June 30, 2019

Trump Must Fight Back Against Big Tech Corporate Control—or Risk Losing a Winnable Election

Dana Mathewson

This is a very well-argued article from PJMedia. I urge you to read the whole thing!

It comes as no surprise that Trump is constantly assaulted by the media, the Democrats, desultory members of his own party, the churches, the "Deep State,” late-night comics, the entertainment industry and by those euphemistically known as the "coastal elites.” After all, he is a member of that rare breed of political personage who put the nation before themselves; in other words, he is a principled president, which is anathema to the host of ideologues and sycophants who constitute the political class and the cultural establishment.

This has been the case since his early candidacy, continuing into the present moment in which his successes concerning the economy, trade, a refractory or hostile international community and border insurgency are regarded as errors of judgment or signs of personal hubris. Notwithstanding, just as Obama is correctly perceived by the more honest and astute observers on the current scene as the worst president in the history of the republic, intent on dismantling a great nation, Trump is seen by many as the best president since Reagan and among the best since Abraham Lincoln.

I would hazard that Trump actually won the popular vote in 2016 despite the reprehensible conduct of the Democrats whose electoral numbers arguably owed much to the unscrupulous rigging of the voting process. Clearly, Trump did not win the dead vote, the multiple vote, the uncounted vote and the unreported vote, yet managed to triumph despite the odds. I have no doubt that he would succeed again, perhaps handily, in the coming election, once more proving the biased and conniving pollsters catastrophically wrong—but only assuming that he recognizes where the real threat to a second term is coming from.

The source of this threat is social media and the Big Tech conglomerates that control platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Vimeo, Reddit, PayPal, Patreon, Amazon and others. Trump must be aware that a bald-faced campaign against conservative or populist thinkers, writers and bloggers is now in full swing. Such individuals are almost daily being demonetized, deplatformed and banned, rejected by publishers, stripped of customer reviews, and denounced as haters, bigots, racists, toxic males, agents of the "alt-right,” white supremacists and apologists for evil.

The practice of collaborative deplatforming and selective banning cannot be doubted. Witness Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Bosch Fawstin, Faith Goldy, Gavin McInnes, Stefan Molineux, Paul Elam, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, James O’Keefe and Tommy Robinson, among others who have been banned or suspended, some intermittently, some permanently, by one or another of the social media giants.

The result is that the voting public is deprived of the information it needs on which to make informed, balanced and comprehensive judgments respecting the suitability of presidential contenders. The intention is to ensure that a "Trump situation” does not happen again, i.e., that Trump is not re-elected. Google executive Jen Gennai makes it clear that Google is bent on sidelining those who support Donald Trump.

If Trump does not act against this perversion of electoral justice and journalistic ethics, then there is a strong possibility that he will go down to a defeat he does not deserve. Even Elizabeth Warren, of all people, advises breaking up the tech monoliths. [emphasis mine] The president has the procedural means to frustrate this conspiracy—and make no mistake, it is a genuine conspiracy—against both the democratic process and his own legitimate prospects.

Controversial, I know! I've seen lots of pros and cons on this. Please read this article here https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/trump-must-fight-back-against-big-tech-corporate-control-or-risk-losing-a-winnable-election/ and make up your own mind.

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