July 21, 2018

Twas the Week after Paris

Timothy Birdnow

Here's a poem I wrote from the archives. No special reason to post it now but I found it and felt like it.

Timothy Birdnow

Twas the week after Paris and all through the E.U.
Third World hands in the piggy bank sticky as glue
the stockings were hung round the smokestacks with pains
in the hopes for some dollars and ill-gotten gains.

The usual suspects, NGO's like Greenpeace
Were happily dreaming of all they could fleece
With Merkel in her kerchief and Obama with his dash
there was much happy passing of taxpayer cash

Then from drunken pols there arose a resolution
demanding America pay restitution
Away to the microphones the leaders all flew
to promote the monstrosity all of them drew

Even Clinton showed up, with a naked intern
in the hopes of a quickie and money to burrn
When what to our wondering ears should we hear
but predictions of doom, and destruction and fear

With a little old diplomat whistling a tune
We knew in a moment it was Ban-ki Moon!
more rapid than eagles his demands did they rocket
and swift as a bird did he pick out our pocket

"Now 'bama and Merkel and Hollande and Howard
Cameron and Putin you'll all be devoured!
You'll pay very dearly for emitting CO2
now pay through the nose till your nations turn blue"

And never was mentioned the role of the Sun
at that covetous conference called COP21
And on Capitol Hill there was little offense
as Paul Ryan sold out GOP constituents

Sporting a beard, like a pirate in wait
Ryan pushed out  an omnibus overflowing the plate
two trillion he gave to Obama to blow
while POTUS won't let oil from Canada flow

Obama just lauged, his eyes oh, so merry
he was getting the money he pledged through John Kerry
while conservatives wail and their teeth do they gnash
Old "Bam mocks Ted Cruz and does a does a Trump bash

With a deluge of words he went straight to his work
claimed the climate is changing and old Trump is a jerk
and putting his finger straight up in the air
a government shutdown  Obama did dare

In Paris they cheered at America's screwing
while the RINO'S  sat idly by with their mooing
And  here and in Europe people pour cross the border
all for the dream of a U.N. World Order

Now a framework exists for the socialist gent
to steal our money and build world government
and Pope Francis complained from his fine Papal  car
"is it really so bad to say Alluha Ahkbar?"

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