January 28, 2021

Understanding Our Trajectory

Mark Musser

To understand the current trajectory of where we are headed today, Carl Teichrib's Game of gods is the best overall explanation I have seen yet. While many today are well aware of the destructive secular ghosts of the Marxist-Sociali st past, they are overlooking the coming Brave New World which holistically blends together Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Transhumanism, Techno-Eugenics , Postmodernism, Environmentalis m and then crowned with Pagan Re-Enchantment that are all arrayed directly against the Judeo-Christian worldview. Yet, such a broad movement is trying to assimilate the Christian faith into its own evolutionary trajectory as a way to transcend it. They want to fuse together religion, philosophy, and science into a new revolutionary faith of technological mysticism surprisingly popular in a world filled with growing madness.

Much of Teichrib's work is based on his own personal eyewitness account of this growing tide of scientific mysticism represented perhaps best by Silicon Valley and its annual "Burning Man" festival. It thus concretely describes difficult philosophical, political, scientific and esoteric subjects with all too real-life illustrations of what is going on in the world all around us. Teichrib has spent perhaps more than 25 years of investigating this utopia of holistic oneness by first detailing its history on the North American continent by going back more than 100 years before bringing us up to date as to what is happening now describing any number of personal conversations and visits to world summits, forums, conferences, seminars, events, festivals, and meetings. Such a described panoply reveals a quasi-private worldwide pro-government platform that is desperately trying to weld together modern secularity with mysticism, nature worship, and technology into a religious holistic oneness undergirded by postmodernism - but trying to answer its nihilism with a new focus on spiritual re-enchantment which the Judeo-Christian worldview left behind long ago after the growth of Christianity eventually overshadowed paganism, particularly in the West. In addition, Teichrib cites from a vast array of groups, foundations, coalitions, agencies, associations, councils, federations, unions, movements, and institutes, which, in spite of their great diversity, still cut across secular, religious, scientific, and philosophical lines to emphasize holism as the way to a better utopian future adorned with peace, social justice, techno-eugenics , and political agendas that is all intended to finally come together in establishing a new pagan eschaton.

Religious, political, and philosophical holism, i.e, pagan re-enchantment, is a constant theme throughout Teichrib’s book from beginning to end. With such an emphasis, Teichrib uses Dr. Peter Jones’s Christian apologetic work on the great problem of holism where he distinguishes between what he calls pagan oneism and biblical twoism:

In Oneism, everything shares the same essence … in a word, everything is divine. The Biblical view, as Jones explains in his study of the topic, is categorically different: Twoism – the God who is separate, and then everything else. Although advocates of world unity tout this revolutionary shift as a ‘new paradigm,’ it is anything but. Peter Jones asserts that the oneist worldview ‘eagerly resuscitates the ancient worlds of pagan philosophies and priests.

These two terms, oneism and twoism, were coined by Jones to explain and illustrate the great dilemma between Paganism and Christianity. Oneism emphasizes holism and divine immanence apart from any transcendence as the true basis for all spirituality. The Bible, on the other hand, strongly emphasizes a transcendental Other – hence twoism – which underlays its entire worldview that emphasizes holiness and separateness from the world rather than communion with it as a basis for spirituality and sanctification. These two opposing worldviews cannot be synthesized together without destroying the biblical faith, which, for all practical purposes, has perhaps pretty well already been accomplished when you look at the magnitude of what Teichrib explains in his Game of gods. Even Dr. Jones thus warns, "The pagan past is our planetary future.”

With no small interest, Teichrib defines paganism from the ancient "Roman concept of pagus, a tract of agricultural land with a familial guardianship and attached spiritual meaning. Pagus also carries a communal flavor. One British Druid defines pagus this way: a village community, one that was reliant upon the cycles of nature for its wealth and well-being.” While Christians later used the term in a derogatory manner, Teichrib warn that such a dismissive view underestimates the seriousness of what paganism truly is, and what it has become in our postmodern world today:

For the purpose of this book, paganism with a small-p is a general worldview that affirms interconnection and interdependence in essence. Immanence is therefore experienced through a communion of Nature and spirit, group and self, emotion and action, will and power. The pagan assertion can be articulated this way: The idea of a transcendent God is illusionary and alienating, whereas the pagan expression of deity is discovered in what is tangible, organic, and unifying.

