December 30, 2016

U.S. Redeploying Volcano Landmine System in Europe

Timothy Birdnow

The Bolshevik newspaper Pravda is reporting that the U.S. is redeploying tank mines in Europe.

From the article:

"Pentagon blackmails Europe with minefields. Miner

The Pentagon has decided to resume use of the Volcano mine dispenser system in Europe, which has not been used since the end of the Cold War. Volcano is to be restored to fully mission capable status in 2018 and to become an important suppression tool for a potential adversary.

Vladimir Anokhin, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems told Pravda.Ru what this decision is connected with.

Are they afraid of a tank breakthrough in Europe? Our tanks, are they still a suppression weapon?"

End excerpt.

Defense news confirms that, yes indeed, the U.S. is dusting off this system.

Here is a description of the Volcano system.

"The Volcano Mine Dispenser provides soldiers with a scatterable mine capability delivered by helicopter or ground vehicle. The Volcano dispenser contains 960 anti-tank/anti-personnel mines and is capable of rapidly laying a minefield 1100 meters long by 120 meters wide. In addition, the mines have a timed self-destruct capability.

The VOLCANO system can be configured as both a heliborne and ground delivered mine system. The M139 mine dispenser, with various adapter kits, is capable of being mounted on UH-60 helicopters and a variety of ground vehicles. The dispenser racks accept and launch mines from the M87 mine canisters which contain five GATOR anti-tank (AT) and one anti- personnel (AP) mine each.

STATUS: The ground mounted VOLCANO systems are currently being fielded. The Air VOLCANO contract was recently awarded to Brunswick Corp. Air VOLCANO production started Jan 95 and completed Jul 95. First Unit Equipped (FUE) date was Aug 95."

End excerpt.

This system has only one purpose; to stop an invading armored invasion. Apparently someone thinks the Russians are going to invade Europe.

Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War. Obama, in his role as the anti-Reagan, has restored the neo-socialism of the 1970's and brought back the bad old days of Cold War hostility. History will curse him for it.

So what has changed in U.S. Russian relations? Why are we worried about Russia invading Europe?

In international relations a provocation must be met with a response. One cannot allow an enemy to deploy a system without countering it. So every time something like this happens we ratchet up the tension, since Russia must respond. Granted, there have been some provocations by the Russians, but Obama has been slapping them for some time. This is a serious development, folks.

And Congress has no serious people as was the case during the Cold War. Mr. Obama, in his veniality and self-aggrandizing narcissism, could drag the world into a war that will make the Second World War look like a July 4 fireworks display.

One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day.

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