September 28, 2018

The Votes are there for Kavanaugh

Fay Voshell

A FB friend sent this!

Tim's 2c:

Oh I hope so, Fay. I fear we may have a last minute defection from one of the Fredocons (Kurt Schlichter at Townhall calls the cowardly wing of the GOP that.)

My impression was the the Republicans screwed that hearing up almost to the point of it not being salvageable. Outside of Graham, who did what all of them should have, the hearing was pretty much a wash. That prosecutor they had question Ford seemed almost to be a Democrat plant; so often she proved her case. No cross examination, no challenge to anything Ford said, no questions about why Ford scrubbed her social media, or about her political activism, or anything that would have discredited Ford.

Kavanagh did better but he didn't want to really go after the Senators attacking him, and he missed some golden opportunities, I believe. They kept demanding he answer the same questions over and over. He should have asked the Senators if they had learning disabilities, because they couldn't get the most basic points. (Well, maybe put it more politely but you get the idea) He should have hammered them for it; pointing out that they keep asking these questions because they want a different answer from him. He could have offered to resign if he was convicted in a court of law for his behavior with Mrs. Ford; they wouldn't have known how to respond to that. But he kept trying to make this a positive, and speak about himself.

Oh, I don't begrudge him; I would have been under the table if I were up there. But he's a judge, and he has to be used to dealing with this sort of thing.

I think he acquitted himself well enough, but I don't know if it was enough for the American People. He now has a permanent taint on his future.

And he and the GOP were too worried about being seen as mean. They needed to impeach Mrs. Ford's testimony. There is no way whatsoever that there is any truth to it, and they needed to hammer that point home.

In point of fact I think the GOP fouled this up letting it get to this point. They should have told her she had to be there Monday to testify and when she didn't show held the vote. Letting this thing drag out and become a national spectacle only helped the Democrats. And even if the GOP loses the Donkeys get what they wanted; it's going to be very hard for Trump to appoint another conservative to the court because nobody will want to face this, Kavanaugh has been permanently smeared, and the Democrat base will come out in November to stop the GOP from winning another victory.

I don't know when our side will learn the fundamentals of this kind of political warfare. Why don't these guys read a few books once in a while.Sun Tzu and Macchiavelli come to mind.

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