While there are discussions about the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses, particularly Gaia, Ms. Mother Earth, left untouched is the feudalistic political order which undergirded the Greco-Roman empire of the pagan past. Yet Biblical history and prophecy has much to say about this spanning from the books of Daniel to Revelation which presumes a confederation of apocalyptic monarchies that has yet to appear. Biblical prophecy asserts a revival of European and Middle Eastern monarchies which the aftermath of World War I greatly undermined. Perhaps the pagan reemphasis upon re-enchantment and nature mysticism will in some way help revive a neo-feudalism of sorts that perhaps might need some more light shed on it.

What is for sure is that the United Nations has played a very large role in representing the intersection between politics, religions, science, economics, and technology that is undermining the democratic order of the West in particular. Teichrib shows how the United Nations and its plethora of world-wide connections is surprisingly reviving the ancient city state of the Greco-Roman Empire by bypassing the national sovereignty of countries around the world by working directly with large cities as it develops strong ties, connections, and power structures which are highly integrated into the bureaucratic government superstructures of such localities. Agenda 21 looms large in this interconnection which was kicked off in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to save the world. Agenda 21 is the "Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Convention on Climate Change” which have since become "bedrock documents used to build environmental agendas at global, national, state/ provincial, and local levels. More than any other Summit, Rio acted as ground zero for a rippling revolution in green regulations.”

Some outstanding facts and features of Teichrib’s book presents a strange world of growing madness which includes even eco-sex where people develop sexual relationships with trees and bushes echoing the prophet Jeremiah’s denunciation of Baalism and nature worship of his own day practiced so many centuries ago in Judah and Jerusalem, "Because of the lightness of her harlotry, she polluted the land and committed adultery with stones and trees (3:9).” Conversely, as recent as 2017, Saudi Arabia gave a robot, citizenship. Teichrib even describes how some are trying to develop the capital city of Astana, Kazakhstan into a futuristic capital city of the world blending a strange mixture of western secularism, Islam, and Turkish nationalism. Teichrib’s personal participation in the 2018 Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert perhaps represents the climax of the book where Silicon Valley leaders and followers blend technology, environmentalis m, sustainability, sexual permissiveness, and the arts into a holistic festival of oneness as this annual event "is the tech-industry’s creative commons, its unofficial United Nations; a place for networking and envisioning the future.” Such a break out festival also betrays the holistic vision of our coming New World Order since so many are so devoted to transcending the past. Such an immanent contradiction betrays their commitment to re-enchantment, oneness, and holism.

The only negative criticism I can give is that the book is heavily dependent upon English speaking sources so that it is largely separated from what has been going on in the European continent for well over a century which demands much more research in this particular area. North America reflects events in Europe rather than the other way around. A similar book on what is going in Europe awaits to be written.

I used Carl Teichrib's incredible book, Game of gods, as one of my required readings for my doctoral studies with Corban University for this winter semester. As required, I wrote up a book report on this book, which is well worth the time to read which I have posted above, particularly as we take stock in what all has happened to us since last March. At that time, we entered into the realm of the absurd with lots of madness that is showing no signs of letting up as millions and millions of people's lives are being upended, dehabilitated, and jeopardized to supposedly save thousands. If you have an interest in why the world has gone mad since that time, look no farther than Teichrib's book, which is based on real life conversations and attendance of many meetings with the movers and shakers of our increasingly paganized world. This is not something that came out of the blue, but has been growing by leaps and bounds since the hippy movement in particular as the bitter fruits of the 60's is now in our face daily without the 45 magnum of Dirty Harry to put a stop to it. This book is literally, one hell of a ride, and needs to be read by as many folks as possible.

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