April 30, 2017

Trouble in River City; Man, Superman, and Lizardman

Jack Kemp

Robert Arvay recently wrote a piece (can't find the origina groupl but believe it is a blog piece) called Are Liberals Hopelessly Irrational. Here below is the link to it, followed by an exchange of opinoin comments by a few readers, including myself, where I make a comparison of liberals to a famous musical character: Professor Harold Hill of "The Music Man."


Original AT piece: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/04/are_liberals_hopelessly_irrational.html

Comments to the piece:


Gary Dickson comments on the piece • a day ago
The irrationality of liberals is based entirely on their self-anointing whatever they wish themselves to be.
For example, leftists, liberals, and other assorted collectivists take it as fact that their approach to implementing utopia will work this time.
They take is as fact that they are smarter, more educated, and more clever than any of their predecessors - e.g., Mao Zedong - and therefore they will implement utopia correctly this time.
It's not that they have learned from their predecessors. It's that they self-anoint as smarter, more educated, and more clever than any of their predecessors and therefore deserve to be in control.
Remember: all this kind of "taking as fact" is entirely self-anointed.
So, they take their theory about utopia, insinuate and anoint themselves into being "more equal than others," and then they attempt to implement it.
Typically and unfortunately, they find that they need to bend reality to implement their utopia - e.g., Mao's Cultural Revolution, Hitler's Third Reich - but the consequences of their attempting to so are typically horrific.
Millions are re-educated, taken as slaves, or simply removed from earthly existence.
Perhaps liberals, leftists, and other assorted collectivists are irrational. Perhaps they are rational.
But whatever the case, the consequences of their attempts to implement their utopia are, in virtually all cases, horrific and deadly.

Tasine replies to Gary Dickson • a day ago
I have a bit of a different take on it. It has never occurred to me that the left actually BELIEVES that doing failures over and over will bring success. I believe they "THINK" they can force their beliefs to work, no matter how insane it is. The political left is about NOTHING BUT FORCE. They try to force everyone to think the same way, which is to say they try to force everyone NOT TO THINK, but merely perform. They try to force people to vote solely for the left. They try to embarrass and shame those who have different opinions from them. They try to force all of us to enjoy and embrace their decadence and embarrassment. They want all of us to share their failures and deny any successes WE have. To deny our successes, they feel they must DESTROY that success. They are as loony as loony gets with few exceptions.

JackKemp replies to Tasine • a day ago
Yes, the Left is not so much about believing in a Utopia as it is about Leftists believing they can get over on (i.e., fool) a new bunch of people not so "sophisticated" (read as: manipulative) as they are. Like Professor Harold Hill in the musical "The Music Man," they believe they can run their scam, collect their money (votes, taxes, etc.) - and catch the next train out of town before the goods they promised will never be delivered on the due date. In the theatrical story, Harold Hill got bailed out by his girlfriend but there aren't enough such voluntary donators to go around to cover underfinanced (or totally nonfinanced) political promises.

Tasine replies to JackKemp • a day ago
Harold Hill -great analogy!! The difference in Harold Hill and today's progs is that Harold did not strive to force, violently if that 's what it took, others to see everything HIS way. He was a flim flam no account, but not psychotic and not a loser.....he had some soft emotions - progs seem to be missing all soft emotions and all graciousness, such as empathy, sympathy, love, respect, responsibility, honesty, etc.

eDeplorabisUnum (replies to) JackKemp • 20 hours ago
Leftist obviously suffer from arrested development of the prefrontal cortext --- the executive control center of the brain.
They also demonstrate an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system, in which the sympathetic branch has become overactive, activating fear, flight or flight, and freeze responses, with under-activity in the corrective parasympathetic system. This is explains the predominance of reptilian emotions and the emotionalized "logic" and irrationality.
Leftists are reptilian "thinkers."
For a complete explanation, see POLYVAGAL THEORY.

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