January 25, 2018

Trump Caves on DACA after Victory

Timothy Birdnow

After winning the government shutdown battle President Trump has now surrendered to the Democrats.

From Conservative HQ:

"But conservatives didn’t have to wait too long to get the word that what the President apparently means by "a permanent solution on DACA” is the same thing as Democrats mean by a permanent solution to DACA – citizenship for millions of illegal aliens.

The Associated Press is reporting that President Trump says his immigration plan will let protections for younger immigrants "morph into" citizenship in 10-12 years.

This is the same thing that the hated Gang of Eight "comprehensive immigration reform” bill promoted by failed Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio (and steered behind the scenes by President Barack Obama) proposed back in 2013, and it led to the defeat of then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the end of Rubio’s presidential ambitions.

Some well-meaning conservatives may see the opportunity for some grand conservative sounding deal on immigration reform that would include legislating a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and coupling it with a few watered-down elements of the Goodlatte bill or Senator Tom Cotton’s RAISE Act.

This is a dangerous folly."

end excerpt.

What happens to people when they go to that s$%&hole on the Potomac? Something rots in their brains. America is going to die, DIE, if we continue to allow millions upon millions of people with no experience with America to simply stroll in here and bring their Third World socialist countries with them. Nations do die, folks; it's happened many times in the past. We are playing with fire.

And even an "outsider" like The Donald can't be trusted on this issue.

A nation is not just a geographical place, but a set of customs, beliefs, laws, and traditions. We no longer believe that ours are any better than anyone else's and are allowing aliens, true aliens, to settle here as permanent colonists. What made America great, what enticed these people to come in the first place, was not natural resources or good luck but a system and a culture that made our nation great. If we allow taht to be redefined in the interest of "multiculturalism" or "diversity" we will cease to be of any consequence, and likely will fall into a pit of violence and destruction unseen in human history.

Why can't people like Trump or McConnell or any of the rest see that?

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