog grows, it is taking longer and longer to process claims. Last October the wait time was 16 months. If border crossings continue at the current rate, the wait time could be 11 years by 2021. Thus, a 19 year old illegal border crosser could be a 30 year old father with three kids in Canada by the time his case was heard. Time enough to put down roots that would be very hard to pull up. These delays will amount to de-facto amnesty, and serve as incentive for more potential claimants to make an illegal crossing. Not to worry. The Trudeau government has injected an extra $173 million on processing illegal immigration. But speeding up "processing” does not add up to border security.

* 96% of asylum-seekers have come via Quebec, which operates only four shelters for asylum-seekers, 1,850 spots in total. In Toronto in 2016, 11.2% of people were using shelters. Today that number stands at 37%. The Mayor estimates that at current arrival rates the city will be housing 4,485 asylum seekers by November, occupying 53% of shelter beds when the system is already in an emergency state. Quebec and the City of Toronto are crying "uncle”. Quebec is demanding that federal government fork over $146 million, while Toronto is calling for $64.5 million.

* Each asylum seeker costs federal taxpayers between $10,000-20,000 per year in entitlements. Asylum seekers receive access to housing, social welfare, education, and health care and dental and pharmaceutical care above what Canadians receive, thanks to Interim Federal Health Program. Ontario’s debt load, BTW, stands at $325 billion, more than $22,000 per citizen.

* Both RCMP and Canadian Border Security Agents have been muzzled by the Trudeau government, and explicitly told not to talk to the media about the shocking surge in illegal migration. Oddly, Trudeau supporters who reacted with righteous rage against Conservative. Prime Minister Harper’s muzzling of scientists are strangely silent about this gag order.

End excerpt.

Well, well, well...

The author complains bitterly about "drybacks", Somalis and others who are illegally invading Canada from the U.S. I don't blame him, even if I do have a touch of Schadenfruede; The Canadians have been lecturing us for decades about our "racist", "xenophobic", and "unkind" immigration concerns, and now they have our problem and don't like it. I don't blame them, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction in it.

Oh, and the Progressive-Conservatives won a landslide victory in Ontario, destroying the ruling Liberal party to the point where it no longer holds enough seats to be on most ballots or in the Assembly.

Why? I am certain illegal immigration is one of the hot-button issues. As in the U.S., Canadians are undoubtedly madder than hell about it.

Hey, I've got an idea? Since Trudeau and the rest of his ilk love aliens so much, why don't we take a page from Mexico and instead of releasing illegal aliens aka "refugees" inside the U.S. we take them to the Canadian border and give them maps and whatnot so they can invade Canada. Mexico has been doing that to us for years, and the Canadian government has always disdained us for not liking it. Turnabout is indeed fair play.

Canada boasts of having one in five people from elsewhere. Well, so does the United States, with a population over ten times the puny 31.7 million people who inhabit the much larger in area country. They need people; we don't. And there is much bragging that the immigrants aren't changing the Canadian culture, but so what if they do? Canada's culture is entirely predicated on the U.S., with the exception that it revels in not being part of the U.S. and so is more inclined to socialism and a forced politeness due to the merging of the French in Quebec. Their flag was designed in committee, their national anthem commissioned by a committee, and their independence day holiday - on July one - is purposefully set to coincide with the U.S. July four celebration. They don't really have too much to lose int he way of unique cultural attributes.

So I say if their leaders want lots of new workers to pay taxes, why don't we oblige them!

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1 Figures. Their Prime Minister acts like someone from outer space. . .

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at June 13, 2018 02:47 PM (Grtv4)

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