January 24, 2017

Trump continues to process "Dreamers"

Timothy Birdnow

Trump is breaking his promise on illegal immigration. His administration continues to process "dreamers" after he vowed to stop the tidal wave of illegals into this country.

According to Ed Stryker at American Thinker:

""When running for president, Donald Trump promised "immediate" action on the issue of illegal immigration. Since becoming president, however, he hasn't found the time to stop Obama's amnesty program for children of illegal aliens. As a result, not only is the program still in effect, but every day, the Trump administration is processing new illegals to grant amnesty to."

End excerpt.

Trump had better remember who brung him to the dance. Average Americans are really angry at this invasion of our country, and want it stopped. It may seem like the kind thing to do to allow people who were brought here illegally to stay, but is it any different from the damage we do when we incarcerate a criminal? Should we stop arresting and imprisoning criminals because their children may suffer?

The Constitution is not a suicde pact, nor are human rights. A nation has a right and a duty to control immigration and restrict access. In point of fact it is ultimately a good thing, because all we have done is allow other countries to export their "problem" citizens, the ones they can't care for. The end result is they do not have to address the problems causing their citizens to leave.

Meanwhile these people either become second class citizens - nay, subjects of the state - or we allow them to succeed at breaking our laws and stealing our jobs and social services.

Jesus said that the Shepherd comes through the sheep gate and anyone who enters by another route is a thief and a robber. He was right. And Jesus did not demand that Israel integrate the Samaritans, nor that they open their country to anyone who saw fit to enter.

So too, Nehemiah was judged righteous for building a wall around Jerusalem.

This notion that we have a duty to take in anyone who wishes is neither truly Christian nor American. If we really want to be kind to these people we would stop the flood of immigrants. How is promoting the wndering of the Earth an act of kindness?

We have concentric duties. Yes, we must be kind to the stranger, but our first duty is to our own. We seem to have forgotten that.

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