November 23, 2016

The Thin (Not Black but) Blue Line

Timothy Birdnow

Sunday night a police office was ambushed and shot near my home in St. Louis. He was one of four officers nationwide shot within a couple of hours by thugs egged on by Black Lives Matter and blessed by our Community Organizer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama. (The others were in a suburb of Kansas City, in Texas, and in Florida.) The officer survived and is in good shape. He is expected to make a full recovery. The shooter, a man linked to other murders, has died of his injuries.

Monday night I flipped on the 7 o'clock news just before dinner and saw that there was a march assembling on Hampton Avenue, near where the shooting occurred. After quickly eating my dinner I headed off to join the crowd. I am not much of a protest marcher but I couldn't skip such a large and important event so near to home.

By the time I arrived the crowd was on the move, so I drove a few blocks north and parked in a shopping center lot and joined the march. It was a big crowd, although hard for me to estimate given the fact it was strung way out. There were lots of 20 and 30 somethings, and many had their children, primarily teens and tweens. The crowd was subdued by in good spirits and there was considerable effort to maintain order and obey all laws. Once a few people j-walked and some of the crowd didn't like it at all; this was a march to honor a fallen law enforcement officer, after all.

I had no idea where we were going, but followed along and listened to the crowd.

We marched north, past the offices of the Police Officers Association, to St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, where there was supposed to be a prayer vigil. It was cold but everyone was willing to face it. Before arriving at Joan of Arc the crowd turned around and started back. Those in front said they were told the vigil was over and they should return to their cars. (Poor planning, but this was sort of a wing-it event.) At any rate I marched back to my car and headed home. There were no incidents or trouble.

But what was also missing were any non-white people. I saw a lot of marchers and not one, zip, nada, the null set, was black or hispanic. Not one.

Where were they? At the very least there should have been some family members of police officers. Many cops in the City of St. Louis are black, and a number are hispanic. Where were their families? Why was this march refrigerator white?

This tells me something. It suggests that black people (and perhaps hispanics) are intimidated by the rioters and thugs of Black Lives Matter to the point where they fear being involved in such a march. Remember when the rioters burned down the Quicktrip store in Ferguson? Scrawled on the wall was "snitches get stitches" and everyone was afraid to rat out the criminals who torched the place. We have now had almost two years of this, with Barack Obama largely giving his blessing, and the young black people are either in agreement with BLM terrorism (and that is a very bad sign) or, equally dangerous, they are intimidated into silence. I find it hard to believe that at least a few blacks are not willing to support a police officer who was ambushed and shot, with the intent of murder.

Do blacks now support murder? Is this where black culture has taken us? If that is the case then America is in big trouble.

Frankly I don't believe there aren't black people sympathetic to the police, even if they don't like them much. I suspect it is they are afraid, or they don't want to look like "Uncle Toms" or they just want to not be "uncool". For decades now black kids have listened to gangsta rap which glorifies violence, cop killing, rape, and vile passions. How long can you portray something as avante garde, hip, and not expect it to be adopted as a cultural norm?

Anyone remember the Payola scandals? Radio stations were being paid to play Rock and Roll music, even though many of their listeners didn't like it and some thought it was moral rot. But a determined minority pushed it anyway, and it eventually caught on and took off. The sexual revolution was inextricably tied to Rock and Roll, (or at least it’s stepchild Rock and other spinoffs) and America's moral values declined precipitously as a result. (The term Rock and Roll was black slang for sexual intercourse.) And while medical advances (birth control pills, penicillin) played a part in the Sexual Revolution, it was also brought to fruition by cultural changes. As feminist Lonna Douglass observes:|CX2876200037&u=midd46556&zid=0f6be3dae380671575ed93900945f1cb

"Movies and radio, which emerged in the 1910s and 1920s, respectively, further undermined the moral authority of church and family, enshrining in their place ideas of individual liberty in pursuit of pleasure. Traditional front-porch courtships, under the watchful eyes of family and neighbors, had prevented young lovers from going too far. Now the automobile and movie theater both encouraged, or at least permitted, clandestine sexual encounters.

Since the 1950s, mass media has increasingly bombarded young men and women with ideas about sex and sexuality, undermining constraints that earlier prevented sexual activity”

End excerpt.

The Black Lives Matter rioters and looters are the children of this movement; the sexual revolution destroyed black families, giving rise to declining educational standards and the welfare state which in turn gave rise to the angry counter-culture, the black supremacist culture of gang violence. Barack Obama and his friends blame white racism for the problems in the black community, but it can more readily be lain at the feet of white liberals and the cultural revolution they created with rock music, with rap, with easy sexuality and a welfare state designed to "fix" the problems of illegitimacy and broken families that they themselves created.

In 1938 illegitimacy in black communities stood at 11%, an unacceptably high level. By 1994 it was nearly 72%, according to Walter E. Williams. This was the fruit of the Sexual Revolution, a catastrophe’ to the black family.

There is a deviant, diseased counter-culture in this country, and it has been steadily growing. We are reaching the point where it is in many ways the dominant culture. It involves all races, creeds, and social groups. It is promoted by television, music, movies, and virtually all the organs of information flow. It feeds most on the weak and vulnerable.

And some are more vulnerable to it than others. The black community, with high illegitimacy rates, weak employment, poor educational success, is much more dependent on this disease. Crime pays in the ghetto; it's one of the few things that actually does pay. Hard work and right living are no fun, and run counter to what the gatekeepers of American culture say we should want. So the black community is decimated by the fruits of Leftism, and the Leftists blame white racism and the police who are sent to protect black people. It's a vicious cycle, a machine of hatred that leads to a doubling-down on the very things that caused the problem in the first place.

Donald Trump was attacked as a racist bigot for discussing murderers and rapists among the trespassing Hispanic aliens. It was said he attacked Hispanics, calling them all murderers and rapists. He did nothing of the sort; he called murderers and rapists murderers and rapists. He pointed out that such people were among those coming into the U.S., and with the blessing of their home countries (who were happy to be rid of them). Somehow pointing this out made Trump the bad guy. But truth is not something fashioned in committee, and it does not depend on our assent. The outrage at Trump is illustrative of Modernity, of the Progressive view that Reality is malleable and that we, in our godlike power, may mold it to suit. In fact the invasion of illegals has not been a good thing for people murdered or raped, and neither has the scourge of "blackness", the counter-culture of hip-hop, gangsterism, drug abuse, and broken families. Black people, desperate to have something to call their own, have latched onto these open wounds, these self-inflicted injuries, as part of who they are. Well, who are they? They are Americans, people like the rest of us who happen to have ancestors from Africa rather than Europe. Black rapists and murderers are just that - rapists and murderers. There is nothing unique unto the African American about such crimes. The uniqueness lies in the embrace of this evil by a generation that has been deceived by a lie.

The real evil here is the Progressive Left and their tyranny of low expectations.

So next time there is a protest in support of the police I would hope to see at least a few black faces in the crowd. But, given this era of identity politics financed by rich revolutionaries like George Soros and officially condoned by our government, I am not holding my breath.

Especially not in public; I might turn blue, and be shot by a Black Lives Matter terrorist.

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