August 25, 2017

Trotsyite America and the Murder of the American Mind

Timothy Birdnow

I was perusing the Bolshevik newspaper Pravda this morning when this essay caught my eye. Although a bit buggy in spots (as it is written by a Russian for Pravda) it actually pretty much nails what is happening here in the United States. It is an outstanding article and everyone should read it.

Here are a few excerpts.

"A look at modern-day America gives one an impression of a large-scale social and political experiment unfolding in the country. The scale of the experiment brings back the memory of what Russia experienced 100 years ago. Consequences are likely to be similar."


"Traditionally, there is another side to the coin. The transformation of the United States into a global state envisaged the renunciation of national, historical and psychological identity. It would seem that the United States is prepared or this depersonalisation better than any other country in the world. After all, the country was built by immigrants who started their life on the new land with the complete destruction of Native Americans, as well as flora and fauna of the open continent. The USA, from the very onset, excluded any kind of restrictions. The American history is like permanent and unbreakable destruction of all restrictions and prohibitions in the spirit of classical Trotskyism (prone to anarchism).

The transformation of the American nation into an impersonal mass of citizens of the world devoid of differences on racial, linguistic and religious grounds, should have been enhanced with the erasure of gender differences and division into generations. Until recently, it seemed that the Americans were ready to go to those extremes."


"However, after Obama's first presidential term, the United States was shocked by the emergence of conservatives in the ranks of the Republican Party - the so-called Tea Party. This movement rebelled against the establishment. All of a sudden, it suddenly became clear that there were many Americans who did not want to part with everything that makes them Americans. They want to remains as descendants of their fathers and grandfathers who love their land. They did not want to stop being men and women who were destined to become parents, to pass their land to their children whom they wanted to raise according to their own traditions and standards.

The Tea Party was defeated, but the phenomenon proved tenacious: it has brought Donald Trump to the White House. Adherents of the idea of eternal revolution despise backward and old-fashioned individuals confined to their delusions, property, land, traditions and monuments.

It was memory that Trotskyists used to struggle against zealously. In today's America, the war against the past has become the main component of tdomestic policy in the United States.

According to new American Trotskyists, the past should be replaced with revolutionary present, new heroes and symbols. Barack Obama has surely become one of those symbols. Obama has gone down in history as the first black POTUS. Most likely, he will be turned into a first saint of the new era."


"n today's America, one can already see first steps of "dictatorship of freedom." Let's pay attention to the ongoing process of lifting all kinds of prohibitions and restrictions in the USA. It is banned to ban everything in today's America. The ban on bans is the worst of all forms of dictatorship, since it has no restrictions.

Freedom is never enough as there is always something forbidden left. Freedom can not be a tool either, because nothing can be above freedom. If something or someone needs to be destroyed for the sake of freedom - it will be done so. At the same time, if one needs to sacrifice freedom to preserve something, it will not work."

End excerpts.

Author Dmitry Nersesov understands America better than most Americans. This is an outstanding essay which goes directly to the heart of what is ailing the United States. Do not miss this!


And I found this story and short conclusion a while back....

Leon Trotsky, leader of the Russian Revolution changed his birth name from the quintessentially Jewish name Lev Bronstein. In 1920, Moscow's chief rabbi asked the Russian leader, then the head of the Red Army, to protect Jews from pogroms prompted by the accusation that they had brought communism to Russia. Trotsky responded, "Why do you come to me? I am not a Jew." The rabbi retorted: "That's the tragedy. It's the Trotskys who make the revolutions, and it's the Bronsteins who pay the price."

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