November 29, 2018

Trump and GM V. Obama and GM

Jack Kemp forwards this:

November 29, 2018
Trump vs. Obama on GM and the private sector

From the article:

"President Trump is getting some negative feedback for interfering with the private sector for his comments on General Motors. President Trump is essentially pressuring GM to keep plants open in the US by pointing out to them that they have been bailed out by U.S. taxpayers and wondering why they are closing plants here while they don't seem to be closing plants in Mexico and China. He is absolutely not telling them what to produce. I thought the best way to analyze this issue is by comparing and contrasting the way Trump treats the private sector to the way Obama and Democrats have treated the private sector. President Trump focuses continuously on bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. and creating new ones.

President Obama and others said manufacturing jobs were gone for good. President Obama was willing to relegate U.S. Trade policy to others through the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). President Trump believes the U.S should control trade itself and pulled out of TPP. "

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