August 27, 2018

Trump Delende Est

Timothy Birdnow

Jeffrey Rendell writes an excellent analysis of Trump and the political scene at Conservative HQ. Read it here.

His ending paragraph is particularly penetrating:

"Democrats hate all Republican presidents, period. Donald Trump just happens to be one with a Democrat-like personal history so they despise him especially. To Democrats, Trump is akin to a traitor; they desperately want to hang him but can’t spare the impeachment noose."

End excerpt.

He's right; Trump isn't a rival but a renegade, formerly one of them and now using their own tactics and tricks against them. In war such a person would be hanged, no questions asked (well, in the olden days of war, before we started fighting wars like we're playing a game of Risk.) See, one of the best things the Left has going for it is that the Republicans won't fight. They are anesthetized, doped up on the morphine of media conventional wisdom. Their paralysis stems from a fear of alienating the media - a corrupt institution that already hates them - and losing the moderate voter, something the professional consulting class has drilled into them for decades. It was and is a sham, a lie, a grift, but the GOP fell for it and remains ever stupefied by the numbing agent of political conventional wisdom.

Trump was not and is not susceptible to that. He takes on the Left directly, and like a snowfall that appears will last all winter the Left melts away. Of course they attack elsewhere, and hate Trump for using their own tricks against him. But where Trump takes them head on he wins, because theirs is a bankrupt and corrupt philosophy at odds with the rest of America. They have only been successful because they have been able to hide their shame. But Trump keeps pointing it out.

Republicans don't want this. They were happy with the status quo, with a comfortable relationship with the Dems where they got invited to parties and could enjoy "comity" with the enemy. See, they really aren't enemies at all, but flip sides of the same coin, and the Republicans are usually moving in the same direction as the Democrats, just more slowly. Here's an analogy; the Democrats are monkeys, leaping and swinging through the trees, while the Republicans are sloths, carefully climbing and gently crossing limbs. But they are both tree creatures, moving in the same spheres and trying to do the same things. Trump is the equivalent of a Beaver, chewing the tree down. Neither side wants THAT party to end.

And while that has been true of Conservative candidates in the past as well, those Conservatives fit neatly into a peghole and can easily be dispatched (except Ronald Reagan, who surprised them all by beating Jimmy Carter - he was behind as late as two weeks prior to the election. The RINO wing of the GOP convinced one of their own - John Anderson - to run as an independent to steal votes from Reagan. It didn't work, but it was a typical dirty trick the Country Clubbers use. We've seen it since.

Trump has blown up the traditional paradigm, and it has the Dems, the RINO's, and the media in an uproar, because they cannot allow this to succeed. Trump Delende Est! Trump, like Carthage, must be destroyed!

It's nothing personal, just what must happen for those in power to retain their power.

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, one must wonder at the horrendous corruption of Washington. No reformer can be tolerated.

Grover Cleveland was a reformer, and he managed to succeed by dividing his enemies. They hated him, but couldn't stop him. Trump is no Grover Cleveland, but he is trying to clean out this mess, if only to make himself look good. The problem he faces is, unlike Cleveland, the electronic media never sleeps and it is universally against him. Can a reformer succeed in the modern era? Maybe not. And he has to buck his own party, who happily enjoys the fruits of the stagnant waters.

The big question is, will Trump decide if he cannot beat them to join them? He's always been a practical man. I don't think they'll let him anymore. Trump crossed that Rubicon on election night

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