October 31, 2022

Twitter's Ultimatum to Musk

Timothy Birdnow

Not happy with Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter and his promise to ax 75% of the censors from their jobs, the twits there have issued an ultimatum with multiple demands to their new boss.

Here is the text:

Staff, Elon Musk, and Board of Directors:

We, the undersigned Twitter workers, believe the public conversation is in jeopardy.

Elon Musk’s plan to lay off 75% of Twitter workerswill hurt Twitter’s ability to serve the public conversation. A threat of this magnitude is reckless, undermines our users’ and customers’ trust in our platform, and is a transparent act of worker intimidation.

Twitter has significant effects on societies and communities across the globe. As we speak, Twitter is helping to uplift independent journalism in Ukraine and Iran, as well as powering social movements around the world.

A threat to workers at Twitter is a threat to Twitter’s future. These threats have an impact on us as workers and demonstrate a fundamental disconnect with the realities of operating Twitter. They threaten our livelihoods, access to essential healthcare,and the ability for visa holders to stay in the country they work in. We cannot do our work in an environment of constant harassment and threats. Without our work, there is no Twitter.

We, the workers at Twitter, will not be intimidated. We recommit to supporting the communities, organizations, and businesses who rely on Twitter. We will not stop serving the public conversation.

We call on Twitter management and Elon Musk to cease these negligent layoff threats. As workers, we deserve concrete commitments so we can continue to preserve the integrity of our platform.

We demand of current and future leadership:

Respect:We demand leadership to respect the platform and the workers who maintain it by committing to preserving the current headcount.

Safety:We demand that leadership does not discriminate against workers on the basis of their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. We also demand safety for workers on visas, who will be forced to leave the country they work in if they are laid off.

Protection:We demand Elon Musk explicitly commit to preserve our benefits, those both listed in the merger agreement and not (e.g. remote work). We demand leadership to establish and ensure fair severance policies for all workers before and after any change in ownership.

Dignity:We demand transparent, prompt and thoughtful communication around our working conditions. We demand to be treated with dignity, and to not be treated as mere pawns in a game played by billionaires.


Twitter workers

The pimply Millenials who work for Musk have never been exposed to the realities of life in the work force. They think it works like college, where they were coddled and spoiled. Now they face the real world.

And they don't like it at all.

They are particularly upset that the will have to report to the office  rather than work from home. No doubt their working from home meant a lot of slack off time and no pants.

They just don't get it. He's boss and they aren't. If someone is paying you you have to do what they tell you.

Musk should make the Fricso office into a homeless shelter as he suggested. Move the company out of the citadel of Satan. Texas would like them. So would Missouri. Florida is nice all year round.

Even if Musk doesn't really fix Twitter it's fun watching snowflake liberal heads explode.

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1 If this letter is unsigned it is utterly meaningless and not worth reporting. If it is signed the best response is to summarily and immediately terminate the employment of every single person who signed it.

Posted by: Bill H at October 31, 2022 10:56 PM (Q7br2)


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Posted by: samiksha at November 01, 2022 02:07 AM (WIlcy)

3 That is, of course, why they wouldn't actually sign their names to it Bill. In either case the letter is meaningless in terms of where the company is going to go. It's inteded to try to buffalo Musk and little more.

I just wanted to illustrate the entitlement mentality by posting this.

I hope Musk sacks everyone involved with it, as well as the better number of employees at that worthless platform.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at November 01, 2022 10:16 AM (irXQi)

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