December 30, 2016

The Russians or Obama?

Timothy Birdnow

James Lewis says what I have been saying for a long time; Obama did it and not the Russians.

I've said all along that the Chicago WAy would enver voluntarily cede power to the Dixiecrats, and I believe it was our national intelligence agencies that hacked the DNC and the Hillary server. Talk of Russians makes little sense, as Hillary would have been a far weaker President than Mr. Trump - and she had a good relationship with them, having sold a quarter of all the uranium in the U.S. to the Russians in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Why would they prefer Trump?

That is what makes blaming them so dangerous; they are apt to get angry, and when angry they are apt to do something rash.

From meddling in the Baltic States to kicking out Russian diplomats to our ramped-up oil production driving prices low and thwarting the Putin oil monopoly strategy, the Russians have much to be upset about. Low oil prices have squeezed them financially, and the war in Syria is costly. They are fighting a proxy war with us, I might add, as we are supporting the other side in the conflict. Tensiion is much higher in Russia than the American media is willing to report.

Blaming them for Hillary's loss is just one more provocation. And it is patently absurd.

Hillary lost because she is a power-hungry old witch, a true Lady MacBeth with fat thighs. She could not say why she should have been elected President; she offered no vision, no program, no reason to elect her except that she had an opening where most men do not. But, in this modern era where boys can be girls, why does that matter? Gender, we are told by the Left, is a social construct, so why should we care about the "first Woman President" anyway? No, Hillary was a terrible candidate. She clearly lusted after power, the type of person who should always be kept away from it. She was unlikable, shrill, phony, kleptomaniacal, bullyish, disagreeable, and incompetent as well as terribly unhealthy. The primary argument for Hillary was that a. she was a girl b.she had experience in government. But that was a detriment in this era, where people have had enough of professional political hacks promising the moon and delivering the Earth's core.

No; Hillary lost because she stunk like a dead fish on a blistering hot day. The e-mail hacks only exposed how bad she was, showing that she cheated and that she lied and that she held the public in contempt. At worst the leaks told the truth about her, allowed the public to have more information on who they were voting for. The media, in the tank for her lock, stock, and barrel, somehow thinks it unfair. Isn't it unfair that they hid this information? Isn't it unfair that they never tried to find anything out about her? Isn't it unfair that they attacked Donald Trump for trying to get Miss USA to lose weight so she wouldn't be stripped of her crown, or ginning up fake controversies like Trump's supposed "attack" on the Khan family or his saying that Mexican rapists and criminals are, well, rapists and criminals. These were all phony stories, examples of fake news. The media completely ignored the real stories, which involved the Clinton Foundation, the selling of access to the Secretary of State for her personal enrichment.

But Hillary and now Obama are blaming the Russians, and the Russians are apt to not take this lying down.

Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize when he was first elected. He has now started open warfare throughout the Middle East and is threatening to trigger a world war. The Norweigians should send out a strike team, invade the U.S., and forcibly pry the prize from the BHO's clutching hands.

For the time being, the Russians won't expel any American diplomats in response to Bambi's expulsions of Russia's, but they are quite clear that they will respond if sanctions are adopted.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

"Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the White House had two aims: "to ruin once and for all Russian-American relations, which were already at rock bottom and, apparently, to strike a blow against the foreign-policy plans of the future administration and the new U.S. president.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Peskov added, would formulate Russia’s reaction. "The principle of reciprocity applies here absolutely without alternative,” he said."

End excerpt.

And that is exactly correct; Obama is using this to hamstring the incoming administration. He's also settling a personal score with the Russians, who have embarassed him on more than one occasion by not kowtowing to his exalted brilliance. Apparently "Vlad" took him at his word when he said he would have "more flexibility after (the 2012) election" and put that flexibiility to the test. The worst thing you can do with Obama is to hold him to his word.

And so Obama will ruin U.S./Russian relations out of personal pique and a desire to subvert the Trump Presidency. Obama is the quark of human character.

If the Russians retaliate, I hope it is something aimed directly at "the one we have been waiting for". Mr. Obama has tried his level best to wreck the country and force his vision of America on an unwilling public. If anyone deserves a smackdown it is him. I think even Hillary would agree.

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