April 12, 2024

Trans Chic

James Doogue

Celebrities Trans Kids Have Become Accessories To Demonstrate How Tolerant And Accepting The Celebs Are.

In this video Paul Joseph Watson provided a seemingly endless list of mainly female celebrities proudly strutting about with their transgender or non binary children. https://youtu.be/WNl-oTf-O70?si=jwPgIhRIxfYP1AgA

The short video is worth a watch, it is truly shocking.

Jordan Petersen points out the chances of one woman having three boys who are genuine transgender females is about 1 in 27 billion.

The fact that Megan Fox actually said that when she was pregnant, she 'felt' her son might be transgender might be a hint that parents are helping influence their children's gender dismorphia.

Through the ages, mostly women, have willingly done incredibly harmful things to their bodies to make themselves feel more appealing to men.

Chinese feet binding and deforming body corsets are just a couple of examples. Of course the 'patriarchy' are blamed for these activities which would only have been possible with the willing compliance of the girl's mother's.

In the 1960's models became tall and slim. The curvy looks of Marilyn Munroe were out, and gaunt boyish slim hip looks like Twiggy was seen more and more on the catwalk.

It didn't help that it was also the time when women's fashions became much more revealing from miniskirts to bikinis and sheer tight clothes. Every slight body bump became conspicuous.

In the 1970's 80's and 90's we'd see girls almost starve themselves to death to achieve what they thought was the ideal figure. Anorexia and bulimia became widely known conditions. It was discovered that these eating disorders belong to the broad category of self-harming behaviours which can be acquired in a social learning process of imitation, identification and competition.

It was recognised that group therapy could lead to worse outcomes for girls who shared their tricks and competitively resisted treatment. They found a level of infamy they hadn't experienced before and mobile phones and personal computers expanded their reach and competition.

Clearly the same contagion is happening with children and gender identity today, but on a much greater scale, and parents are joining in.

To make matters worse, many education departments and health services have adopted a positive affirmation approach. This means that any child who starts questioning their gender identity is told they might be transgender and is encouraged to explore that.

Parents can be excluded from the process. One day their son can come home and announce he is a girl and tell them he's already started transitioning at school.

If the parents object to the process or even if they refuse to refer to 'her' with the female name their son has chosen, they can be charged with a hate crime.

Some places around the world rush to administer puberty blockers and hormones straight away, so that the children will not develop the way their biological self would.

In one long term study of children who had gender dysphoria nearly 90% had 'grown out of it' in adulthood. They were happy with their biological gender.

'The latest follow-up study of boys experiencing gender dysphoria (Singh, Bradley, Zucker, 2021) shows the same result as the earlier studies:

"Of the 139 participants, 17 (12.2%) were classified as persisters and the remaining 122 (87.8%) were classified as desisters.”'

A cautionary tale for those who advocate irreversible treatments on children who question their gender.

Most children grow out of their gender dysphoria as they reach adolescence. Social transitions and/or puberty blockers are frequently used to ameliorate symptoms in these children. However, the long-term psychological impact of these therapeutic strategies on children is unknown. Therapeutic approaches for children with gender dysphoria are not evidence based and long-term outcome studies are urgently needed in this area.

What I really fail to understand is why we are supposed to accept the idea from a child, that they were born in the wrong body. A child is not able to give consent to sex. They can't own anything which requires a licence. They can't legally drink alcohol, but we're supposed to accept at face value they want to make life changing decisions about their body?

I hope this madness ends soon and we can look back on it and laugh at how idiotic those famous celebrities were.

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