September 30, 2020

Thoughts on the Debate

Timothy Birdnow

The debates, the debates...what can I say? More of a backalley brawl really. But we could expect little elese given the circumstances.

First, Rush Limbaugh had said that IF the debate went forward it would feature Biden on endless attack and that pretty much was the case. He had to; he couldn't defend his multiple contrary positions and his failure to actually solve problems despite his decades in "public service". And, with the aid of Chris Wallace, a man who is on record as despising the President, it meant Mr. Trump would have little choice but interrupt and snarl.

And make no mistake; Wallace threw repeated heat at the President but never once anything more than a softball at Captain Peachfuzz Joe Biden. Wallace kept going back to Covid, over and over. Why? Because it is conventional wisdom that Trump screwed that up and Wallace wanted to keep Trump on the defensive. Why didn't Wallace ask Biden about statements he made early on during the pandemic? Not a word.

And of course he went after Trump over taxes while ignoring the fact that Mr. Biden has his own tax problems. Wallace never once asked Biden about his son Hunter, and the millions both Hunter and Joe have made from Ukraine, Russia, and China over the years. Nothing, nada, the null set. Meanwhile Wallace spent his time interrupting Trump (who, granted, was interrupting Biden but he never interrupted the former Veep when HE was interrupting.)

In short, Wallace ran interference for Uncle Joe all night.

Second, Biden was clearly on uppers. His eyes glowed in a way that can only be achieved by the use of stimulants. And I got very close to the television and looked into both of the former Veep's ears; his right ear showed a dark concavity, meaning nothing was obstructing the opening. BUT I noticed there was no comparable dark spot in his left ear. I am certain they had him using a flesh-colored earpiece. Trump had wanted both parties to be searched for that before the debate; Mr. Biden had refused.

So Joe was likely on stimulants to keep him from breaking down and being fed answers.

Trump had to be extra combative. They would have screwed him as badly as Hillary did Sanders.

Which does bring up the question; how prepared WAS Biden? Remember, Fox News employs Donna Brazil, who actually fed the questions to Hillary for her debate with Bernie. Did Biden get a preview of the debate questions?

At any rate, the spinmeisters were immediately calling it a big win for Biden.

Wallace also kept trying to get Trump to call out "white supremacists" who "support him". Trump kept asking exactly who and given no answer. This was a sneaky trick; if he said "sure, I think white supremacists are evil and I want nothing to do with them" the headline would be "Trump turns on his white supporters" or whatnot. Trump danced around this (poorly, I feel, but as best he could) but Wallace kept pushing it. Wallace never actually asked Biden to disavow BLM, and of course Biden wouldn't do so.

Wallace also promoted the fake news claim that Trump said there were good people on both sides, meaning he "dog whistled" his acceptance of racists at Charlottesville. Wallace knows exactly what Mr. Trump said, and why he said it. (For new readers who may not, the Charlottesville riots were a peaceful protest against the rumoval of historical statues. BLM and Antifa showed up and started cracking skulls. Yes, there were some fringe groups from racists who showed up, but that was not the intent of the rally and most of the people there were "good people" who were there to peacefully protest. Trump said as much and his words were twisted to try to sever him from his growing black supporters. Wallace knows that.)

At any rate, it was a rollicking-good time!  I laughed my way through the whole undignified spectacle. I've always hated those debates anyway because they are basically pre-planned commercials, with the candidates giving canned speeches and stock answers. No real debating occurs. And in most cases they are passionless and pointless. With Trump no debating occurs either, but a Jerry Springer-esque brawl ensues. If you are going to watch such a thing you may as well have some entertainment. Nobody could claim for a moment this was not entertaining.

They did manage to make Joe look less demented, though, and I am sure they alleviated some fears of the blue collar people who traditionally vote Democrat. I had rather hoped Biden would go and take a swing at Trump, but then that would have been far too much to hope for. He DID call Trump a  Bozo and other insulting names - something Trump never did. Trump merely called Biden out.

Politics in America is little more than a show. It has been that way for a long time now, at least since Bill Clinton and actually before. Everyone loved Clinton for his strongarm tactics and unwillingness to yield. Will this be true of Trump?  Despite the worst press in human history Mr. Trump seems to touch on a primal wellspring. He champions those who have had no champion for a long time. He, as was said of Clinton, mirrors the alleged black experience; a guy with the Man after him all the time. (Remember when they called Clinton the first Black President? That was the reasoning, that and he liked to eat greasy food, something also true of The Donald.) Most people still admire someone who doesn't lay down, doesn't surrender. Trump is like a honey badger or a wolverine; not the biggest or strongest or fastest but the most ferocious. In the wild animals leave badgers and wolverines alone solely for that reason. They know they are crazy enough to fight to the death on general principle. Trump is a bit like that.

Biden, on the other hand, will never actually be the President. He has little color and no principles. He fought well last night, but only out of his arrogance and little else. I hope everyone realizes Biden will return us to the New World Order, where we obey the U.N., NATO, and other international outfits and where we allow all of Central America to come to stay and where we let China suck all of our industry and jobs away. (That was planned by the internationalists, I might add; Madeleine Halfbright  Albright famously said it was bad America was the sole superpower and she and her friends set about promoting China as a "counterbalance" to us. And so many of the U.N. people have admitted things like Climate Change are about institution world socialism and international government. Democratic policy - and Republican, by and large - have been aimed at that for a long time now. Biden will only accelerate the process of the creation of the new Babel.

At any rate, I don't know if this debate made any difference one way or another, but it sure was fun!

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1 Different articles I've read have called it either for Biden or for Trump, but most have said that the clear loser was Wallace. In particular, James Woods sent the following Tweet: which Dave Dickinson's younger brother Steve sent. Indeed, Chris was pretty disgraceful, as we all expected him to be, and I'm wondering just what's going through the minds of the poor schlubs who are supposed to be the moderators of the next debates, knowing they can expect the same treatment. Anyhow, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving creep.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at September 30, 2020 09:57 AM (GXsiT)


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3 I can't see how anyone could call that for Biden. Maybe you could say it was a draw (a stretch) but Biden did nothing to advance his cause at all. I didn't see a single time where Biden made a strong point.

Wallace WAS the big loser. He was much like Candy Crowley, or whats-her-name, the former Fox infobabe. Meecraw Jelly was it? I really don't remember. At any rate, in a sane world this would have damaged Wallaces' career, but since the Left owns media it will probably enhance his stature.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at October 01, 2020 07:23 AM (H1ky5)

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