May 24, 2023

The Shadow Rider

Timothy Birdnow

Nikki who?

Nikki Haley Rips DeSantis As An ‘Echo’ Of Trump In New Campaign Ad

What an arrogant snot. As if anyone cared about Nikki Haley.

Here's proof she's not worth our time:

"We’ll stand with our allies from Israel to Ukraine and stand up to our enemies in Iran and Russia,” said Haley. "Our moment is now, our mission is clear — let’s save our country and secure our future, and let’s move forward together toward our destiny in a strong and proud America.”


She clearly is making easy campaign statements. She doesn't understand the real peril the U.S. is in. To her it's just another political season.

What a fool.

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1 Standard political boilerplate. Undoubtedly scrawled out by somebody on her staff.

Doesn't matter; Nikki is just an also-ran. As of right now, there are two serious candidates on the GOP side: Trump and DeSantis. All the others are just to make noise.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at May 24, 2023 10:56 PM (5O9A0)

2 Agreed Dana. Don't know if Haley is bucking for veep or what, but she has to know she has zero chance in this race. All she is doing is making the GOP even less united.

The same is true of Tim Scott, who seems a nice enough man but completely clueless.

Now is not the season for nice men or boilerplate women. Now we is the season of war. We have to stop thinking this is a tea party.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at May 25, 2023 07:09 AM (esjeD)

3 As a passionate supporter of Nikki Haley's campaign, I'm thrilled to share how her team utilizes custom avatars to connect with voters. These digital representations of supporters create a personal touch in online interactions. Whether on social media or campaign websites, these AI video generator engage users, responding to inquiries, and sharing policy stances. It's an ingenious way to enhance the user experience and foster a sense of belonging in the campaign. Nikki Haley's team truly understands the importance of leveraging technology to forge meaningful connections. With custom avatars, they're revolutionizing political engagement, making supporters like myself feel valued and heard.

Posted by: AlyceRyan at May 25, 2023 08:07 AM (4iaTs)

4 I'm with you, Tim, and with Kurt Schlichter (from Townhall) who says the GOP needs to make war. And therefore any candidate who comes out and acts sweet and gentle is going nowhere. So far it's a two-horse race: Trump and DeSantis.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at May 25, 2023 10:58 PM (5O9A0)

5 They are the only two who will fight. Youngkin isn't in the race, and he's as yet untested as far as I'm concerned.

I spent all day yesterday arguing with dump Trump people. It amazes me how short sighted they are. Their problem is they don't understand this isn't the normal political process and that, while they have a sense of urgency, they think we should support an "electable" candidate meaning a Tim Scott or whatnot. As if there is any value in that whatsoever.

I asked one of them (who was from Arizona) why we don't nominate Jeff Flake. She called him an idiot. I pointed out he's exactly the kind of man the RINO wing would support, and the so-called Independents. She really had no answer; it was true enough.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at May 26, 2023 07:42 AM (xkHGb)

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