March 30, 2019

The Sexless Babylon

Timothy Birdnow

Americans are indulging in less sex than ever before, especially the Millenials, who seem to have given up on it as a rather pointless exercise. According to the Medical Press:

The share of American adults having no sex in the past year reached an all-time high in 2018, an intimate survey revealed Friday, and many of those missing out are men in their 20s.

An analysis of new research data by The Washington Post reveals a battle of the sexes, with 18 percent of the women between the ages of 18 and 30 reporting no sex in the past year—but 28 percent of men.

So the young men just aren't turning their fancy toward l'amour anymore. Why, you ask? Well:

"Reasons why likely include a greater preference for video games and for porn," tweeted US psychologist and practicing family doctor Leonard Sax, who was speaking generally about the issue before the survey's release.

"Young men tell me that the video games, and the porn, are vastly better today than they were 20 years ago."

End excerpt.

That only gives us part of the answer, and a small part of it at that.

Look, we live in the #meetoo era, where any sort of amorous advance is treated as, well, a federal crime. But it didn't start with pervvie movie executives like Harvey Weinstein or creepy necrophiliacesque leches like Bill "puddin' pop" Cosby. No. It started long before that, with false accusations against Clarence Thomas, for example, to stop his ascension to the Supreme Court. It started on college campuses nearly twenty years ago, and metastasized under Onama, who sent out a letter demanding colleges stop using actual evidence to determine sexual misconduct guilt and began a "guilty until proven innocent" model. It began with sexual harassment suits forcing companies to terminate employees for even the most innocent of comments.

Feminists have been promoting the war between the sexes for decades now, and the end result is that men - especially the young men who have grown up in this Amazonian warlord culture - no longer want to risk everything for a little female companionship. At best, they figure, they will have to put up with a gal who demands all manner of things form the fellow, be it obsequious obedience or his dangling appendages. Women in the modern era are consumed by feminism, eager to take offense, determined to behave like men, to the point of becoming RIVALS with men. Nobody wants to be friendly with a rival, much less sleep with one.

Feminism has driven a wedge between the sexes that is becoming unbridgeable. Where there was always some tension, some friendly rivalry, we now have in some cases open hatred of the other. This is beyond unhealthy.

So many young men, pale from dwelling in parent's basements, are eschewing real natural relations for synthetic. Better self-abused than accused, I suppose, is how they look at it.

It should be pointed out that testosterone levels are dropping in men nationwide as well as in Denmark. Sperm quality has been dropping too. Why?

Well, for starters, we have so advanced the cause of women to the detriment of boys that there is every reason for boys to no longer try to be masculine. Boys are drugged by overzealous teachers who are quick to diagnose ADHD and dope the poor kids up for no other reason than they do not behave like girls. Boys are told they are the root of all evil from an early age. Boys are given the leavings after girls, who get their choices in schools, in most activities, in jobs, etc. Young men understand that they are being discriminated against, and so turn inward, seeking to drown their sorrows in video games and pornography. The gaming and porn are a symptom, not a cause, of the reduction in sexual activity.

America has become a matriarchy.

If Patriarchy is so bad, why is Matriarchy any better? But that is where we stand, and the male of the species is become increasingly feminized and neutered.

So, be it biological degradation as men lose testosterone (an evolutionary response, as the environment becomes ill-suited to maleness) or cultural taboos forcing men to stop pursuing sex, either way, it is feminism at the heart of the problem. And it IS a problem, in the end, even though we don't want sex outside of marriage. We need sex to reproduce, and if we fail to reproduce then others will reproduce in our stead. America will be bred out of existence by Third World types, who will replace us as surely as the Israelites replaced the Canaanites before them. It's where our society is heading.

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