March 24, 2018

Time for a new Model of Higher Education

Timothy Birdnow

Kurt Schlichter argues "Don't go to college!"

I agree; you will acquire no knowlege there, but lots of disinformation and will pay dearly for the privilege.

He's right. Look, you aren't going to learn a whole lot in college these days. Most of the stuff you will encounter is either remedial - stuff you should have learned in high school - or is some radYical bilge intended to make you a good Democrat voter. If you want to learn there are better ways, better places to go. Come to this website, for instance. And if yoo want a good job you are shooting yourself in the foot going to college, where you will be turned out with a mediocre career competing against everyone else who studied the same things in college and beat you to the mediocre career. Oh, and you'll have to compete against people with lesser abilities but the right pedigree; women and minorities who were over promoted because of their sex or race, for instance. So you would be better served to go to a trade school or get a job or go in the military. And teh social aspects? That has always been a big draw, to socialize, to party, to meet people and perhaps find your dream mate. Well, many campuses are now dry, and there is a concerted effort to reduce the party scene. Meanwhile, if you meet someone and it goes south you may find yourself accused of sexual assault by the jilted lover, and your life may be ruined. If you are a member of a fraternity you may wind up being accused of raping someone who wants to promote herself a name at your expense. So why do it? You'd be better off just going to a nightclub somewhere. The internet makes meeting people a lot easier, too.

You will be saving yourself a quarter to a half million dollars in the process.

We have reached the end of the University system. It has become nothing but a con, a scam to pervert young people and perpetuate liberalism.

The University started in the Middle Ages as a way to keep knowlege alive and flourishing in an era of political instability. It worked because it was something of an independent duchie, a feudal entity in it's own rigth. The people who went there did so because they were serious about actual learning, and generally so they could learn the Bible and know Latin and Greek and whatnot. The idea of the public college where everyone attended is quite alien to the original concept. Higher education for all is silly; most kids don't want it and society as a whole does not benefit from it, as there is still a need for people working in JOBS. It was never meant as a job training system.

It's like training everyone to be a priest; there would be no point. In fact, it would be worse than pointless because you would have priests who either didn't know Church teachings or didn't care.

Or it's like universal suffrage; you have people voting who neither know nor care (oops, wait,...)

What the future needs is an alternative system, where young people can acquire proficiency in a given field without going to a brick-and-mmortar campus for a fraction of the cost, and where there is some sort of social aspects.

Mark Zuckerberg understood the need for this when he created Facebook. Facebook was intended to bring the social aspects of college to the internet, and it may not have done that in a tangible sense but it succeeded in some ways, and was hugely popular for it.

We actually used to have the mechanisms for this sort of thing in society. Americans used to join social clubs all the time - Optimists, Moose, Elk, Lions, Knights of Columbus, etc. Social fraternal organizations were open to all, or to some, but they offered the social experience that college has largely usurped. But now college has become too expensive and oppressive. We need a return to the old fraternal orders. WE need new ones. We need a way to educate young people outside of the university system. We need new thinking on all of this.

When one looks at the barber poll you see a symbol which represents a bloody arm in a bandage. Why? Because barbers used to perform basic medical proceedures. They were cheaper than medical doctors. Over time the M.D.'s triumphed and barbers were relegated to cutting and styling hair. But you see the analogy? We need a barber-esque alternative to hgiher education.

It's time to devise alternatives. In fact, we need to create our own institutions, outside of the ones the Left have locked down. Let's get to it.

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