November 30, 2018

Trump works with Ohio Dem Sen. Brown to save GM jobs

Jack Kemp

I hope that something can be worked out. If there are any two people working together to make a deal on this, Pres. Trump and an Ohio Democrat Senator stand a good chance of working something out. It won't be "perfect," but nothing on earth is. But it could be a whole lot better than the predictions of even last week.

Trump promised to fix tax law to save GM jobs in U.S., Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown says

From The Blaze:

"Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said he and President Donald Trump are working together on legislation that would incentivize General Motors to keep thousands of jobs in the U.S. that the company is currently planning to cut, according to CNBC."


"What would Brown's bill do?

The American Cars, American Jobs Act would give car buyers a $3,500 discount for buying an American-made vehicle. It would also eliminate a part of the GOP tax law that, according to Brown, encourages manufacturers to move operations overseas.

Brown introduced the bill after GM announced it would build the new Chevrolet Blazer in Mexico."

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This has value on numerous fronts from a political perspective. It endears Trump to the Rust Belt, shows he's about getting things done rather than petty politics. And it splits the Dems, who have to move Trump's agenda forward at the displeasure of the "Resist" gang or face a backlash of voters they need. It sends a signal to corporate America that outsourcing is not a good answer for them, and that the internationalist approach to business is not the wave of the future - especially if you want U.S. taxpayer assistance. I think this is a very clever strategy on the part of The Donald.

Yes, purists will argue (rightly) that government is not supposed to intervene in matters of business and that taxpayer money should not be spent on such things, but that has not been true for decades. While I would love to see a retunr to limited government and free enterprise, using that to justify dismantling America's manufacturing sector - as the Left has done for a long time - is dubious, especially since other nations aren't going to play by the same rules. A big part of the Trump win was predicated on leveling the playing field; we were binding ourselves while letting foreign governments lure our businesses into their windowless vans with lollipops and bubble-gum cards. If we are going to get big government anyway we may as well get something for our money.

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