November 29, 2023

The Useless U.N.

Diane Kimura

The purpose of founding the United Nations was to avoid the empowerment of a nation that could cause another holocaust. Since its founding, however, there have been more than 50 instances of governments using their power to destroy ethnic minorities. Most of these occur in Muslim-controlled countries.

Yet the UN has done nothing to stop the genocide and religious persecution of minorities. Instead, the UN has funded the terrorist organizations that are committing most of the murders. Worse, in the past 20 years, UN "relief” teams have committed several murders and thousands of rapes of indigenous people, especially in Africa. None of the UN’s murderers and rapists have been prosecuted, notwithstanding the establishment of an international criminal court (the ICC) in The Hague. The ICC has declined to even investigate the murders Hamas has committed on Israelis. That is contrary to its own charter.

On the other hand, the ICC has tried to prosecute hundreds of American soldiers and sailors for doing their jobs. I have been to The Hague. From my view, the ICC is simply a method for the New World Order (NWO), a Marxist/fascist movement, to persecute its enemies.


When founding the UN the five victors of WWII were given permanent seats on the security council. Two of those seats have been usurped by other countries. The permanent seat given to the USSR should not have been given to Russia but made into an at-large seat upon the demise of the Soviet Union. Russia had no more right to that seat than Georgia, Ukraine, or even the GDR. They were given the seat because by 1991 the NWO and the Marxists had control of the UN.

The permanent seat given to the Republic of China (ROC) was usurped because of simple stupidity. When the Chinese revolution resulted in the People’s Republic of China taking control of the mainland, the ROC still existed. It was just reduced to Taiwan. The permanent seat should have followed the democratic government to Taiwan. Instead, it was given to the PRC to keep happy the world’s most populated country, which was suffering abject poverty at the time.

If Russia and China did not have seats on the security council, the following resolutions would have passed:

An independent investigation into the cause of the Wuhan Flu (Covid-19), and the World Health Organization’s coverup of Chinese liability.
A UN peacekeeping force would be in Crimea and disputed parts of Ukraine.
Iran would be sanctioned for developing a nuclear bomb and funding terrorism. The UN would take control of its uranium enrichment facilities and destroy them.
Hamas would be outlawed and a UN peacekeeping force would control Gaza.
The genocide taking place in Sudan and Ethiopia would be stopped by UN peacekeepers. (I still cannot figure out why China opposes this. Maybe it is because their plan is to reduce the non-Chinese world population by any means possible).
All of these resolutions and several others would create more peace and save millions of lives. The UN’s failure to implement them proves that it is a worthless entity.


Another way of looking at it: for the $13 Billion the USA is giving the United Nations this year, we could construct new, high-tech elementary and high schools to satisfy the needs of every impoverished Caribbean nation; we could fund police departments so they could hire at least 200,000 more officers nationwide, or we could pay three day’s interest on our national debt.

H/T to Robert DuChemin

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1 It's my not-so-humble opinion that the U.N. (read: Useless Nincompoops) should have 100% of its U.S. stipend stripped from it, and it should be forcibly evicted from its luxurious Turtle Bay digs and moved to, let's say, Devil's Island (if that still exists) or maybe the Congo, after extracting the money from its unpaid parking tickets, of course.

IF (and that's a huge IF) there are any decent U.N. outfits still in existence -- say, UNICEF (and I'm not at all sure there are), split them off and move them to some other place where they'll have to prove themselves all over again. I'll let you pick the place...

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at November 30, 2023 02:01 AM (FM+mK)

2 I think we should send them to, say, Bafin Island in Canada. Nice and secluded so they can "work" undisturbed?!   Or perhaps Svaalbard?  If they don't like the climate we can remedy that with a warmer one, say, put them in the ruins of Sodom along the dead sea...

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at November 30, 2023 08:11 AM (j2P26)

3 I like Baffin Island, because there, they won't need air conditioning. Send the whole kaboodle of UN goons up there -- especially the ones who like to spend their spare time raping the local population. My take is that in Baffin Island, there is little if any local population. And I'm pretty sure the parking is non-existent.

Will there be an airstrip for John Kerry to fly his private jet onto? If so, get rid of it.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at December 02, 2023 12:14 AM (ISUTu)

4 Baffin would be a good choice. But Svaalbard is equally naturally air-conditioned, and the Soviets had whole towns there they left in the nineties, all ready for occupancy. I saw one in a documentary once; swimming pools, gymnasia, stores, everything the U.N.would need. And all for free!  Of course they'll have to chase away the polar bears,but they love them so much anyway why not let  them live cheek by fang with the beasts?

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at December 02, 2023 09:15 AM (lsyOS)

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