March 30, 2018

The Witches of Warming

Timothy Birdnow

Climate change from the Medieval Warming period to the Little Ice Age led to the burning of people as witches. Excerpted by Quadrant:"
"The Little Ice age was quite severe in Europe from 1550- 1700. After the prosperity and plenty of the medieval warm period, the LIA led to impoverishment, crop failure, starvation and a resurgence in witch burnings. Every misfortune was an excuse to accuse someone of being a witch working under the direction of Satan. Many of these accusations were the result of some calamity caused by an extreme weather event.

For example, in 1626 a hailstorm struck Germany and dropped a metre of hail. Two days later an Arctic front descended on Europe. Rivers froze, grapes on the vine ‘exploded’ and rye and barley crops were destroyed. Then came a severe frost the likes of which had not been seen for 500 years. Because all of this was so unusual it was determined to be ‘unnatural’ and there arose a cry that sorcerers and witches must be responsible and must be punished. Around 5000 were burnt in Germany alone.

It is estimated that across Europe there were at least 50,000 executions during this period, all carried out with the blessing of the educated and privileged. It was dangerous to be a sceptic because those who dissented from the hysteria were inevitably themselves accused of sorcery subject to the same punishments. Thus was any debate stifled."

End excerpt.

See, since the clmate changed and nobody knew why they had to blame SOMEONE. Sound familiar? Today they blame oil companies, coal companies, wealthy business owners, and "climate change deniers" in scinece. The names and facws change but it's the same superstition.

The article continues:

"Sound familiar? If the modern parallels escape you, let us compare the dark past with what has happened over the last 30 years. And if James Cook University’s disgraceful shunning of Professor Peter Ridd comes to mind, so much the better.

* Every perceived extreme weather event is attributed the evil CO2 causing global warming which causes the climate to go totally berserk and, of course, it’s those evil white capitalistic CO2 spewing industries which are the devil’s servants.
* Global warming-caused climate change is the most terrible problem facing mankind.
* Sceptical of the two points above? Well you must be one of those "climate denier”. Burning at the stake is no longer permitted, but being marginalized, ostracized and harassed is perfectly okay.
* The scientific method of observation — hypothesis, develop testable predictions, gather data to test predictions, refine, alter or reject hypothesis — is not applicable to global warming "fact”. The "science is settled”, don’t you know, so no debate will be tolerated. Just send more grants, please, so warmists can continue to "prove” something they insist is already beyond dispute. As Macquarie University assures prospective students, the thriving field of climate-change validation opens up "career prospects and further research opportunities”.

Like the witch accusers of the Little Ice Age, warmists call every hurricane, tornado, fire, drought, flood, storm, etc., clear evidence of CO2-induced climate change. However, there is a mountain of evidence to show that extreme weather events have not increased over the past fifty-or-so years."

End excerpt.

Indeed, it's not the nature of the evidence but the seriousness of the charge here. We are told we cannot afford to risk global warming, but we can assuredly risk the lives and futures of living people or those soon to be born on computer models that reality is not bearing out. People die in economic downturns. In the Third World they are living a precarious life, barely making due, and these elitists want to damage the world economy, to starve the children in these poor, non-white countries to make themselves feel virtuous. The economic drag that carbon emissions controls would cause will drive up the price of food, of medicine, of education and transportation for those most vulnerable. The Progressives pushing AGW theory don't care.

Actuaally, they do; they want to simply redistribute wealth by taking it from the rich nations and just giving it to these poor people. They can't understand that wealth is something created and not just horded, and they think that they can just take it from Peter and give it to Paul. In the process they can do something they have always dreamed about, create a world government to guarantee fair redistribution. It cannot work; people will stop producing and you will still wind up with an economic downturn. And a lot of people will resist having their wealth taken when they aren't doing so well themselves.

In point of fact, the real witches are the climate change crowd. They seek to fundamentally transform humanity and the human condition and are using the climate to do so. And the sad part is that the climate has not cooperated; there has been no warming on this planet since the late nineties. So they have LIED about it, with NOAA being caught altering the temperature data on several occasions. So has NASA. It is a true attempt at alchemy.

But the worst of it is the way they have managed to get their viewpoint to be the only one represented in the organs that disseminate information to the masses. Most young people have bought this hook, line, and sinker because they ahve been taught this lie all of their lives. It is what witches call Glamour. They have used a magical trick to cloud people's minds. Impressive.

Witchcraft died not when all the witches were burned but when people stopped believing in the superstition. That's exactly what we need to do with Climate Change alarmism and the Gang Green.

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