June 21, 2021

Undersea Geothermal Vents and CO2

This courtesy of Richard Cronin:

Hydrothermal carbon release to the ocean and atmosphere from the eastern equatorial Pacific (EEP) during the last glacial termination.
Lowell D Stott, et al
15 February 2019

"Taken together, these results are strong evidence for an increased flux of hydrothermally-derived carbon through the EEP upwelling system at the last glacial termination that would have exchanged with the atmosphere and affected both Δ14C and pCO2. These data do not quantify the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere through the EEP upwelling system but indicate that geologic forcing must be incorporated into models that attempt to simulate the cyclic nature of glacial/interglacial climate variability.”

That is, co-incident with episodes of rapid deglaciation towards the end of the Younger Dryas are increased hydrothermal vent activity plus anomalous deposits of Carbon 14. Carbon 14 is derived from nuclear fission. The GeoReactor.


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